Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Newly Revised Video and New Giveaway Announcement!!

Hi Guys!!

Such an exciting day for me today. I finally got the revised video of "Tasty Trucks" edited (as much editing as *I* know, anyway!) and uploaded to my YouTube channel. Here it is and I would really appreciate any feedback you have for me. A few of my trusted Stampin' Up! friends have weighed in and all feedback is good feedback from my point of view.

Check it out here:
Tasty Truck Video

We did the one giveaway for a brand new Tasty Truck stamp set and it went over so well that for New Year's day I will be doing ONE MORE giveaway for the same set. If you are a demonstrator I can ship it out to you immediately, if you are not yet a demonstrator I will have to wait till January 4 to ship it to you but either way, you have a chance to WIN!!

To enter the giveaway, just comment HERE on THIS post of my blog. If you wish, you can share my blog on your FaceBook page for an extra entry for the giveaway. I will use the random name generator and announce the winner on New Year's Day both here on my blog and on my FaceBook page.

Two things I want to mention in this blog posts. First, the Sale-A-Bration promotion is shaping up to be quite a wonderful thing. A new spring catalog is becoming active on January 4, 2017 and I can get those out to you as well if you are interested. The way Sale-A-Bration works is that during a specific time period starting Jan.4 for every $50 in Stampin' Up! merchandise you buy you are eligible to get FOR FREE one item from the Sale-A-Bration catalog. Within this catalog is lots of different items, while I cannot show you the catalog interior I can definitely show you the cover and here it is:

Inside you will find very cool stamp sets (all free), gorgeous designer series paper packs (all free), and various ribbons, card kits, tin card storage boxes, and did I mention they are ALL FREE??  Amazing, isn't it. You can choose your free product and keep it to use yourself, give it away as a gift, or whatever you want.
Second, this is the perfect time for you to JOIN MY TEAM if you are already thinking about it. There are many among us who are crafters from WAY back, and as crafters we love nothing more than getting stuff at a discount whenever possible. By signing on as a hobbyist demonstrator, you could start getting a 20% discount on all of your Stampin' Up! stuff you really, really want. The upside is that as a demonstrator besides getting your own discount, you are able to participate in all the perks they offer to demonstrators. Early access to new products, free access to training videos, new ideas for cards and crafts...the list is endless. If you are interested in joining, just click here and it will take you to my Stampin' Up! page that talks about joining. During the Sale-A-Bration promotion you will not only get the usual amount of Stampin' Up! product but will get an additional 2 stamp sets FREE worth up to $104! That is amazing!

I will be working on another video from the Sale-A-Bration catalog and the Occasions catalog to show you soon. The two together are going to be dynamite for the new Spring season and I am really excited to show you all the new stuff coming out soon!

Take care till then and don't forget to comment so you will be entered in the giveaway for this super cute stamp set!


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Winner Announced Last night On Facebook!!

Congratulations, Ingrid! You won the new Tasty Trucks photopolymer stamp set!!!!

I will be mailing your stamp set out to you super fast, but because it is a special item only available (currently) to demonstrators you cannot receive it until after Jan. 4, so that is what has to happen. In fact, I had to temporarily take down my video showing how to make a cute card with the set because I inadvertently showed a picture of the inside of the catalog in that video. Because I am striving to be 100% compliant with everything Stampin' Up! asks of its demonstrators, I took the video down. I will edit it and simply re-release it.


These giveaways are so darn fun, though. I really want to do another one, and two of my trusted advisors said that if I did one for New Year's Day that would be a fantastic idea. Because the cute set is so adorable and has so much versatility I was actually thinking about making the gift be the same set. Though I have a few more Sale-A-Bration items it could be as well. Maybe I will post a few pictures of cards made with the different sets and let you guys help me decide??

What do you think?

One last thing, during the Sale-A-Bration promotion it is a s FANTASTIC time to join me and become part of my growing Stampin' Up! team! With me as a team leader I can help guide you to success whether you want to simply enjoy the great demonstrator discounts yourself or if you want to turn it into a lucrative business. It will go either way, it all depends on YOU! If you are interested you can text me at 951-973-3270 or simply click here for more information on what to do next. During Sale-A-Bration you can get even more Stampin' Up! stuff for you one-time kit cost. For just the $99 start up fee you will get up to $125 in free stuff, anything you decide you need to start your new business or to just be an awesome hobby demonstrator and enjoy the discounts for yourself! During Sale-A-Bration you will also receive two extra stamp sets valued at up to $104! That could be two stamp bundles that come complete with die cutting sets....the possibilities are endless. I can help you decide what would be a good mix of stuff for you to start out with if you need help. One of the things I like best about Stampin' Up! is that we all help each other and the competitiveness you see with other direct sales type organizations is not there. It is more about being helpful to each other and to our customers!

Here is a picture of the cute little card I put together with the stamp set we just gave away:

Isn't it adorable?? There are a few other cute sentiments that come with the 16-piece stamp set and the possibilities are endless! It is cool because you can make your own background layers by using one of the little stamps it comes with, in this case I used the tacos but I could have made a different Birthday card and used the little cupcakes, or the ice cream, or lots of others! This is a fairly simple little card that was easy to make and can be used for so many occasions.

Remember, if you ever click on a link and go to a page where you do not see my name at the upper right hand side (or my picture) then you are not on MY SITE. Please if that happens just type in into your browser window or click on that link itself.

On that note, I think it is coffee time here. I will be speaking to you all later to let you know what stamping set I have decided on for the next giveaway!!

Take care till then.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Video!!

That is the link to the video of the card I created using the super cute Tasty Trucks stamp set that I will be giving away shortly.
This stamp set is so cute, it is photopolymer which means it stores flat and is super pliable and easy to use and clean. It also means that you can cut the stamps apart if you choose and then put them back together (on a clear acrylic block) if you want to stamp the together again. This is very useful if you love a certain sentiment but not all of it. Or if you like a certain stamp but only want part of the image.
Because that is only my second video, I would really appreciate some constructive criticism. I know a few things; I know I made it too long. I know I smudged some black ink on part of the card at one point. I know I called the designer series paper pack "Tasty Treats" and it is really "Cool Treats." Or vice versa. If you could help me out by pointing out other stuff you see that I could improve on I would really love that.
I am still learning how to use iMovie (it is a free app on the iMac that is said to be great for beginners!) When I learn how to fully use it I can better tailor my videos so that they are more concise and not so long-winded. It will also allow me to put up titles that show item numbers and other helpful information. Another demonstrator I know says she videos the whole demonstration in the "mute" mode and then does a voice-over on her iPhone later and adds the audio later. That might be another option for me but I still want to be able to cut out certain non-needed portions of the video if I want to.

