Monday, November 28, 2016

WooHoo, it's my Birthday!!

Technically, anyway. After a super long day I fell asleep so early (like 9 pm!) that I woke up just before midnight and now I'm wide awake.

Good thing I woke up when I did, I needed to be online to order stuff for the final day of the Online Extravaganza! Got everything I had planned on getting and now I can go back to bed whenever I want....but first I've got to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow! :D

We had a fantastic "make and take" session this afternoon with Fion (my daughter in law) and had so much fun. She really surprised me for a first time stamper and did everything so well! I guess it helps that she always applies herself 100% to anything new she tried, right? She made a total of six cards, two were Christmas cards, two were thank you cards, and two were birthday cards. Normally for "make and take" sessions I just do 2 different cards but since it was just the two of us, I figured it would be ok. My next mini session is this Tuesday evening in Temecula. If you are local to Temecula and want to join us, please just leave a comment below and I will text you the location so you can come over. It's completely complimentary, you will go home with a minimum of four beautiful cards with their matching (and decorated) envelopes, and will make a new friend or two in the bargain!

Here are some that Fion made tonight:
As you can see, she is super proud of her efforts. She really did a fantastic job, lots of new people get frustrated but I just told her (like I tell everyone) that small mistakes are fine, no one will notice, and we can usually flip over the paper and stamp a "do-over" if absolutely necessary! :) The main goal is to have fun, end up with some really nice cards, and eventually send them off to others to brighten their day. If I can leave people with just that much information, I will feel great!

So now, Online Extravaganza is ending at the end of the day 11-28. Any last minute orders just click on this link and it will take you right to the sales. If you are already a demonstrator, you can begin ordering from the Occasions and Sale-A-Bration catalogs starting in just a few short days (Dec. 1) but if you are a regular customer you will have to wait till January 1 to order. If you are a hobbyist stamper and were thinking about joining to get the discount, now is the perfect time to join. Not only will you get the stuff from the new catalog early but you will benefit from getting the free items out of the Sale-A-Bration catalog as well. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you and get you all signed up...I would be super happy to be part of your up line.

Now it is very late and I am going to bed again. Have a great day tomorrow and I will talk to you soon!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Birthday Brunch

Hi, Everyone!

My family was so sweet today, taking me to a birthday brunch at a place in Burbank we've been to before called Castaway. It is a neat restaurant at the top of a hill overlooking Los Angeles, quite a pretty view most days. Today it was rainy and stormy and we got a great show from up there. It directly overlooks a huge golf course and there were deer grazing on the golf course. They didn't even look up when the golf carts went by!
That's my granddaughter Kiera with her selections of the chocolate fondue table. They had marshmallows, ripe strawberries, rice crispy treats, tiny bits of cake, ripe melon and pineapple, and so much other stuff! After she had her pasta (made at the pasta station to order and it was YUMMY!) she got to indulge.
These were the deer hanging out and grazing on the golf course right before it started pouring rain. I have to say the storm was very impressive! All we needed was thunder and lightning to make it really dramatic. As it was, the wind and rain alone were pretty wild. It has continued to rain the rest of the day off and on and is supposed to continue tomorrow and then clear up on Monday.

For tomorrow I have a "Make and Take" scheduled here at my house for the afternoon, around 3 pm. It is for my two daughters so it is a bit more casual in terms of when it will occur. One of them is going to Disneyland in the morning so we need to wait till she returns to start. For this Make and Take I am going to demonstrate three cards and we will make them together. They will go home with a total of six cards each. I'm cutting out the paper and layers tonight so that it will be easy tomorrow. I think I will do some of the Big Shot die cutting tonight and leave a little bit for tomorrow so they can participate and hopefully they will want to purchase a Big Shot at some point. They really ARE hard to live without once you see how versatile they are and how much more creative you can get.

Ok, I'm going to go for now, don't forget that the Online Extravaganza ends on November 28 (that's in just two days!) and if you are looking for any special deals of up to 40% off just check out my page at and click on Online Extravaganza. I think one of the items, the Bell Punch, is 40% off only on 11-28 so it will only be $10.80 for that day only. I'm betting it will sell out quick so I'm placing my order as soon as it turns into 11-28 (MY Birthday!) at 00:01. That is such a great deal for a paper punch and especially that one. It is so versatile and you can make so many cool cards with it from wedding cards to holiday cards. There's no limit, really.

I went ahead and put the links above so you can just simply click on the highlighted area and go right to the online extravaganza if you want.

