Friday, August 18, 2017

The Fancy Stamper is Reaching a Milestone!

Good morning, everyone, and Happy Friday!

Yes, we are reaching a milestone. Each Stampin' Up! independent demonstrator I know usually sets up certain goals for themselves such as recruiting goals, sales goals, and so forth. We are like so many other small teams getting started where it can be difficult at times and carving out a loyal following might be tough. Just so you know, all of YOU are so appreciated by me! The fact that you follow us when you have lots of other teams you could be following is very heartwarming to me and makes my quest that much more fun!

For me, I never wanted to grow to a huge team for the sake of growing, a huge team! My focus was  more on forming and developing relationships. Not only with my team, but with my customers. I know that sounds sort of corny, but that's me. Corny as can be! In my personal life and my life as a registered nurse, to me it is all about the personal connection and relationship with others.

In the nursing world, we tend to float in and out of patients' lives. In a busy trauma ICU that is more prevalent than you think. People come in gravely ill and we try our best to make a difference. We succeed way more than we fail and when we succeed, it is brilliant, usually quick, and remarkable. The patients tend to heal quickly and leave our intensive care unit in a very short period of time to continue their healing at lower levels of care throughout the hospital system. In truth, the intensive care unit is for the very sickest of the sick who are on death's door and we do our best to get them moving just as quick as they can safely move. We do this to help the patient heal more quickly and for a practical reason as well: making room for NEW severely injured or ill patients. This is a daily and sometimes hourly dance that goes on all day, every day. When I first became a nurse in the ICU I didn't realize how things moved and flowed within the unit but as I became more experience and began to take on the duties of the charge nurse of the ICU I saw how important our jobs were.

I couldn't do what I do as a nurse if I didn't care about people. Thankfully, this transfers quite nicely to my stamping business as I can easily form the same lasting, quality relationships with my customers and my team members.

So I have a sales milestone coming up and I hope to reach it before September 30. I could never have come this far without YOU, my loyal customer base. You all have been there since I started my crazy, fun journey as a Stampin' Up demonstrator and I hope and pray you will be with me for a long time to come. I realize you have lots of choices and I am so happy you choose to follow my blog, join my Facebook group pages, attend my classes (in person and online) and do all the lovely things you do to support me and my growing team.

Speaking of teams, I never thought I'd be at the helm of such an awesome team of demonstrators as I am today. As a naturally talkative person, it always seemed natural for me to share my love of stamping and how much I've enjoyed working with Stampin' Up products. In a short time others decided to join my team and we have grown to a team of FIVE. This in itself is remarkable to me and I am so thankful for these ladies who have decided to join with me and continue our crafting and creative journey together. I do whatever I can to assist them on their individual quests for their own goals, and I am looking forward to working with them for a long time to come! Thank you, Team Fancy Stampers!!

It is now halfway through the month and I wanted to highlight a couple of AWESOME deals available on our Clearance Rack right this very minute. Many times we forget to look at this rack and that is a mistake!! Who doesn't like to save money?? We are all frugal at heart and let's face it, the more we save, the more we can shop, right?? Stampin' Up is constantly keeping us on our toes by adding stuff to this Clearance Rack when we least expect it and they JUST added a ton of new stuff. Most of it is 60% off or even more. I've highlighted two items that I think are awesome values and I want you to consider a trip to the Clearance Rack!!

Just click here to check out the clearance rack right now. I will post some pictures of my favorites and show you how much you can save. If you like what you see, PLEASE use this host code; VEM37PAV. It will get you an extra goodie in your thank you packet from ME. So don't forget that. You are able to input the host code when you view your shopping bag; at the bottom left of the page you will see a spot to enter it and when you do, my name will pop up. The two items that are superb values (for today) are the Gift Box Punch Board for $12 and the Enamel Embellishments for $3.60. Both of these items are a whopping 60% off their original prices and they are an integral part of your crafting. The Gift Box punch board allows you to create your own boxes for gifts any time with just some card stock. It is also nice for customizing your gift boxes to match your cards and/or envelopes perfectly!