We are on our way to my father-in-law's house but won't be there very long. They live about 10 minutes away and are not in the best of health lately so they don't do well with long visits. When I return I will put all the names of the entrants for the giveaway into the "Random Name Generator" that I found and will announce the lucky winner of this wonderful stamp set!

I wish each of you all the luck in the world for you to get this awesome set. You will have a lot of fun exploring all the cool stuff you can design with this super versatile little stamp set.

I was just looking through all my stamping and crafting supplies and I have an awful lot of un-used and un-opened embellishment ribbon. I may have to have another giveaway rather soon so that I can give some of it out!!

What do you think??


Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!!

Last night's dinner went very well. We had such a good time and everyone got a lot of prime rib to eat and went home super full and happy.
Then this morning, the gift explosion began and we were happy to just hang around and enjoy each other's company.
Now we are finishing baking a batch of my grandma's butter cookies to take to my dad who is visiting my son's for Christmas dinner. It should be yummy, he very ambitiously chose Italian fare to cook for the feast.

Here are a few pictures from before our festivities. I love the new napkins I got for Christmas dinner. They had a Battenberg corner and some pretty red and green embroidery in one corner. Such a deal on Ebay for $8.00 free shipping; that was for 12 super cute new napkins. I only had 8 guests so I used the other napkins as bread basket cloths for the rolls. It was chilly enough for us to have a roaring fire going in the dining room and this made it even more cozy. I love the new dinner ware I got for this year, I was so lucky to find everything that coordinated for super inexpensive. We love to drink sparkling cider so I bought simple glass goblets (look like wine glasses) with a gold trim that matched the water tumblers, also with a gold trim and the white china plates (with a gold trim.) So nice to find stuff like that at the Dollar Tree, even if you accidentally break something it is just a buck. No one can get mad about that!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your family and friends. Please be safe no matter what you are doing. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see who won the giveaway for the Tasty Trucks stamp set!! You still have time to enter the giveaway, just leave a comment here on this blog; you will get an extra entry if you share the blog or my Facebook post with the giveaway information in it!
Either way, Good Luck!


Saturday, December 24, 2016

T'was the Day Before Christmas.....

.....And all through the house, the dinner host was scurrying about like a mouse!!

Ok, maybe like a squirrel.

Point is, I have lots to do and only till 4 pm to get it all done. I told everyone to come over around 4-4:30 because we are going to eat around 5-5:30 tonight which is pretty do-able for Christmas Eve. It lets people get last minute things done (like me) even though my stuff doesn't entail going out to stores, everything will be done in-house.

But first, a photo:
It is our tree, pretty much all the way decked out and with many gifts below it. The rest of the room is not fit for human consumption at the moment. This is actually our dining room (we have a fireplace in the dining room!) The table is in dire need of being cleared off so that I can set it for our dinner.

On my agenda:
1.  Clear dining room table.
2.  Clean n tidy kitchen, take 18 pound prime rib roast out to bring it to room temperature.
3.  Put away all wrapping supplies and unwrapped gifts to the dark depths of the closet.
4.  Peel 10 pounds of potatoes for mashed potatoes.
5.  Leave potatoes in pot of clean, cold, salted water.
6.  Un-wrap prime rib roast when it is room temp, season liberally, cover it. Pre-heat oven to 450.
7.  Take a shower.
8.  Get dressed.
9.  Put prime rib roast into oven at 450 uncovered for 30 minutes. Reduce heat to 325 and continue roasting for about 4 more hours. This step needs to happen no later than noon. Remove when internal temp of roast is 110-120. Let rest for 30 minutes before slicing (may cover roast to keep warm.)
10. Last minute tidy of both bathrooms.
11. Last minute tidy of living room and dining room and kitchen.
12. Set table - This needs to happen no later than 2:00 pm.
13.  Last minute tossing all indoor garbage containers, etc.
14.  Put on Christmas music or non-stop running A Christmas Story on TBS.
15.  Boil potatoes no later than 3 pm. They can sit in hot water till you are ready to mash.
16.  Assemble creamed corn mixture and set to warm no later than 3:45. May re-heat if needed.

When guests arrive we will chat for a bit till everyone is there. Usually I just have the simple side dishes on the dining room table so people can self-serve along with rolls and butter and salt and pepper. Then I will carve the prime rib in the kitchen and bring the guests each a dinner plate with their requested portion (large or small) of roast. They can add the side orders to their own plates that way and don't feel pressured to eat too much. I also keep a drink station in the kitchen and guests can pour their own soda or grab a water bottle. I put chilled sparkling cider on the dining room table and each guest has a simple wine glass for the sparkling cider, seems so festive that way!! I will take a picture of my table setting later, this year we did something a little different and went with all gold accented pieces except for my flatware.

Here's wishing you all a very Merry Christmas eve, and I hope you are enjoying your own family and friends as well. Leave me a comment and tell me what you are doing this year for the holidays...did you travel to see loved ones, did they travel to see you? What are you giving or getting for Christmas?? And when do you have to go back to work??

Talk later,
Love you guys!!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thankful Thursday!

Hi Everyone!

Today is Thankful Thursday. The Thursday before Christmas and we have managed to come through another year with hard work and the support of our family and friends. That is something to be thankful about.

Even though I have certain health problems I am very thankful for the relatively good health I enjoy. I still am able to enjoy my family, some travel (with help) and spending time with friends. And let's not forget crafting. That has become a very real escape for me these past several months as my knees got more and more painful.

In honor of that thankfulness, I am going to be doing another giveaway!!

Yes, this close to Christmas!  What better time of year than now? All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and you are entered...for free!! Nothing is better than free, is it? I know Google forces you to join google plus or something but I promise you that getting this cute stamp set will be well worth your effort!

The set is called "Tasty Trucks" and it is brand new from Stampin' Up! It is so new that it is not yet available to the general public till January 4, 2017. Even then, you cannot purchase it. The only way to get this stamp set is actually kind of cool. In our Sale-A-Bration event that runs from January 4 through March 31, 2017 for every $50 of Stampin' Up! product you purchase you are eligible to receive free one item (your choice) out of our new Sale-A-Bration catalog. There's tons of stuff to choose from, from specialty paper not available anywhere else, to cute stamp sets, embellishments, and a super cute card tin for holding all your blank cards that you create. Here are a few pictures of the stamp set and some examples of cards you could create with it:

 I can ship anywhere in the United States and if you win this giveaway I will get it shipped out to you so you will receive it January 4 or maybe a day later UNLESS you are already a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. In that case, if you win, I will send it right out. While we are talking about it, and especially for my hobby crafter friends who might find this helpful, now might be a GREAT time for you to think about becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator yourself! You could join my team and start getting all your Stampin' Up! stuff at a whopping 20% discount!  If you join my team during this Sale-A-Bration promotion you will not only get lots of supplies and about $50 worth of free business supplies but Stampin' Up! will give you an additional (2) free stamp sets worth up to an additional $104!  That is really generous of them. Click on the picture below if you want more information or are ready to join. If you would like to talk to me more about it you can call or text at 951-973-3270 and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
Ok, I'm off to finish wrapping presents now...Because we are super close to Christmas and I know how busy everyone is, I will announce the winner the day after Christmas!  Don't forget to comment so I can add your name to the random just might WIN!!!