Have a great night and a great rest of the weekend. I'll be back Monday with pictures of the Make and Take!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! I am just finishing with my dinner prep and getting ready for my family to arrive but wanted to post a pic or two AND wish you all a great holiday. I hope that wherever you are the day is filled with joy and happiness!

I will post some pics of my table when it is finished. In the mean time have a wonderful holiday and enjoy that turkey....or ham!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It is definitely getting COLDER!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and everything is all a-flutter here. Between getting the house ready, baking pies, and defrosting the turkey, things have been a little hectic today. It will all be worth it tomorrow when my kids come over and we have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner all together!

If I haven't mentioned it before we are about to enter the Sale-A- Bration catalog time. If you are a demonstrator you can order out of the new Occasions Catalog (available to everyone else on Jan.1) for pre-orders on December first. What is so great about that is that you can order from the new Occasions Catalog, the regular holiday catalog OR the Annual Catalog but the special perk here is that for every $50 you spend they will let you choose one free item out of the Sale-A-Bration catalog. This is the ONLY way you can get the items in the Sale-A-Bration catalog and believe me, they have some awesome stuff. I can't show it to you till December 1 but I've seen the catalog and you won't want to miss it. For the chicken lovers (like me) there's an adorable "Hey, Chick" chicken stamp set in photopolymer. They have specialty papers and other items that I can't wait to order. Being a demonstrator I can start to order out of this catalog on Dec. 1 which is 8 short days away!

There is still time for you to join me as a demonstrator and that way you can pre-order as well and become eligible for all the lovely items in the Sale-A-Bration catalog. Just click this link and it will take you directly to my page where you can click on the middle of the page where it says "Join Now."  Remember, if you don't see my name at the right upper corner or see my picture you won't be joining my team.

Being a hobby demonstrator (that's what I call myself) is awesome because it basically means that I get a 20% discount on all my own personal paper crafting items PLUS I am eligible to earn other perks like half off items and early purchasing of all the new stuff. I get a heads up when stuff is retiring so I can order more if I want, and I get first notice of new clearance items which can be as much as 60% off! For instance there is a 25% off sale going on right now (till November 30) on various stamp sets and on December 1 they go back to their regular price. Who doesn't like to save money? If you are a demonstrator you can get them for 25% off plus your 20% discount. The savings really add up fast.

Let me know if you would like more information on becoming a demonstrator. Whether you want to be a hobby demonstrator or eventually do it as a business we can grow together!

Have a lovely and safe Thanksgiving everyone!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday and Fall is in the Air!

It has been fantastically chilly the past few days, keeping in mind that for Southern California "chilly" is anywhere between 65-74 degrees! But it's more than that, there is a crispness in the air that wasn't there before, everything feels a bit fresher. Not sure what is happening but I LIKE it!!

Here are a few cards I just put together.
Even though I made them through an online class I took, they show what you can do with just one stamp set and some paper. Sure, I had the Big Shot and that helped for added bling, but you could totally do them without as well. Just a simple alteration of the cards and no Big Shot needed, though I love how they look WITH.
For an avid hobbyist, the Big Shot is one of those bigger investments in your hobby that makes a lot of sense. For a demonstrator, it is a wonderful tool that helps with prepping classes, making interesting videos for your customers and class members, and just letting yourself be more creative. It is just that good a tool. What I like about the Stampin' Up! Big Shot is that it is made so well, and so heavy-duty, that no matter how much crafting you do, it is OKAY. You cannot wear this thing out!

If you host a workshop and invite your friends, when your sales reach $150 you will be able to reap Stampin' Up! rewards, which for $150 is 10% or $15 worth of free stuff! You choose what you want. The great thing is that the more stuff your friends (and you) buy, the more free stuff you'll get. At the sales level $450 and above you can buy one item for 50% off. So if you want a Big Shot and want to only pay half for it just get together with some friends and get your overall sales up to that amount. You can pay half for the Big Shot and at the same time get about $100 worth of free stamping stuff! Leave a comment for more information, I can walk you through the process. Or you can text me for a quicker response! 951-973-3270.

Ok, I must get back to my craft table. No granddaughter tonight so I'm flying solo. She will be back tomorrow though. Have a great night!