Those photos come directly from my shopping page and you can get there by clicking HERE.

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know. I am happy and honored to answer your questions and help you in any crafting endeavors you might have. Remember I still have two openings from my Simple & Stunning class on August 21 (Monday) evening from 6 pm till 9 pm if you are interested. Just comment below and I'll get you additional information if you need it.

Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your day!


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday is Upon Us!

And on this super special Sunday I give to you one of the beautiful (yet simple) new designs from our upcoming Holiday catalog!! This is from the set "Painted Autumn" and the stamp set depicts a two-step stamp of sunflowers and leaves, along with a few little extras and that cute little sentiment you see there.
The catalog is available NOW if you'd like one. Simply leave me a comment and your mailing address and I'll be happy to send one right out to you. Or you can email me at if you'd rather not leave your email here. No worries either way.

Check out my YouTube to see a five minute video on how to make this cute little card as well. I'm trying something new and making my videos a lot shorter these days so that you can watch even more of them! I know everyone is super busy and it helps when the video tutorials are shorter too, every little bit helps.

So what are you guys up to today? I have a promotion going on for the next seven days (ends August 19th) where if you place an order on my shopping page of $40 or more using my host code VEM37PAV I will give you a free gift. Your choice of gold or silver faceted gems OR a spool of gold, silver, or black sequins.

Either of these two gifts will bring tons of bling to your holiday projects and they are really nice to add that little extra something! You can order from the annual catalog for this special as the Holiday catalog cannot be accessed till Sept. 1 and by that time this promotion will be over. To order just CLICK ON THIS LINK and it will bring you to my shopping page that is open 24/7. Don't forget the host code to qualify and you must live in the US to participate in this promotion.

On that note, I wish you all a very happy Sunday and I hope you spend it doing what you love the most!!

See you soon!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Terrific Tuesday!!

Good morning, Everyone!

I hope you are as ready for the day as I am. Sure I am getting a somewhat late start but it doesn't matter, I am STARTING. As long as we all keep moving forward we are doing great, right??

So many new things happening and I've been a bit tied up with them. So far I've launched a new Facebook group page for demonstrators only and made my current group page into a customer and non-demo only page. This is great for so many reasons. As demonstrators we are sometimes privy to many new items and other happenings that we cannot discuss in front of customers until Stampin' Up gives us the "A-OK" sign. Lots of times it is just because they have not yet released something to customers but as demos we are able to access it. The new page will allow us to make new projects and get stuff working well before we need to have it for our customers, that is good for everyone.

Another thing is that as customers they will have different giveaways and other offers that cannot or should not be offered to the demonstrators. First of all, it is usually two different levels of crafters. What one group likes, the other may not find interesting at all. So it is great to have a separation.

Our team is growing...we have just welcomed Lauren Gerace to our Fancy Stamper team and we are so excited to have her! She was a Stampin' Up Demonstrator years ago and then took some time off for college and to launch a career helping children. Now she is working with kids and has taken up being a demonstrator again. Welcome to our team, Lauren!

The next links are for our demonstrators who would like a relaxed place to chat on Facebook, this is our new group called The Fancy Stamper Demonstrator Friends Group. Just click on the link and ask to join. We are a down to earth group of Stampin' Up demonstrators and no matter who's team you are on you are welcome here. It is a great place to hang out, brainstorm ideas for our businesses, and just chat and share projects. All are welcome.

The other Facebook group page is geared specifically towards customers and newer crafters. I usually save that page for beginner tutorials and simple but super cute card designs. This is the page that you will see me posting online class information as well as paper shares and other things you might be interested in. Click here if that sounds like your cup of tea.

Lastly, I am getting SO CLOSE to earning my Silver Promotion and getting closer to earning my incentive trip to Alaska!!! If you would like to help me along my journey by placing an order just go to my shopping page by CLICKING HERE. Any size order will help me out! If you place an order of $40 or more be sure to use my Host Code VEM37PAV to get a special gift in your thank you packet. It is just one of the little things I am happy to do for my wonderful customers!