Merry Christmas  Everyone!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Today is Wednesday!!

I just did something so exciting I can hardly stand it. Either that or I might throw up!!

I just uploaded my first Stampin' Up! video demonstration....and folks, if you go see it (and I hope you do!) I pray you will be gentle with me.

You see, I am not used to doing demonstrations. Sure, I talk to people all the time like you guys do, but to actually show a demonstration of something and try to remember the names of the things you are demo-ing. It is a bit daunting, especially at first. So when you see the video just remember all that. Above all, even with all my word stumbling and forgetting names of product at first, the overall message of showing another person how to do something is hopefully THERE.

But I will let you guys tell me what you think.

While I find the link, check out the cool little gifts I put together for my granddaughter's kindergarten class. When we were in Long Island, she watched some videos with me and LOVED the idea of bringing in a little gift for her friends so she chose this one. The next time we were at Target she helped choose the pencils from the dollar aisle in Target and I already had the cello bags at home from Stampin' Up! For the sentiment we chose the "Happiness is Coming To Town" from the Hang Your Stocking photopolymer bundle, and the decorations for the label were from Santa's Sleigh - we used the little stocking and the snowflake. For colors, the paper scraps I had were from my scrap bin and I chose the blue and aqua background paper that was available, no idea how old it was!! Whisper White card stock was used for the labels and for embellishments I used the basic rhinestone to decorate one snowflake on each label just for a pop of bling!  Hey, even kindergarten kids love bling!!
The measurements I used were 2" x 4" for the color layer and folded them in half. For the sentiment and decorations I cut the Whisper White at 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" so there was just a tiny bit of the colorful background showing. The colors coordinated with the colors of the pencils that Kiera chose so it looked really cute. Tell me what you think:

So what do you think?? The pencils weren't on sale or anything but they were only a dollar for 10. Not bad. The erasers were bought at the .99 Only Store and while I wasn't thrilled with the selection they worked for what I needed. Had I thought about this project a month ago I would have had a much better selection of stuff but as it was so last minute, that's what I got! lol. I used some twine to bundle them all up for her so she could get them to school safely.

Home Sweet Home

Happy Winter, Everyone!

Well, we had an eventful trip home with the bad weather. Jet Blue almost did not take off from JFK but the upside was we were only delayed about 45 minutes before getting clearance to leave the runway.

Very bumpy ride home with lots of turbulence over various areas, mostly Chicago and Colorado. The pilot was very apologetic but what could he do except keep going higher and higher!! We were happy to land in LAX at about 7:22 west coast time.

Now we are on the last leg of the Christmas Sprint to ready ourselves for our big family Christmas Eve dinner held here at our house. Christmas day dinner will be at my son's for the first year so that is exciting! Our menu is something fairly simple like prime rib with just a couple of sides, I think my son is planning something more elaborate for his dinner. I am happy to keep it simple when entertaining!

Doing a little mini project for my granddaughter today so she can give out a little something to her kindergarten school friends on Thursday. I got these super cute pencils from Target (on their dollar counter) and will just be making a basic cello bag pencil gift thingie for each of them. I was debating whether I should add a colorful eraser, there is already an eraser on each pencil but it will make the little gift seem like more if I put in a cute eraser. Hmmm...

Wow, my house looked like a warehouse when I returned. I normally do a lot of Christmas shopping online but this year it was even more amped up because of our trip to NY. I think I had about 12 boxes ready for me to un-box when we got home. I still haven't opened all of them yet. Some were from Stampin' Up! Yay!!

Great news: my planner arrived when we were gone. I get to start using it right away but I'm not sure if that is allowed because it is supposed to be a Christmas gift from my hubby. It should be fine, right?? I can pretend I unwrapped it. :D

On that note I will be getting busy with all the things I need to do today to be productive BUT I will be checking back in to see whether anyone wants to do a giveaway. I think I'd like to do one for Christmas and give the lucky winner a little Christmas gift for winning but I'd like to see what you all think first. 

See you all a bit later! Have a wonderful day.... :D


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Last Day In New York

We are getting all packed up and ready to head to the airport tomorrow. We leave this cozy house at noon tomorrow and need to be at the airport by 2 pm so that should leave us time to stop off at one or two last minute places...hopefully. The car is already re-filled with gas so all we have to do is drop it off at the Dollar Rent A Car place and hop on the Air Train at Federal Circle Station to get to the airport. We are already checked in to our flight (online) and will drop off our three checked bags and then head over to the TSA pre-check lines. Hopefully they are short here like in LAX. Because we are in the North West, the website encouraged us to check with our carrier to see if we really ARE flying out tomorrow. Lots of delayed/cancelled flights due to weather issues.

Dropped by my auntie's house this afternoon and spent some time with her as we will not be able to tomorrow. I am sad to leave her this time because she seemed a little lonely to me this trip. I can't quite put my finger on why, I know her kids are always at her side so maybe I'm just reading my own thoughts into it. Still...I hated to say good bye.

Kiera is all excited to fly again tomorrow and is of course looking forward to seeing her parents and baby brother again. A week away from her family is a long time for a five year old and she was a very good little girl. We appreciated her being so good. I am looking forward to the time I can bring Sawyer with us as well. That will be a great trip just for entertainment value!! Maybe closer to summer we can plan something to test the waters.

Check out all the snow we got during that one full night of snowing! It was fantastic and stuck to the ground all day. Of course by the next day (today) it is gone because they had a freak warming trend for one day only; it got up to 59 today. Now it is back to 24 degrees and tomorrow it is supposed to be freezing again with a high of 22 all day long. No snow though. I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed the snow. The only time we usually see it is in our local mountains and even then if we go once a year it is a lot.

When I get home I will go ahead and try to upload the video of the Christmas Gift Tags I made while I was here,  it was full of mistakes but as my very first video I am happy to show it. That way later I can be happy at how much better I've become, right??
Take care!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday in New York...high temp for today is 22 Degrees!