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Rainy Sunday

This was the view today on the way to Temecula. The sky was alternately gray and stormy, with the sun peeking out every so often. This was a rare view of the sun piercing through the gray storm clouds, really spectacular in person. We don't often get pretty skies like this so when we do I take advantage!
It actually cleared quite a bit in Temecula and then started storming again on the way home. Currently it is steadily raining and night has fallen. Still, a pretty awesome Sunday in terms of weather. More like stay home, build a roaring fire in the fireplace, and make some pretty cards and drink tea-type of weather.
For now, Kiera has come over to spend the night. She has no school all week so she is gracing me with her presence since Daddy has to work tomorrow. Sawyer still has pre-school all week, luckily for all of us! Kiera and I have several crafts planned for tomorrow but for now she is just getting cozy on the couch with an episode of Peppa Pig!
Not sure if I've posted this picture before, forgive me if it is a duplicate. It is just a project I thought I'd try stolen from ideas I picked up while walking through the Dollar Tree. For just four bucks I have a really pretty and colorful holiday candle holder (with candle!) The candle is one of the flameless ones, came with its own battery and is supposed to last for 700 hours. It is very cool because it flickers and looks real. The green glass beads (flat on one side, they have the round ones and they don't work as well!) come in two different sizes, too, so be careful unless you WANT them to be mixed sizes in one project. Only downside is that the finished project is pretty heavy or maybe I should say TOP heavy and I will be careful where I display it. I don't think the holiday dinner table will work because at my house it will be jostled and I don't want a disaster with a domino effect happening on the rest of the table settings.

On that note, I will close for now and get back to Kiera. Remember that the Online Extravaganza begins November 21 at 00:01 if you want certain items up to 40% off. The sale is only 24 hours for the 40% off items but there are items from 10%-30% off on sale from November 21-28. It is Stampin' Up! version of Black Friday so take advantage, there's lots to choose from. No worries because the discounted price will show up automatically on your shopping cart. Don't forget the hostess code: WDYM6TGA.  It is valid for the next 14 days and if you use it and order a minimum of $50 you will get a very special free gift from ME. You really can't beat that!! Order at my Stampin' Up! Independent demonstrator page at Open 24/7!


Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Is Here!

This week has been filled with sick children, doctor's appointments, and various other things that are NOT relaxing and fun. However, there is still time for some stamping and paper crafting IF you get up early or stay up late!

I recently made about six cards so I can mail them out to my close family and friends for Thanksgiving, I know they don't have them yet but I'm sure they don't read this blog so I can post them here:
These are similar to some cards I made earlier but I changed up the colors a little bit. I like the way the copper foil paper looks against both the Night of Navy and the Rich Razzleberry. This time to be extra festive I decorated the envelopes, too. It is so nice to get a hand made card in the mail and I know my peeps will be so happy to get these. I know I sure had fun making them!
Just wanted to show the winning prize in my recent mini-give away! Since I had no comments from my blog I opened the give away to my neighbors and office staff at my dentist's office. The winner was Maggie from our own street! She is a crafter so she appreciated the gift. Only problem is that she doesn't use the internet much so she won't become a regular here...too bad!! She sure loved the prize! Next time don't forget to comment and you could win something cute!

Ok, it is still super early here (4:12) so I'm headed back to bed for a couple of hours. There is a busy Friday ahead of me and an even busier weekend.

Take care!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Weekend is Almost Over!

Gosh, it went by so fast, too!

Grandkids (well, one of them) was sick on Friday when we were watching them for the day. She is feeling much better now but it was a very tough 24 hours or so. Whatever bug she had made her throw up more than 7 times and it was really hard for her to keep anything down. Luckily, Sawyer did not catch it though Aaron (my son) did get a smidge of it. They are all feeling 100% today. Fion got lucky, too!

Yesterday we went out with Chelsea to get her some interview clothes. I will admit that we are a pretty casual family and don't have much in the way of formal or professional clothing. Sure, we have stuff that would be appropriate for a funeral or a casual business lunch or meeting but nothing really set up for interview type meetings. We luckily found Chelsea two great outfits that she can tweak to her liking so she is all set. One of them is a gray tweed-type business suit (skirt and jacket) with a thin white line or it may be a pale blush line. Hard to tell. Either way, we bought her a couple of dressy blouses to go with. One was a dark rose solid silk-type blouse and one was a white thin poly-blend simple dress blouse. Both are sheer enough that she will need a camisole underneath. Also picked her up a pair of black dressy slacks and some cool charcoal heels to go with the outfit and YES we got her panty hose as well.

Here's Chelsea (taken on Halloween) she helped us pass out candy to the neighborhood kids and she brought her friend Fred (hanging behind her) to help our porch look extra scary. It worked! I will show an "after" picture of her all dressed up in her new clothes tomorrow.

