Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Time to go on a Cruise!!

Wow the long wait is over and tomorrow we set sail on our first ever Disney Cruise...well...ok, it's our first ever cruise!

Either way we are beyond excited and have looked forward to this for over a year. Now that the date is upon us we are sure to have a memorable trip!

Included in our entourage is adult son Aaron, his lovely wife Fion, their two kids Kiera (7) and Sawyer (almost 4) and of course Richard and me.  It was almost a family trip when Chelsea and Robby were booked but they had to change their plans a few months ago due to scheduling issues. We really hope we can do a true "family" trip sometime soon!

From what we've heard about Disney cruises, they go overboard (haha) to make you feel special and well-taken care of. We are hoping that is true because some pampering is definitely needed.

When we return I'll resume with my video tutorials and will share the links here. Basically they are so easy to find on YouTube (even without the links) all you do is type in my name in the search bar "Deborah Montijo" or even type in "The Fancy Stamper" either way will get you to my videos and I'm adding more each week. You are sure to see a project you love!

On that note I'll say bon voyage for now, and look forward to sharing my on board photos with you all when we return!!


Thursday, June 21, 2018

National Selfie Day!

Are you just as surprised as I am that there exists such a day?

Ok, so because the last selfie I took was actually at my last "Simple & Stunning" class on June 11, 2018, I guess I am safe posting that picture. If you have a recent selfie, play along and post in the comments. Come on, it will be fun (and I won't feel silly doing it alone!)

So there I am along with half the class. The other half is on the other side of that long table! Hey, I didn't say I was GOOD at selfies, just that I had one!

That class was a LOT of fun, it was supposed to be all things "gift" such as gift bags, gift boxes, a Keepsake Box (filled with cards) etc. However, it was a little over-ambitious. Realistically, we could only get through two of the projects so we are going to have another class to complete the gift boxes. The projects themselves are not too difficult but when you are demonstrating and then people are following instructions, things take time. Add in the inevitable glitches and accidental mistakes and you are going to go over your allotted time. In our classes the participants either pay $25 for the class or they can get the class for free (with all supplies) if they place an order the night of the class for $40 or more on my shopping page. I have a computer standing ready so that if they have an order we are all set. I also provide little shopping "wish lists" for them and a communal catalog (though they could also bring their own) if they want to jot down stuff during the class that they want to order. It's a pretty simple and organized system and has worked well so far.

I have a craft fair coming up on July 7 and I'm in high gear production wise. For me, I use the craft fairs for a way to get my Fancy Stamper name out there and hopefully gather new customers and even team members. They see the stuff I make and strike up a conversation and there you go!  LOVE the craft fairs and love all the people I get to meet because of them.

I will be posting my creations here soon so you can all get a "first look" at them. I have some new items that I'll mix in with old favorites for this next craft fair.

Until then, have a great rest of the week!!
Don't forget to comment with your selfie!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

June Gloom.....the WEATHER!

Here in Southern California we are famous for "June Gloom" where the marine layer causes us to have gloomy, cloudy, and even misty weather the first part of the day till it all burns off for the afternoon.

Much better than the "Santa Ana's" (a hot wind from the deserts that increase the risk of fires), June Gloom is way nicer than its name.

Life's been super busy lately, our daughter just got married and it was the type of wedding where WE did all the work! A small "backyard wedding" should send anyone running for the hills, but we weathered (haha) the storm and it was a charming event! 100 people were invited and about 80 came, it was crazy!

My Simple & Stunning card classes have been super fun lately. I've done a couple of 3-D projects that have been very well received. I'll share one of them here, it is a "Keepsake Box" that actually looks like a book, measuring about 7" x 5" and hold six A-2 sized cards with their envelopes. This makes a super "end of year" teacher gift or you could get started early for birthday and Christmas gifts. The sky's the limit with this cool gift.

All you need is a couple of pieces of matching card stock and some coordinating designer series paper along with a length of ribbon as a closure device. Then some nice tacky Tombow glue, and you are all set. I'll include the link to my YouTube channel so you can check out the tutorial yourself if you like. If you go there, please "like and subscribe" to my channel. I'm shooting for a certain number of subscribers and I'm slowly but surely getting there!!