Hi Everyone!

Our vacation is a little more than half over and we are having a fantastic time. Waiting at our place right now for my cousin to come visit. Poor guy is on a mandatory overtime schedule right now and works two split shifts every day but Friday. I feel bad for him but he is used to it and accepts it!

Even when you are on a vacation you can usually figure out a way to get some crafting in. I knew being in a cold climate and being indoors a bit would make it easy for me to carve out a little time for crafting, but I also knew that it would be tough to pack a lot of heavy items like paper punches, paper trimmer, etc. So I just went ahead and pre-stamped a few things and punched out some shapes that I thought I might use. Here is what I brought:

What you see is about 20 pre-punched (with the Scalloped Tag Topper Punch) 4 inch tags, about 20 or so Cookie Cutter Christmas reindeer-stamped shapes, some adhesives (Mini Glue Dots, Snail Adhesive, and Stampin' Dimensionals), my old faithful mini scissors from years ago, and some pre-punched shapes with the Scalloped Circle and an old Curly Label punch I had. Some scraps of red and silver glimmer paper and a spool of red Baker's twine (from the Baker's Twine Trio Pack) and I was all set. I made sure it all fit into a large zip lock plastic bag and just threw it into my checked baggage. It didn't take up much room and certainly didn't weigh much. I had some assorted scraps and mini labels punched out that I brought as well just in case I could find a spot for them.

Here is what I have made so far:

Mainly assorted gift tags (which I will definitely need when I get home on the 19th and need to finish wrapping everything! There were a couple more of these that I finished here as well, having brought the components already pre-cut to fit my pieces:

I'm telling you, you can never have too many gift card holders around the holidays. Even if you forget someone and all you have around is a small Starbucks card for 10 bucks or even a McDonalds or In & Out Burger gift card, the recipient will appreciate you thinking about them more than you will ever know. The one gift card holder I eventually went with is a trifold design and so simple to put together that you can do quite a few without breaking a sweat. The fun part is figuring out how to embellish the bellyband tag. It can either be whimsical like the cool Santa I have up there or glitzy or glamorous with glimmer paper. Whatever you want to convey, it is easy to do with this design. The only thing I can say to remind everyone of is that you need to make sure you do NOT make your belly band too tight. It needs to be able to slip on and off easily so that your recipient doesn't have to struggle to remove it. These can be hung from your Christmas tree or you can easily made a custom sized envelope with the Envelope Punch Board based on the overall dimensions of your gift card holder.

Before I go (it is time for us to go to my favorite Italian market, Uncle Giuseppe's to get the fixings for tomorrow night's family dinner!) I want to tell you about a couple of SUPER great deals happening right now. Especially for some of my newer stampers who don't have a ton of stuff yet to make things with. There is a great Year-End Clearance going on right now on my Stampin' Up! page and my two picks for today are the Cupcake Builder Punch (only $10.80) and the Layering Circle Framelits Dies (only $17.50). This is a great deal for these two items (many more are listed in the section for closeouts) but in these two - the Cupcake Builder punch is 40% off its regular price and the Layering Circles are a whopping 50% off! Both of these items are things you will use for a LONG time and can be useful in so many ways. While it is true that you need the Big Shot for the Layering Circles, at some point you should really consider purchasing the Big Shot anyway for your regular crafting needs. It will definitely open up some new and wonderful projects when you do!

Now I must go, but before I do I just want to mention that I will be having one more giveaway before Christmas! Yes, it was so much fun celebrating my promotion to earning Bronze Elite status that I will be doing it again!! Tune in tomorrow to see what we are going to be giving away!!

Until then, have a fantastic night!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

20 Degrees In Smithtown!

Today was a rousing success. We did a lot of the things we wanted to do and also got some baking in. How often can you say all that?

Stamping wise, not a lot going on. I had a couple of online orders placed last night so that is good. While I didn't bring a lot of stamping stuff with me I DID bring the stuff to make some gift tags and will get them out tomorrow to play with them.

It SNOWED today. Sure it wasn't much but it was still snow and Kiera was thrilled!

Forecast for tomorrow  is sunny but cold like 25 degrees as the high. The weekend is supposed to have freezing rain. Why isn't that snow?? I don't know enough about it but apparently you have to have the right barometric pressure before it snows.

Still on the agenda: Go see the Big Duck in Flanders. Go to the big Goodwill store in St. James. Go the King's Park, go to the craft fair this weekend. Go to the St. James General Store tomorrow.

Saturday is the big Family Dinner.

On the menu so far is angel hair pasta with Grandma's sauce recipe. Sicilian sausage and meatballs, and if I can pull it off, braciola. For the uninitiated, braciola is a very thin piece of flank steak pounded even thinner, layered with a mixture of sautéed garlic and onion, sweet basil, parmesan cheese, Italian bread crumbs, and two hard boiled eggs, then rolled into a tight little roll and held together with toothpicks and browned on all sides then left to cook all the way through in the simmering marinara sauce.

When it is done you take it out, slice it thinly, and serve as the meat course in an Italian feast. Also on the menu is garlic bread, rice balls, and Ginger Ale.

Assorted Italian pastries is for dessert including rainbow cookies, black and whites, mini tarts, cannoli, and grandma's butter cookies.

A food coma will follow.

Ok, it is well past bedtime here and we are zonked from the day. I feel we will be warmer in bed, so off we go!

Talk later,

Thursday is a cold and blustery day!

Woke up this morning here in Smithtown, Long Island to howling winds and temperatures under 20 degrees!
A perfect day for a fire in the fireplace, baking cookies with Kiera, and catching up on her homework. Yes, even in Kindergarten they give them homework!! She got a whole folder full of it and is working on a few projects right now.

This is the gift card holder that I was making a video about before our trip. The funny (not funny) thing was, we were up so late the night before our flight and so behind on packing, etc., that the video was definitely a rushed affair. To add to the mayhem, the tripod broke, sending my iPhone clattering to the floor (not broken, thank God!) and the new soft box lights I bought and had not yet used (but had turned on to make sure they worked) malfunctioned. One of them wouldn't light up for whatever reason. So even in the face of all that adversity my husband said he would hold the camera (read: iPhone) over my head and film my short demo.

So where is this masterpiece, you ask?

Not here, that's for sure. While the content wasn't horrible (I mean, it was my first and I made some mistakes but I honestly wouldn't have minded showing the, especially for a first video) the filming was definitely not what I'd put out there. While hubby's heart was in the right place by offering to help, his cropping skills were not good ones. Besides my small work area, you could also see my messy craft table, the top of my messy head of hair, the tip of my nose, and most of my personal body in my house dress (read: no BRA.)

Not going to happen.