Of course, if you are ready to JOIN MY TEAM and get a whopping 20% off all of your crafting supplies, just CLICK HERE and go to the tab at the top of the page that says, "Join The Fun." There you will find a link to join my team and become a Fancy Stamper. We would love to have you!!

Here is a quick card we put together on our last Make & Take. What do you think?
This is actually a stamp set from our annual catalog called Birthday Blossoms. By making the background (quite simply) with some watercolor wash technique, the simple white blossoms really stood out. I love this set because it blends perfectly with the paper punch for the flower and allows you to make many at once if you choose. Also, the "celebrate you" sentiment came in the same set. This is awesome when you get the sentiments along with the stamping image. Another thing is that the watercolor technique can be made either very vibrant or much softer depending upon how much color you apply. I've done classes on this technique before but it has been awhile. I think it might be time for another class!

On that note I'll say goodnight. Have a great rest of the day, everyone.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

The last days of July are upon us!

Who knew that this month would fly by so quickly? I always think of summer as going by so slowly but here it is, July 29 already! In no time at all the kids will be back in school, all semblance of summer vacations will be over, and the Fall season will be imminent!

Who loves Fall as much as I do? The colors, the sentiments, the holidays, the family get togethers? So much going on. Harvest festivals, craft fairs, pumpkin patches!

It must be my favorite time of year. Except for Christmas time, of course!

Last night I was having some trouble with my uploading process for my videos. I have learned all the online tutorials that I can find on iMovie but I'm still missing something. My videos are taking FOR-EVER to upload. Like hours. That can't be right. They aren't that long....well, sure...some are about 24 minutes and granted, that is a long video. But it shouldn't take 2 hours to upload. If you have any insight on this, please let me is driving me crazy! lol

The two videos finally got uploaded properly, and then when I woke up this morning I found out it had been trying to upload one of them twice (which it did) so maybe this time it was extra slow because I had hit the "upload" button too many times and it was doing too many things at once? Not sure...still it is frustrating.

Speaking of internets, we are changing over from Spectrum to FIOS in a couple of weeks. Well, we already switched but couldn't get the FIOS installed till 8-16 due to their busy schedule. I'm hoping by using FIOS our internet speed will be much more constant than it currently is with our Spectrum where we rarely get our ordered speed of 100 mms. According to my computer it is closer to 35-50 mms and it feels bad to pay for a certain speed and get something far inferior most of the time. I found out it is because Spectrum allows neighbors to 'share' the speed factor and it will depend on how much others in my area are using the internet at the time. FIOS said they don't do that, plus they are fiber optic so it should make my speed constant. I sure hope so.

What are you up to today?

I have Kiera here (she called about 7 pm last night and wanted to spend the night!!) so she and I will do some crafty things today when she gets up. Maybe I can make a video with her, she wanted to make a Mermaid card like I did yesterday. She saw my video about Magical Mermaid and now she wants to do it so bad...she is dying to try the sponge technique!

Only six years old and wants to sponge on a background! What a cutie pie.

Ok I will go get my coffee for now, I obviously need it. Be back later with some new pictures of projects for you guys!


Monday, July 24, 2017

The Weekend Flew By!!! How about Yours?

It's amazing how quickly the days fly by when you are keeping super busy, right??

Actually, if I'm being completely honest, the whole month of July has been a blur of activity. Here it is, super late Sunday night (more like Monday early morning!) and I can hardly believe that it is now July 24!! Only one more week left to this month, and if feels like we just had the Fourth of July!