Otherwise it is a relaxing Sunday. Very peaceful, and full of family time un-interrupted by illness.  Talk to you later!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankful Thursday....Again!

Hello, Everyone!

Today I am thankful that the election is over and hope that someday soon both opposing sides will learn to get along and not be so hurtful on social media. It has basically driven me off most social sites (not entirely a BAD thing!) but it is still distressing to see so many adults acting like spoiled children.

I've been busy creating some new cards the past day or so and I want to share them with you now. Here is something for Christmas but not in traditional Christmas (red and green) colors. Let me know what you think about these!

Both used the more subtle colors (Soft Sky as card base) and then I used one of the designer series paper packs for the layers and of course Whisper White. I've been wanting to use my sequins that are in soft pink, blue, and silver colors so I incorporated them as well. You can never go wrong with a spot of glimmer paper and of course I had to get the Stitched Shapes in there somewhere! I was able to use my Hang Your Stockings stamp set and framelit set on one card and on the other I used my paper punch and Christmas Cookie Cutter set. One of the neat 25% off stamp sets (only till November 30!!!) provided me the sentiment which I thought was so sweet.

Here are some other non-traditional Thanksgiving cards. I realize I keep skipping ahead to Christmas and I am not forgetting Thanksgiving but I guess I don't send out as many cards. I should start a new tradition this year and send more out. God knows we would all love a  hand-made card any time of the year. I would, wouldn't you?? <3  Ok, check these out for Thanksgiving:

On these two cards I wanted to play with the DSP "Fruit Stand" I had received during the month of October when they had that awesome sale (buy 3 get 1 free!!) so I used that plus some card stock from the Halloween Night stack as the card base. This is really a pretty simple card, only one layer (Fruit Stand) and then I stamped and punched a flower from my Pansy set and used coordinating ink colors. The Stitched Shapes framelits made another appearance in the oval label and another sentiment from my other 25% off stamp set...I think it was Seasonal Greetings? I will check for you. Embellished with some of the pearl accents (on the flowers) and washi tape and some baker's twine. Super easy, didn't take long, and looks really cute and colorful for the season. What do you think??

My granddaughter Kiera is coming over. Tomorrow is veterans day so she has the day off school and she wanted to spend the night tonight. Who am I to say no to that??  Remember, if you join my team before December 1, you will have first crack at the new catalog coming out on December 1. If you want to order and do not want to join as  demonstrator (most of us started as "hobby" demonstrators which means we became a demo just to get the discount for our HOBBY!) then all of my customers can order from the new catalog on January 4, 2017. I've seen the stuff in there and trust me, you are going to want it! There are some really cute things in there but I can't really talk about it now. Suffice to say that you will be thrilled if you join now. Between this catalog and the perks you can get (for every $50 spent you can get something FREE from the Sale-A-Bration catalog that is not available to anyone else!) there is nothing to lose. And for $99 you get a whole kit full of your choice of Stampin' Up! stuff worth up to $125 and a special gift from me after you join. Plus you will be my team member and I will help you become as successful as you want! No pressure, but if you are interested just click HERE!! <3 

Have a great Thursday night, everyone!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I missed Monday!!

Darn, so many things going on and I missed blogging completely yesterday!!

On a positive note, I got a lot done in the crafting world. Here are a couple of Thanksgiving cards I was working on...tell me what you think!

They are both basically the same, just on one I used the square Stitched Shapes framelit and on the other I used the round. The embellishments are slightly different and in slightly different location, but all the paper and ink, etc. are all the same. Basic, simple, yet pretty holiday cards. :)

I called Stampin' Up! and got some things cleared up. The ordering system is pretty easy but for some of us newer demonstrators it takes time to get really good at ordering, using hostess codes, and all that good stuff. Luckily, even if the people answering phones at Stampin' Up! headquarters don't know the answer, they find out. They are unfailingly polite, friendly, and always professional. Never do I feel like I'm being a bother. Since becoming a demonstrator on Oct. 11 I've called them about 5 times so that's a LOT! They are super nice to me. I should send them a card hahah...

In other news, today is voting day around the country. In a week's time (when all the mail in ballots are tabulated) we should have a new president or presidentress. Is that a word yet? Don't worry, it will be (someday) maybe just not yet.

Ok, dinner is waiting to be started so I'm going to do that. Hopefully I'll be back later. Leave me a comment to enter in my mini-giveaway!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Night....