If it were like any other photo and I could simply crop it down to size, it would be here now. But that technology doesn't exist (in my world) so that video will be lost in the archives forever more.

Trust me, the next one will definitely be better. I've been asking some of the more senior team members and they are giving me their little pro tips. There are also a few simple suggestions on YouTube I'll be trying out. I don't want to pour a ton of money into something that might not work for me at all.

There was one set up that one of my team mates uses but she actually crafts at a small table next to a wall with a shelf above her head that she secures her camera to. I don't have that set up.

Everyone ready for Christmas??? Me too! Well, I'm pretty ready. Finished the last of my gift purchases the other day and now waiting for the stuff to arrive in the post so I can wrap everything up. All my mail has been sent out so that is a relief.

Next on the agenda: gearing up for the New Year!

2017; we are READY for you.

Talk to you later!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Long Island Life, day three!

Having a wonderful time catching up with relatives, shopping, and exploring Long Island. There is truly so much to see and do here, people don't know!

Went to visit Uncle Giuseppe's last night (my favorite Italian store) and as usual it did not disappoint.
Stocked up on all the stuff we will need for the most part and have planned out our itinerary for the rest of the week. Our big family dinner will be Saturday night and tonight's main event is going to look at the big Christmas Light spectacular over at Smith Point in Shirley, NY. The girl scouts hold it every year (this is the 13th year) and they do a great job. For just $20 per car load you can drive through dozens of really nicely put together light displays in a woodsy setting. Last year it was in Bayport.
Before we head over to the light display we are stopping at the St. James General Store to stock up on a few items they carry. It is a cool old fashioned place that has been here for at least 100 years. I'll have to take a few pics while we are there.
Then King Kullen for some gift cards for my Auntie and for some fixings for cookie making tomorrow. Kiera and I are having a cookie making day because it is supposed to be so cold tomorrow.

All in all we are having a fantastic time here. I am finished with Christmas shopping and the rest of my stuff will be delivered to our house in California soon. When we get home all I have to do is wrap it and place it under our tree. Oh, and order our prime rib for the Christmas Eve dinner. I keep forgetting to do that!

Talk to you all later tonight!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Smithtown, NY....We Are HERE!!!

Hi Everyone!!

Well, the blur of packing and getting ready to take a trip with a five year old is over, and now the fun is HERE!!

The last-minute stuff went surprisingly well, even for the people like me who leave packing till the last minute. Hahah...worst thing was we did not get a lot of sleep before our flight. Went to bed after midnight knowing we would be up at 3 am to organize ourselves and get to the airport by 4:30. We are lucky and blessed to live under 20 miles from LAX. Also blessed to have an adult son who volunteered (yes, you read that right, we didn't have to ASK!!) to take us to the airport at that hour.

Only downside was that the last minute video I did before our departure was a wash. The content was not the problem, the equipment all decided to go wonky at the last minute. My soft box lighting which was working when I did an equipment check the day before, decided to go on hiatus. One light worked, the other NO. These are brand new so I don't think it can be the bulb already. It was only on for a second for me to test it and then was in a corner for a week. Unplugged. So I will deal with that from the manufacturer when I return home. It is on my lists of "things to resolve." So that was the lighting, the inexpensive tripod I purchased from Amazon also boinked. The cell phone holder portion of the tripod kept slipping and dropping my phone. Not good. So my hubby decided to hold my iPhone for me above my head to capture the magic. He did a great job not shaking and not moving the camera, but after I blocked out the filming area (mainly JUST my Stampin' Up! grid paper) he somehow zoomed out or whatever to include ALL the surrounding mess of my craft table and it is super distracting for the video. Not only is that distracting but the top of my head is visible and the tip of my nose and me in my housedress. Not exactly what I want to show on my first video. So we will be re-doing it. Otherwise it was good lol.

Here are some pictures of the place we are staying at while in NY. We have stayed her every year for the past 5 years (except for one year when it was booked!) Check it out!

It is on a 3 acre parcel in Smithtown and such a cute older home. Four bedrooms so lots of room for family to join us but no one could come this year. There is even a full basement with a mini kitchen and a about convenience. It is always nice to go home from vacation with a suitcase of CLEAN clothes lol. The first picture is the view from the living room window, that's our rental car in the front and basically the front lawn area. Most mornings there are deer grazing but not today. It is chilly but the deer are used to it I'm sure. 34 degrees right now at 9:28 am. The giant "Christmas tree" is neat in the front yard. If I lived here year round I would certainly decorate it for the holidays. Talk about a giant tree!! The rest of the yard is just as pretty, I remember an old fashioned tree swing on the side yard and an old shed out back. Like I said, 3 acres!!  The living room has a baby grand piano that my granddaughter went crazy for when we got here. She takes piano lessons and was excited to play this piano. So cute.

Ok, I am going now, hubby went off to the local bagel shop for breakfast goodies and we are going to eat breakfast and plan our day out today. So far the skies look clear so no worry of a storm at the moment. Cold, yes. Storm, not yet!!

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Day of Packing is Complete!

All that's left now is to take showers, pack the final toiletry stuff in our bags, and try to get a little sleep before heading to the airport at 4:00 am.

I know that's early but our flight leaves at 06:25 so they recommend to be there 2 hours before all domestic flights (3 for international.)  All in all it has gone very well today, no trouble finding stuff we needed to pack, laundry all done, animals all set up for our daughter who is house sitting for a week.

Luckily for us, she's done it before so she is well-versed in what she needs to do for the stray cats we feed, our two dogs, and our many chickens and one lone lop-eared bunny. Oh, wait there's two parakeets too!! Can't forget about them!

I'm bringing a couple of stamping packets with me to mail out (both people are near or in the NY area) and also some...and by some I mean very minimal.....stamping supplies to do some small crafts while we are there. Especially if it is going to be snowing at all we will need stuff to do in the should that is interesting and fun for all (even me!)

I think my Aunt would have fun making Christmas gift tags. Also that won't require a whole lot of supplies, right?


This is the giant tree at the Temecula Duck Pond in the city of Temecula. They decorate and light it every Christmas and it is about 100 feet tall. Of course it is right next to the duck pond and it is a sight to see....I wanted to leave you with a nice picture of a pretty tree!

Ok, the next time you hear from me I should be in NY!

Traveling prayers appreciated!!

Travel Time Rapidly Approaching!!

In less than 18 hours we will be taking off for NYC and all my lovely NY relatives out on Long Island! Not only am I super excited to see them but the upcoming weather has me excited as well. Turns out that it will be snowing for 4 out of 7 of the days we are there, that should make it nice and cozy inside and nice and brisk outside when we go there to have snowball fights or to build a snowman!!