Tomorrow my cute July "leader" swap cards get put in the mail (priority) so that they will arrive by July 31. I know I have plenty of time; priority stuff usually takes only 3 days so I'm good. Take a peek to see what I made:

Since we were doing a "Christmas In July" promo this month, I felt it was appropriate to do a Christmas card for the swap. This is actually the brand new "Carols of Christmas" that will be available to all my customers EARLY!! That's right, Stampin' Up is allowing us to let our customers buy this set starting August 1 when the new Holiday catalog won't even come out till September. That is wonderful news for my VIP customers! I made this one just as a simple Christmas card but I bought the whole bundle that comes with framelets called "Card Front Builder" and it is super versatile and easy to use. I didn't quite have enough time to put something together for the swap using the bundle but the stamp set by itself is super nice so there you go. A little red glimmer paper and some of our new "Be Merry" designer series paper and I think it is pretty cute.

Tomorrow I will have two giveaways, one for my Temecula Talk community page and one for my Fancy Stamper group page. Check in on those pages on Facebook to enter....I am giving away something super cute!

Now I have to say goodnight because it really is awfully late (early?) and I need a little sleep before I start my busy week.

I will post more pictures tomorrow of the things I've been making, till then, sleep well and don't forget to comment below!


Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Weekend is Coming!

What will you do with your weekend? Is it your typical two days off work? Or do you have a different type of work schedule. Enquiring minds want to know!

For me, I form my own work schedule now except for when I work, it doesn't feel a bit like work. Anyone who loves creative paper crafting or stamping or making handmade cards knows what I'm talking about. In fact, anyone who ever loved what they do for a living understands all too well.

In a way, this is much better for you health-wise. You put in as many hours as you want. If you get carried away with a project, no one cares. You are doing what you love and all the time you put into it is going to be repaid at some point.

Most other jobs aren't really that way. You have a boss, someone who is meant to watch you and keep you in  line.  Someone who is judging you on performance, attendance, and so many other things that going to work may invoke some type of anxiety. That is the number one complaint among people who have to punch a time card...anxiety. The second complaint is not being paid what they think they are worth.  Crazy, right??

What I love about working for myself and being an independent demonstrator with Stampin' Up is that I work when I want. If I am up late, no worries. I can work. Need to be somewhere else early in the morning or just want to sleep in? Fine. I can make up the hours later. I can work as much or as little as I want and the only thing I'll run in to is less sales or less recruits. I am completely in control of how much time I put in and how much I get out of this business, which is how work should be, in my opinion.

This month, Stampin' Up is offering their Christmas in July special for any new demonstrator signing up. The special promotion ends on July 31 so time is running out. You will get an extra pack of special tools when you sign up on my page to join my team and start selling Stampin' Up. Or you don't have to sell, you can just be a "Hobby Demonstrator" which means you are joining just to earn the discount for your own use. Either way you will get the gift worth $72 plus the $125 worth of current product (you get to choose it!) for one small initial start up fee of $99. Stampin' Up also gives you about $50 worth of business supplies that are so helpful to you when you first start up. Other perks include a free demonstrator website (for three months) and full access to all the video tutorials (Stampin' Up University) that they offer to help new demonstrators get up and running.

As your direct "up line" I will be there by your side to help you get acclimated to selling Stampin' Up. I have tons of helpful videos and print outs I can send you to help you get going in whatever direction you want. I am a "hands on" up line and offer frequent tutorials to my team members along with an exclusive Facebook Team page and a group page for sharing ideas and information. This is a positive place where no bullying is allowed and we all help each other! Our teammates and friends alike love to hang out on the page where frequent giveaways are the norm.

Please let me know if you have questions or would like to join my team. I would be happy to help you get started today!!


Happy Thursday, everyone!!!

Well, I've finally somewhat recovered from my very first craft show in about 30 years and it was fantastic!!
The church people who put on the fair were awesome people and they worked hard to make the event a success. This was only their third year doing it and their attendance was up. They had so much for the community it was amazing that more people didn't show up. First of all, they had TWO separate food vendors offering free food to everyone. Admission was free, and the two food trucks were free. Amazing in itself, then the balloon animal guy was free, the face painter was free, the raffle was free. Snow cones and cotton candy....FREE.