Hi Everyone...I just wanted to put some of the measurements for the last card up before I forgot in case any of you want to try it yourself. Here's the card again:
Smoky Slate card base 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Layer 1- From "Go Wild" DSP card stack measures 5 1/4 x 4"
Layer 2 - Basic black card stock used Decorative Dots embossing folder
Middle tree - Winter Wonderland vellum DSP stack - Perfect Pines framelits
Silver Glimmer
Basic Black ink - Peaceful Pines photopolymer stamp set
Noel in Whisper White Thick card stock - Hang Your Stocking framelits
Embellishments: Winter Wonderland silver snowflake (with rhinestone center)
Silver Glimmer star from Perfect Pines framelits.

Snail adhesive used on everything except the vellum, that was the liquid glue pen and only under the spots you see overlapped by the other trees, otherwise the glue is definitely visible. Live and learn! Glue pen used for the silver snowflake. Glue dots on the other two trees, glue pen on the Noel, Dimensionals used on the black layer. I used a lot (like 9) because of the embossing.

That's it. Hope it helps you re-create it or go ahead and put in your own designs or papers or embellishments and then share below in the comments!!


Good morning, Everyone!! It's Daylight Saving's Sunday!

Wow, I guess we were all supposed to Fall Back at 2 am and now we have an extra hour to make cards today?


Here's a card I was creating late last night. When I'm tired sometimes I make bad choices, but I think I did ok last night. It is for a color challenge next week and you'd be surprised when you challenge yourself (or in my case, when my team challenges come up!) how creative you can get when bringing colors together.

The color challenge was for black, silver, smoky slate, and white. Here is what I came up with:

The liquid glue made a tiny little mess on the white "noel" but I will clean it up in my next card. One thing I was really happy about was that I found a way to use my vellum paper stack. I've had such a tough time using adhesives with it, you really need to hide wherever you use the adhesive so keep it in mind should you use vellum in your projects. It is such a pretty paper and you can get great effects with it. The piece I used (for the center tree) was from a holiday paper stack (6 x 6) paper in sparkly colors. I used the one that looked like snowfall in gold on one side, the other side looked like snowfall in silver. PERFECT!  Used the Perfect Pines framelits to cut out the tree images, had an embellishment in silver and rhinestone to use as the STAR, and the "NOEL" was from the Hang Your Stockings framelit bundle. I tried the Noel in silver glimmer like the tree on the right but it was too much glimmer. So i did it in white. Decorative Dots was used for the black background (again to simulate snow) and the dotted layer was from another DSP stack "Go Wild." The Smoky Slate is the card base and I got it from my Neutrals card stock set. I love those sets, you get 2 each of many colors so it is very versatile. Then if you have a really big project you can always buy one color by itself. Works very well.
So what do you think??
For late at night and a first try at the challenge, it looks okay, right? I think so, too. Plus I had fun doing it which is most of the reason I do this, anyway. That and I love to send hand-made cards to the people I love!!

Remember, if you want to join me and have this kind of fun EVERYDAY, please click THIS LINK NOW! Whether you want to join as a hobbyist (just for you to get a discount on your personal stuff) or as a demonstrator who gives workshops, etc, you will have a blast, meet a lot of new people, and discover new ways to create beautiful cards and other paper crafts! I would love to be your team leader and help you continue to have lots of fun with Stampin' Up!

So it is time to feed the dogs, so off I go. Will talk to everyone later!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday of Sharing!

Hello, Everyone!

Today is Saturday and hubby is on a work weekend. Since he works seven days ON and seven days OFF, this is obviously part of his seven on. I've been spending the day doing mundane household stuff like laundry and cleaning and some exciting stuff like organizing my crafting supplies (a never-ending story!) and snapping a few pictures here and there.

Here's one of my new metal cart from Target. It is not how it will remain but it is this way for NOW. What do you think?
The other thing I did to feel more organized was to label the fronts of the new cases I put my framelits and thinlits in. In some cases there were not corresponding stamps so I just die cut the image and put it on a piece of paper for the design on the front. Anything to help me figure out what is what when I get busy. Here are a couple that I don't think you've seen yet.

The Sunshine Wishes framelit designs are very pretty when you cut them out. I need to do a project with them soon! Also, it has been a lot of fun experimenting with the newest dies, Stitched Shapes. They are amazing!!

On that note, and since dinner plans are not quite yet firmed up, I am going to head out of here. Don't forget that along with the Stitched Shapes there are several (12; to be exact) stamp sets that are currently 25% off and will stay that way till November 30, 2016. Please click one of the links to my site if you'd like to take advantage of this awesome of the stamp sets is Hang Your Stockings and it is amazing! They are all great but that one has become one of my personal favorites. You cannot beat 25% off, that is a chunk of change for sure!