Before I forget, I wanted to congratulate Christine Dam one more time on being the winner for my promotion giveaway I had the other day. Her name was chosen by the random name generator and believe it or not there were quite a few entries!! No worries, we will be having more giveaways coming up. It turned out to be so much fun that I don't think I could give it up now!

Want to see what she won?? This is a brand new set and seems like it is even one that Christine herself really wanted! Check it out!
It is called "Lift Me Up" and it is from our new Occasions catalog that will be available to all on January 4, 2017. Christine can get it early because she is a Stampin' Up! demonstrator and happens to be one of my teammates! But YOU could get it early, too!! If you love stamping as much as I do and want to earn a 20% discount on all the stamping stuff you purchase, think about joining my team! Whether you remain a hobbyist or move on to making it more into a home business, you won't be sorry. The company offers so much to its demonstrators and they are more than fair with compensation, bonuses, and prizes!! CLICK HERE if you want more information or go ahead and leave me a comment and I can get back to you. Of course I am always available via text at 951-973-3270.

Christine, congratulations again on your win of the "Lift Me Up" stamp set. It got to me so quickly that I will definitely be able to bring it with me to NY and will mail it out to you from there...I think you are going to have a LOT of fun with this one, it looks so neat!!

I am going back to packing now. Wish me luck and I will talk to you all again very soon!


Friday, December 9, 2016

Frantic Friday!

I guess the last few days leading up to a planned vacation are always sort of a blur of packing, cleaning, and double and triple-checking last minute travel plans. Ours is no different.

Luckily we are having my daughter house sit for us or there would be even more things to arrange such as boarding facilities for the dogs, kitty feeders for the stray cats, and even a chicken wrangler to make sure our flock is well tended while we are gone. Thank God Chelsea is a former farm girl who totally knows what to do under all circumstances. Our place will be in good hands.

So we had a bit of confusion with our lucky winner yesterday! It was really funny (to me) but it turned out to NOT be Christian Foster, the only guy I thought posted on my blog. It was instead, Christine, who is not only a Facebook friend but also a fellow Pinkstamper. We are members of the same team, and if any of you decide to join me you will also be part of that team as my "down-line" team member. It is the best team to be on in the whole United States. That's saying something!

It was so much fun celebrating my promotion by giving something away, that I've decided to make giveaways a part of my normal blog events.

What do you guys think about that??

I know, I like it, too!!!

Here are a few of the Christmas cards I got all addressed and mailed out today. Some of them were from previous classes I took and some were my own design but they were all super cute and I know that the people who will be getting them are going to love them! One of them was for my "Up-line" in Stampin' Up! and I put it together with a little mini gift from me. I am very thankful for all of her help, guidance, and support in my Stampin' Up! journey. She's the best! :D :D :D

I am doing an online workshop for the next 2 weeks and if you place any size order you will get a little thank you surprise from me! The only thing you have to do is be sure to use this host code: PNBKBGN2.  It is super easy to order just by clicking on THIS LINK which will take you right to my page, and then before you finalize your order at the bottom there is a spot to put that host code. If you have any questions and need me to help you over the phone or via text, please just let me know and I can help you or even put the order in for you. No problem at all. Just call or text me at 951-973-3270.
Don't forget, there is a year-end clearance going on with up to 60% off certain items! Click on the link above and check them out, and don't forget the host code!

And if you are thinking about enjoying a discount on all your stamping needs by becoming a Stampin' Up! hobbyist demonstrator just let me know and I can help you with that as well. Click here for more information on joining our team!!

Time for me to go get busy packing. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow. Have a great night and STAY WARM!!!


Thursday, December 8, 2016

What a busy, Blustery day today was.....

But that's not why you guys popped in, is it? You want to know who won the stamp set!!!

Hold on, because even *I* cannot believe this:

The only guy who commented WON!!

Yes, the winner (per "random name picker") was Chris82414, who (unless I am mistaken) is Christian Foster, and the 82414 must refer to his old zip code in Cody, WY. Yes, I had to google it because I didn't recognize his handle.

So Christian, you are the lucky winner of a brand-spankin' new stamp set!! I bet you let Geri use it, It's okay if you want to try a few projects though. I saw you watching us during our Make n Take that night.

Ok, I'll stop teasing Christian, truth is, I am so honored to even have a dude commenting on my blog. Christian, you will have to let me know where you want the stamp set mailed off to, which address I mean. Just send me a private message on FB and I'll get it. Or heck, you could text me!

Here, look at this:

 Isn't that pretty?? It is what our sunset looked like this afternoon at about 5:00 pm. We were right in front of Chelsea's little house and I had to get this picture so I opened up the moon-roof on the car and took this picture. Such pretty, vibrant colors.

Oh, and there's this too:
Just wanted to show you the stamp set that Christian Foster won. It is definitely INSIDE this box. Is it one of the ones that is visible or is it under those?? Tune in tomorrow to see which stamp set Christian actually won. Some of these stamp sets are not yet available to the general public as part of the pre-sale for demonstrators only so I can tell you that the set he won won't be one of those. Technically speaking, he could not get it till January 4, and because I am going to be one of the "100% Compliant" Stampin' Up! demonstrators, it won't be one of the pre-sales. That leads me into the next subject:

Have you thought about joining Stampin' Up! as a hobby demonstrator? That's what I did and I immediately began to get a nice, hefty 20% discount on ALL the stamps, paper, and other crafting goodies I purchased, while at the same time earning money and flex points towards a free trip to Alaska happening next year. Stampin' Up! is one of those fantastic companies that treats their demonstrators like gold and gives away all sorts of perks. Thanks to me getting going so quickly I have over 20,000 Flex points already! I only joined on October 11 of this year so that is fantastic.

One more thing, if you are considering joining as a hobby demonstrator NOW is the time to do it. During our Sale-A-Bration for the $99 start up fee you will get $125 worth of YOUR choice of catalog items plus $50 worth of business supplies from Stampin' Up! and free shipping! What's more, you can choose up to 2 extra stamp sets during this promotion. It really is a wonderful time to join, and you can be part of my team where we support and encourage each other instead of being competitive and petty the way some teams can be. This is a much different experience. Click this link if you'd like more information, or leave me a comment and I will get back to you with more information.

My dentist appointment was a little rough and I am glad it is over, my new crown is looking and feeling great! Thank you to everyone who left me comments and helped me celebrate my promotion and I hope you will consider following my blog regularly!! Have a great night.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Stampin' Up! Website lags Just a little bit....