More about this raffle. Free raffles often mean that the stuff you are getting isn't that great; not so in this case. Two of the items were 32" Smart TVs and one was a 55" Smart TV!! Stampin' Up had also sent a basket with $250 worth of current product to be given to ONE recipient. There were gifts from Adventure City (a local water park) and so many other vendors. Jewelry gifts and gift bags from the local Body Shop (a lotion store) were other top prizes. What really surprised me was they had a separate raffle for the kids. Filled with kid-friendly, toys, bubbles, tickets to LegoLand and Princess Parties. Simply amazing. All free.

There were about 12 vendors there so they still need to get the word out so next year more will come. The local fire department came and brought their big engine to show the kids and the local CHP officers came out to show their support. There was a jumpy house for the kids and a few other game set ups for them to enjoy.

Everyone who came to our booth bought something except for the people who did not have cash. They all mentioned wanting to buy a lot but only having credit cards...there were enough of them that I went ahead and ordered one of the "Square" point of sale devices for my iPad so next time I will be prepared.

I also got a few really good leads on people who were interested in becoming demonstrators. As you all know, I'm working really hard on earning my Silver Elite promotion and need more recruits. This month is a fantastic month to become a demonstrator simply because besides the regular start up kit (only $99 for $125 worth of product!) Stampin' Up is  giving away FREE $72 worth of an 'essential accessory kit.' Lots of stuff you will need as a new demonstrator anyway but don't have to use up your allotment to get...such a great offer from Stampin' Up!! Plus they will give you for free, the brand new, exclusive stamp set, "Carols of Christmas." I just ordered the Carols of Christmas bundle and I am looking forward to sharing my creations with you all.

Now for today I'm off and running. Going to Chelsea's to see her new place in Long Beach and little Kiera spent the night last night. Finishing up the rest of my new recipes "Lemon Sugar Scrub" and labeling all the little mini mason jars. So cute!!! Then finishing up the two swaps I'm part of that need to be at their destination by July 31. Oh and tomorrow is my Auntie's 90'th birthday....busy week!!!

Take care and leave me a comment...I want to know what you guys are up to as well!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Most Fantastic Deal ALL YEAR LONG!!

Have  you been toying with the idea of joining my Stampin' Up! team but were waiting for a promotion to get the most for your money?

Have you been looking for a way to make some extra income (a little or a lot, depending upon how much time you put into it) but don't want to work 'outside the home?'

Were you wondering if you could buy your top quality, color coordinating, fully guaranteed crafting products at a guaranteed 20% discount (with options/opportunity to increase to up to 34% discount?)

ACT NOW, and join my team of Fancy Stampers in July!!

By joining NOW, not only will you lock in your demonstrator discount of 20% but you get so many other perks that only get better and better. Here are the details:

$99 initial investment by you gets you UP TO $125 in current Stampin' Up product. This product is chosen by YOU and includes anything you want. If you want $125 worth of gold glitter paper, that's what you can order!  So right off the bat you are getting a whopping 25% off your order. In your starter kit, Stampin' Up graciously includes several items you will  need to start up your demonstrator-ship quickly and easily. These items include order forms, hostess large envelopes, new demonstrator folders, post cards for mailing invites out, a stack of current catalogs, a past Paper Pumpkin kit, and a few other paper products related to ordering. Here is a photo of some items YOU might choose for your starter kit!

FOR JULY ONLY Stampin' Up! is including an exclusive accessory gift pack for all new demonstrators. In this gift pack (worth over $70) you will receive a brand new pair of paper snips, snail adhesive, (2) 'D' acrylic blocks, a bone folder, a stack of grid paper, and an exclusive Christmas stamp set called "Carols of Christmas." Here is a photo of the items in that exclusive "essentials" accessory gift pack:

For new demonstrators starting out this is an unbelievable stroke of good luck. Basically, it means you can use your starter kit allotment on stuff you really want instead of stuff you need like paper snips and adhesive and grid paper!! Stampin' Up is always generous but this goes above and beyond their normal generous nature. Seriously, if you were on the fence before, just jump on in and join us for loads of crafting fun! The new Christmas stamp set "Carols of Christmas" is so awesome, here is a card you could easily make with this set:
That is just one of the many examples of projects you could make with this exclusive stamp set that you would get for FREE!