Check this out:
This is just a quick screen shot of two of the "book boxes" that I demo'd and they are sweet! Please comment if you have any questions or would like more information about my classes or even if you'd like to join my team of Fancy Stampers!! I'd love to have you; my team gets to take all my classes for free and they also get so many other perks by being a team member.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx9H1SnrB0Q is the link to my YouTube channel.

On that note I'll close, but thank you for coming to my blog and I hope you sign up to receive my blogs!!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

May has FLOWN by!

So many things going on here that I've been sidelined by the crazy busy-ness of the month!

First, my youngest child (Chelsea) is getting married on June 2, that's right I said MARRIED!  We knew she wanted to marry her long time boyfriend for a LONG while (years) but they never set a date. Then suddenly (in February) they did!! So it's been a few crazy busy months of getting everything together for their wedding. Even though it is a small affair in their home (which is a small home!) details are details. As the date get closer everyone is getting more and more stressed! Pray for us!!

On a more serious note, my Father In Law was critically injured in a very serious car accident. It was so bad that the fire department had to use the "jaws of life" to get him out of the car! He is recovering in the ICU at a local trauma center but he was busted up pretty bad. Broken femur, separated discs, right arm broken in two places, and several broken ribs. Thank God his head was spared and he was neurologically intact!

He's had a rough week with two surgeries and some mishaps but is now on the mend. Would GREATLY appreciate prayers for him!

I will be posting some photos of some cards I've been making lately. In May we do "Send a Card A Day in May" and I've been sending out some gorgeous cards. I encourage all of you to do the same. Your creative juices are going to make someone else feel fantastic!! Remember on hand made cards the first class postage is slightly higher, 0.68 here. If you put the regular 0.49 stamp it may not get to where it is supposed to go, depending on your local postal office.

In the meantime, please enjoy the spring!! I will be back soon with photos and some other great news!


Friday, April 20, 2018

Rainy Thursday!

Wow we weren't expecting that yesterday!!  A brief interlude of rain interrupted our normally benign Southern California mid-April 75 degree weather.

True, it just lasted for the morning but with stuff like rain, we get excited simply because we do not see a lot of "weather" here.

To be perfectly honest, it gets boring having 75 degree weather with 3 clouds in the sky and a slight breeze. And sometimes there is no breeze. When we "love" our friends' Facebook pages when they show their recent snowstorm results, it is because we are so sick of the sameness of our weather. It doesn't mean we want to live in a region where it snows, just that we get bored with the same old stuff.

Human nature I guess.

It is funny though how some of our friends will be angry or upset when we talk about our weather. Let's face it, people talk about their weather. Doesn't matter where they live, the weather is the constant glue that binds us all together. Sure, we chose to live HERE (wherever 'here' is...) but wherever we are, that weather is unique to that area.

Mostly I love the weather here. It allows me to move about the area freely without being encumbered by rain gear, cold weather gear, or much of anything else. Heck, in the high summer months there isn't even a huge need for clothing, but let's not get CRAZY!

Most days if we want we can go to the beach. Or the mountains. Or the desert. Another huge advantage to living where I live. But I chose that on purpose. When I decided to buy a house and raise a family, I thought about where it would be best for me to do that. After taking all factors into account (such as family and job proximity) as well as churches, schools, general property values, weather, and economy,  I decided that here was where we would settle.

Having said all that, it doesn't mean that I don't LOVE the look of snow or that I don't love playing in it or taking walks in it. I just don't want to deal with it for 4 months out of the year. Nor do I want to deal with the gray snow or slush or mud that follows. Also the summer months in some of those snowy areas can be brutal. I really don't do well in high humidity!!

So Happy Friday to everyone...hope this weekend brings you all that your particular area offers in bulk!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Taking Requests NOW!!

It is that time of years, ladies!! (And Gentlemen!)

That's right...this is the time of year I always ask my customers WHO would like a FREE annual catalog. Remember that the catalog will not be mailed out by me (to you, of course) till mid-May, but this time of year is when I do my planning.

And we all know that planning well is half the trick, right??