But it finally caught up (only took a few hours) for them to officially mention that I am now a Bronze Elite!!
I couldn't be more excited about it, too! I started as a new demonstrator on October 11, 2016 and besides my daughter and daughter in law have only had one or two outside orders. Still, as a hobbyist I know I buy plenty of stuff and things will just get better as I improve and get the word out, right?

It was sort of weird when I placed the last order I knew I had gone over the money amount yet it didn't show up for awhile on the website. Boy, was I glad when it finally did. I kept re-adding up all the orders like a mad woman. Also, it was a surprise to me (albeit a happy one) to see that I got 10,000 flex points for moving up. Added to the 6688 points I already had, I now have over 16,000 towards my Alaska trip. That is so exciting to me. Evidently, when I advance to Silver and then Silver Elite, I will get more of those flex points and I will definitely need them.

Such an exciting day, but now I need to get back to wrapping Christmas gifts and watch the turkey in the oven. We don't want a repeat of Thanksgiving....oh, I didn't mention it, did I? I put the turkey in way too early and...well, have any of you ever seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? Remember the part where Clark cuts into the turkey and it basically just bellows out some steam and it is all dry and crunchy? Yes, same thing here just about. Plenty of gravy was passed around, let's just say that to be kind. Not like I haven't roasted a zillion (ok, 100) turkeys over my life time. I just put it in too early and the temp was too hot, like 450. WHY? I don't know. Seemed right at the time. Maybe I was making, I won't blame the cards. It was 100% me.

So I'll go watch today's turkey. We bought a second one when they were on sale and since we won't be home next week and since it is such a great, lean protein for me to use in my "clean eating" plan, it is ideal for us.

What do you think of the wallet I got my husband?

It even had a zipper on one of the compartments. I think he'll love it and God knows his old one is ready for the grave.
Ok, I will talk to you all later after some more wrapping!

So Excited, I just promoted to BRONZE ELITE status!!!!

This is a big thing (for me, anyway) and in Stampin' Up! it means a couple of things, first of all I get a  raise. Yes, I go from earning 20% on everything I sell to 25%. FIVE percent more! When is the last time you got to jump like that in your pay? Very very cool.

Next, it means that I am progressing nicely in the organization. I signed on October 11, 2016 and have not yet been a demonstrator for 2 months but have reached both my quarterly requirements and my Quick Start bonus. I am very happy about those two things. For a hobbyist it is a good thing. With a little effort and some loyal customers I should be able to improve with time.

So, YAY, me!! To celebrate, I am having a give away.  You have to comment on this blog post and I will give you till December 8th at 6 pm pacific time. After six pm my time I will use one of the "random generator" gadgets online and choose a winner for a cute stamp set of my choosing! Plus you will get it before Christmas, an added Christmas gift for you absolutely free...just have to leave me a comment below. As a bonus, I will give you one extra entry for each time you share my blog post on your social media site whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Doesn't matter to me. Yay for free stuff!!

Ok, I have some errands to do so I am going for now. Please remember to comment if you want a chance at winning and share share away!


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Videos are Imminent!

Hi Everyone!
Well, it's Tuesday. Not a lot happening except I am trying to get as much Christmas wrapping and shopping done before we go on our trip to NYC next week. Less than a week to go, in fact. We will be gone till the 19th and then Christmas will be upon us and I should have everything wrapped that I currently have. We all know I will get a few more things in NYC and then I'll have to wrap them too!!

Also have a cute little gift to mail out to my up line. It is supposed to be all one word but the spell check always changes it to "spline" for some reason. Didn't even know that was a word!! My up line is very supportive and generous and is always giving us stuff. Not only to her customers but to her demonstrators and we all really appreciate it.

Getting back to the videos for a minute: my son and daughter in law gave me a generous gift card to Amazon because they knew I wanted some studio lighting so my videos would be visible. The lighting in my dining room is dim at best, and in my craft room it is slightly dimmer. Their gift allowed me to research and choose a couple of really good soft box type lights for a reasonable amount of money. Here they are:

You cannot tell from my iPhone but the lighting is soft yet BRIGHT. I am really looking forward to my first videos now. I already have a good tripod to set my iPhone up on and I am all ready, just figuring out what to demo for my first one. It doesn't have to be anything special, I just want something simple that I can do and be understood and that will turn out CUTE!  If you have any suggestions or requests, please leave me a comment below and I will try to do it.

I went hunting for some projects to use up some of my Christmas DSP in the 6" x 6" stacks, you would be surprised how much stuff is out there. From cute little gift boxes to gift bows, gift bags, and little candy holders, there's a lot to choose from. Seeing as this is the time of year when finances might be tight and yet you still want to show your appreciation for special people, it is a good thing to be able to whip up a cute little candy holder or something and give it from your heart. Just one bag of Hershey's Nuggets and some of the 6 x 6 paper and a stamp or two and you will have some adorable little gifts to hand out that did not cost you an arm and a leg!

Hubby is due home from his long 12 hour shift any time so I am going to go now. Hopefully I will get my first video done tonight and uploaded tomorrow at the latest. Remember to leave me a comment and sign up on my email list so you can get my blog in your email!

Take care, and Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 5, 2016

The weather has turned downright CHILLY

Hi Everyone!

For Southern California, that's saying something. We hardly ever get colder weather but right now we are in for a little bit of chilly weather, which is fine by me. I always feel like it is more the holiday season when it is cold. That makes no sense at all since I was born and raised in California. But because we have relatives in New York and we've spent many a holiday there, it truly seems more like the holiday season when it's colder.

Last year on our annual visit to Long Island, we were doing some shopping (we always seem to plan our visits for early December!) and the holiday vibe was so strong. Every store had seasonal music playing, some places even had hot cider available or hot flavored coffee. I don't know who complains about the personality or friendliness of New Yorkers, but on every visit we take we are constantly reminded of how generous, friendly, and hospitable they have been to us. We definitely feel like we are visiting home when we go there. The 30 degree daytime weather doesn't hurt, either!

Two years ago it snowed the last day we were there, a good solid snowfall of about 6 hours that left about 5 inches of fluff everywhere. Sad thing was, it was our very last day and we had to pack up and get to the airport by 4 pm. We enjoyed it while we could and always say we wish it would snow when we visit.

Being a weirdo like I am, I have weather apps installed on my iPhone and constantly watch the weather in Long Island where we are staying. The current forecast is calling for SNOW the day after we arrive and also later that week....with any luck at all we will have a lot of fun playing in the snow and more importantly, Kiera will have fun as well. She is going with us for the whole week and we are going to have a fantastic time with our cute little granddaughter. I got her a couple of toys for the trip (one especially for the airplane) and I know we will have a blast with her.