Talk to you all later!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fantastic Friday!!

Hi Everyone!
It is Fantastic Friday!  To be precise, it is 4:21 pm on Friday afternoon and for most people that means your weekend is about to start...WooHoo!

I have a quick picture or two for you:
This first card combines my two most favorite things at the moment, that would be the new Stitched Shapes framelits from Stampin' Up! and the Paisleys & Poseys framelits. I also threw in some DSP (Designer Series Paper) and the sentiment from the Paisleys & Poseys stamp set. For card stock I used Whisper White as my card base, then a layer of Night of Navy followed by a smaller layer of Delightful Dijon and then an accent piece of the Paisleys & Poseys DSP. I embellished with gold Baker's twine (from the Baker's Twine Trio Pack) and used a medium oval from the Stitched Shapes framelits that were just released on November 1. Finally, I cut out the die cut 'flower' you see from the Paisley framelit series (I cut two and used a glue dot to connect them the way you see up there) and got the sentiment from the photopolymer stamp set (Paisleys & Poseys) that I stamped onto a scrap piece of Whisper White. For accents I used the Rhinestone Basic Jewels (one for the center of the "flower" and three tiny ones on each side of the sentiment.) To adhere I used snail, many many dimensionals and glue dots.

Whew! I think it took less time to put the card together than it did for me to explain it! This is why I  need to make a video showing how I put stuff together, it will take less words. Plus, if you are anything like me, you learn by watching. In nursing we say to "Watch one, DO one, then TEACH one" and that's how we remember stuff. It works!!

Here's another picture of a card I made using the Stitched Shapes framelits and highlighting our favorite man of December: Santa Claus!!

I know there are two of the same picture, I put them both up because when people ask me what color Stampin' Up! paper I use, I noticed that sometimes if my iPhone's flash goes off (like it did in the first picture) the color is off. With my lighting in our dining room, sometimes the colors look off anyway. So I will always tell you the color of the paper I'm using in case you want to make these cards yourself. In Santa's case, I used the "Presents & Pinecones" paper stack available on Stampin' Up! The small piece in the center was from a paper stack I got on the clearance rack, I think. No, I just saw it on the regular holiday catalog and they are calling it "Warmth and Cheer." Tons of paper, all in a 6 x 6 stack. Really good to have.

Ok, I have some things to do but I'll be back later. Thanks for checking out my cards!!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

A couple of quick pictures before I get busy...

You guys guessed it!! The second box had my new Stitched Shapes framelits and a few other goodies and I can't wait to get started with the creative process!

Dinner had to be made, other chores were waiting for me, but it looks like it is finally that time of night I like to call "me time!"

Don't forget to comment to enter my next giveaway. You never know what it might be but it will be something pretty and you'll love it.

Now check these out!

The next pictures you see will have my creations using the Stitched Shapes framelits! Don't forget to comment below, I love hearing from you!

November 3rd....Thankful Thursday!

In terms of being thankful, I am very...even though you may hear me talk about my painful knees, or how stiff I was, or how I couldn't walk too much because of something or other, I truly am thankful for all the things I CAN do.

Take today, for instance. The UPS guy (Dennis) drove up and brought me a beautiful brown box of wonder from Stampin' Up! Since I had just ordered the newest sensation, "Stitched Shapes," from the link on November 1, I was positive that it couldn't be here yet. Sure enough, it was something I had ordered on Saturday. Still a wonderful brown box of awesomeness, but not what I was hoping for. Lo and behold, "Dennis" went to the end of my block to turn his truck around and what happened next?? He stopped in front of my house again with ANOTHER brown box of wonder and light from Stampin' Up! He's a jokester like that...and now I'm sitting in front of it waiting to tear it open and hoping against hope that the "Stitched Shapes" newest framelit set will be in there....

I'll be right back after I open this!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Just a Quick Note...

We are headed to Temecula for a hair appointment and to see my sis today. Before we go, I wanted to post a couple of pics of the storage boxes for the framelits. These have really turned out better than I'd hoped and now I can keep my framelits safe for years to come. Not done with all of them but here is what I have so far:

To me, the fronts looked better when I stamped the images in colors. I also did not stamp the entire stamp set, only what corresponded to the framelits in that particular set. This would help later when I'm trying to figure out what to die cut! Anyway, they are just my first attempts so I'm bound to get better at this. What do you guys think so far??

Ok, on that note, I'm out of here! Have a fantastic Tuesday!