So here's how it works. You will get this luscious new catalog, all 244 full color pages of it, free of charge from me to you. If you are one of the several people chosen you will also get a little gift inside your packet. For all of my customers who have ordered within the past 6 months, you do NOTHING. I automatically send you every new catalog, this includes the specialty catalogs that come out a couple times of year (think Sale-A-Bration in January and Holiday catalog in September - as well as Occasions catalog in the spring!)

For new customers I just ask that you REQUEST a catalog. Your first catalog (until you order from me) is always FREE, free catalog, free shipping, free welcome goodies. For people who have ordered over a year ago (I say six months but I always go back further!) I will give YOU a free catalog too, I only ask that you first go place an order on my online shopping page.

Take a look at just the front cover of this AMAZING catalog filled with some of the most innovative stuff you've seen in paper crafting! Not to mention the awesome quality of the products. Did you know that on card stock you purchase from the "big box stores" when you cut them in half you are quite likely to see a white "core?"  Not with Stampin' Up card stock. The color is uniform all the way through the paper.

Another one of the perks people LOVE about our products is the coordination. How many times have you wandered around a big craft store hunting for shades of the same color that coordinated perfectly? I get that you don't always need this level of matching, but isn't it nice to have available?? With no extra effort the coordinating Designer Series Paper, ribbon, embellishments, card stock, even ink and blending markers, are at your fingertips.

Finally (but not the only perk!), Stampin' Up is good to its customers AND demonstrators. If you choose to become part of our "Fancy Stamper" team and join as a hobby demonstrator, you will enjoy all the benefits the BIG demos enjoy. 20% discount to start on all you purchase plus generous perks throughout the year. Don't forget, Stampin' Up holds amazing conferences called "OnStage" every six months (at a location near you!) where you will get free product, see the newest in catalog items demonstrated for you, and have HANDS ON practice on the newest and greatest in products!!  This is in addition to being able to hang out with your stamping friends and network with new ones!

If you are ready to be part of this amazing family of stampers, just click on THIS LINK which will take you to my 24/7 shopping page. There you will click on the tab that says "join the fun!" and it will lead you through joining my team of Fancy Stampers!! As your leader I offer free training, lots of demonstrations on new product, and team giveaways as well as team meetings. My team is still growing and I make sure I spend LOTS of time cultivating the crafting interests they are most interested in. My team has access to all of my online classes (for free!) and a team newsletter along with a team Facebook page where I share information with them daily on new stuff happening at Stampin' Up.

Oh yeah, we were chatting about the catalog and I got carried away....sorry!!  To get my free catalog simply leave me a comment here with your email information. I will email you and get you all set up!! Or you can text me (if it is easier) and leave me your contact information (full name and address) there. I will send you back a confirmation text to make sure you know I got the information!! Text anytime at (951) 973-3270. I'm on the West coast but when I sleep I turn the sounds off or low so they do not disturb me or any family members. :)

Happy Stamping!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

OnStage Local Event for Vegas is Officially Complete!!

Wow is all I can say at this point!

The OnStage event for Vegas was everything we hoped it would be and MORE!! Besides all the freebies Stampin' Up is famous for showering us with, there were tons of extras that we can't really talk about for a month or so. But believe me when I say you won't be disappointed!!

Speaking of that, I have a wonderful deal I am offering.

"Spring Is In The Air" is a crazy good giveaway that I'm offering for the next two weeks only between April 11 and April 25. To qualify all you have to do is order from my shopping page and use my special host code which is BKUCZMJT.
Place an order of $25-$40 and get a FREE package of embellishments (my choice), place an order of $41-$75 and get a brand new Wink of Stella glitter pen in addition to the embellishments, and for orders over $75 you will get all the above PLUS a package of specialty designer paper that I will put together especially for YOU.
Remember, this is a time limited special and will only count for orders that are placed using my special host code. Either go to my website to order at www.thefancystamper.stampinup.net or simply call me and I can assist you over the phone!  I'm here to help!

In the next few weeks I'll be slowly starting to demonstrate some new projects that will be coming from our new catalog but in the meantime let's enjoy the season and get some FREE STUFF!!

Happy Shopping!!