I'm also looking forward to seeing my Aunt Ann. She turned 89 this year and is still as sharp as ever. Sure, she forgets a few words here and there but so do I. When I see her I feel comforted because she reminds me a lot of my mom who we lost several years ago to ovarian cancer. They were super close and my Aunt is such a great link to my mom. Then there's her awesome Italian cooking skills. The woman amazes me. In spite of her bad back and aches and pains, she can throw together a quick dinner like no one I know. I aspire to be like her someday!!

Normally when we visit we have gotten into the habit of throwing one big family dinner at our house (the house we rent while we are there) and inviting everyone from the New York side. Whoever is off work comes and we have a blast. Last time I made the whole thing but there's a local great little Italian grocery that has delicious cooked food and this year I will probably supplement my food with some of Uncle Giuseppe's. He's the BEST!

Okay, for now I will go tend the cabbage casserole baking in my oven. Like I said, it is COLD here! This casserole is one my grandma used to make and we got so fond of it through the years. She passed away at the ripe old age of 99 and cooked right up till the year before. I love all the things that connect me to my relatives whether they are here or waiting for the rest of us up in Heaven.

Have a great night, everyone! Let's get some more Christmas cards made and mailed out and then wrap some more Christmas presents!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fantastic Gathering Yesterday!

Hi, Everyone!

Yesterday turned out so much better than I could have imagined it. Both my guests were on time and ready to start crafting right away...they were both excited about making some cute and simple take home gifts, especially since Christmas is right around the corner. I had three projects prepared...again, I think I am biting off more than I can chew but still. I want people to be happy. I think from now on I will listen to my 'inside voice' telling me to keep it a bit simpler next time. This small group did fine but I could see they were getting a bit overwhelmed at some points. Also, they came over at about 3:30 and left at about 9:30 so that is a LONG time for anyone. Next time we will specify that it will be about a 2 hour gathering, that will take the pressure off everyone.

The projects: All three would make cute little Christmas gifts for co-workers, neighbors, church friends, or even casual friends.

The first was a set of (4) note cards decorated very prettily with the Merry Mice stamp set. We packaged it in a cute clear cell bag (so you could see the cards through it!) and topped it off with a complimenting image from the same stamp set on a label set and a belly band around the whole thing. Here it is:
The set of notecards is in the left side of this photo ^. Isn't it cute?? I agree!! The next project was the candy bar, and I have to tell you that the way we love Target stores is how this project came into being. While doing some Christmas shopping there on Wednesday I noticed these really huge (3.5 ounce) Hershey's chocolate bars over in the Holiday Candy section. At our store it is at the far right hand corner of the store near the Holiday ornaments, etc. Anyway, it is a super cute - and huge - candy bar with an imprint on the chocolate itself of a snowman or something Christmas-y. For ONE DOLLAR! If you use your Red Card (Target's version of a debit card) you get an additional 5% off your whole order, so .95. Such a deal, I bought about 4 or 5 of them and figured at the very least they would make great little stocking stuffers or even small gifts once they were decorated all cute. That is the project you see at the upper right of the photo, and here is the chocolate before it was wrapped in case you are looking for it at Target (which I highly recommend!)
I wanted to choose the close up I had so you could see the weight of the bar and also the imprinted design on the chocolate itself, cute, right?? Lastly was the microwave popcorn treat gift that is shown at the bottom right of that photo above. Same basic idea just using a pretty Stampin' Up! Christmas design and then a contrasting belly band and cute embellishment. Adding the pop of red glimmer paper is always a good idea in my mind! Who can resist the Cookie Cutter Christmas stamp set for ease of use and especially using the little paper punch you can get with it. The bundle is going to be closed out by Stampin' Up! which means that you cannot get the 10% discount once the bundles are gone. It is currently on close out for the bundle price saving you 10% so if you are interested just click this link and it will take you directly to my Stampin' Up! demonstrator page and you can order it and still save some money on it. I tell you I use it so much it's silly. Once you start you find different uses for it and I know I will be using for a long time to come.      

The ladies said I could post a few pics of them with their projects so here goes:

The last photo is sort of a "bonus gift" we did. They mentioned that they wanted to try some gift tags so we used our scraps to put these together. Using the scalloped tag punch which is currently on backorder, we were able to make these quickly and cutely. I have a lot of the gold-decorated vellum paper from a paper stack from long ago and we were able to use a lot of it in these gift tag projects. I think they had a great time and we all enjoyed the evening of creativity!

That's it for this Sunday. I am going to be setting up my new studio 'soft box' lights that my son and daughter in law bought me for my recent birthday. I am gearing up for my first video production and want to make sure I get enough lighting. I know in my dining room it is so dark that I could never pull of any type of video that would be decent enough to watch.

Have a great Sunday!

Friday, December 2, 2016

It has been a BUSY Birthday week!

My birthday on Monday, dentist appointment on Tuesday, hair and demonstration appointments on Wednesday....and then on Thursday we started the pre-order month for demonstrators for our new catalog!
This new catalog is amazing and will be available to all my customers starting Jan. 4, 2017. The only way to get the new stuff a bit early is by joining which I highly recommend. Even for the "Hobby Demonstrator" it is a good thing to do as you will start off getting 20% discount on everything you purchase for yourself, and that is wonderful!
The other part of the new catalog is that for every $50 spent (can even be from the annual catalog or the holiday catalog) there's a whole separate bonus going on where we can get an additional item for FREE!!! These additional items are listed and cannot be purchased. They are only available for free. Isn't that a cool deal?? I agree!

Here are some pictures of the demonstration I did on Wednesday. It went so well, my sister really had a great time and that is always a worry when you have a non-crafty type person.

She did a fantastic job and ended up with FOUR cards that she made herself and can use for upcoming birthdays or whatever she needs them for. Plus we had a great time together!

Tomorrow we are having another demonstration at my place. This time the participants will be slightly more seasoned paper crafters but it will sure be fun either way. I have some cool things planned, all they have to do is show up and bring 2 or 3 microwave popcorn packs. All the supplies will be provided by me and they will go home with a minimum of 5 cute little Christmas gifts for co-workers, casual friends, kid's teachers. As an added bonus we will be making some adorable Christmas gift tags to give them a head start on their holiday wrapping.

The best part of making your own Christmas gift tags is that usually we are using paper scraps left over from another project so it does not cost anything except your time, and also it makes quite an impression when your cute little gifts come with a considerate and cute hand made gift tag. Win/win!

Ok, I'm going for now, I have to do a lot just to get ready for tomorrow's demo and I'm so excited to see you guys who are coming over. After that I'll be working on my first video demonstration and it should be a doozy since it will be my first. All I can say is, have mercy!!

Have a great day!