I know I am heading up a relatively small team, but we are all active crafters and we are just like YOU, busy people with family, friends, and lots of commitments so we can be busy. As your up line I promise to help you along the way with whatever you need in terms of creative energy. If you are interested in just hanging on to your discount that is perfect, no one here will EVER push you into selling or buying more product.
Check out this face, would this face lie to you??
NEVER!!! lol. It's just me acting goofy. I do that a lot. But believe me, when I need to be serious I can do it. :)

Which leads me to an important point: May people ask the question, "What do I have to do to remain an active demonstrator?" The minimum selling requirement is $300 per quarter which is 3 calendar months. As a brand new demonstrator the first quarter is waived and they extend it to 6 full months to get your first minimum requirement in. As avid crafters, many of us here have been easily able to satisfy the sales requirements all by ourselves, but you can also do it by having just ONE workshop a month! Friends, family, and co-workers are always interested in what we have to offer in our new catalog. Not to mention the many promotions that come up frequently.

Another thing I offer for my demonstrators is a place to gather online, we have our very own Facebook "Team Fancy Stamper" page open only to members of my team where we talk about upcoming promotions, have video tutorials, and share crafting techniques. I do online classes that as a Fancy Stamper you will have FREE access to at all times and I do very frequent giveaways for my customers and team members alike! If you join my team I can promise you I will be an active and engaging leader and will help you in any way possible to reach whatever potential you are hoping for.

Ready to sign up? Just CLICK HERE and it will take you to my 24/7 Demonstrator page. Along the top tab you will see, "Join The Fun" and if you click that it will take you to the right area. Should you need ANY assistance please call me or text me and I will get back to you asap and walk you through. Even if you just have questions and want to chat, do not hesitate to call me. I may not answer if I'm driving but be sure to leave me a message along with how late I can call you and I promise to call asap!!

On that note, I will go back to my preparation for this Saturday's craft fair!! I'm almost exciting!

Talk soon,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Craft Fair Goodies!!

I love crafting anyway and paper crafting seems to be my "go to" crafting adventure. When I discovered all the super cool stuff you can make using Stampin' Up designer series paper and other embellishments from Stampin' Up I was so thrilled. Here are a few things I've been working hard on to get ready for the upcoming show.

 I made these using my cute stamp set "Cookie Cutter Christmas" and some designer paper and washi tape I had. I see that it looks as if I am only making gift tags, not true at all. Just the photos I had handy!!
 Also using Cookie Cutter Christmas, only this time I used the adorable eskimo as the focal point and some very un-conventional Christmas colors including some of our new IN-Colors.
 I've always loved making my own magnets and I thought this would be a great "fish extender" gift for an upcoming Disney cruise we are schedule for (not till September of NEXT year, but still, gotta be prepared, matey!! lol) I used stamps from a retired stamp set "Mr. Funny Bones" for the little Day of the Dead skull and the sentiment is from current stamp set "Glamper Greetings."
 This is another magnet but the ship is cute and from our NEW stamp set "Message in a Bottle" from the brand new catalog. If you haven't placed an order and got any of our brand new stuff, go check it out. There's some really neat new stuff in there!
 This is a mini composition notebook complete with matching mini pen for jotting down notes on the go. I covered the notebook with some retired DSP and added a ribbon to keep it closed. The "Dare to Dream" sentiment is from one of our exclusive Hostess gift stamp sets. You can get it yourself just by having a workshop. Comment below and I'll tell you how you can get the stamp set for FREE!!
More tags, I know. What can I say, I got hooked on tags at some point! These are just everyday tags for any type of gift giving. Using our "Flower Shop" stamp set and the paper punch that goes with it. My VERY first stamp purchase from Stampin' Up, even before I was a demonstrator!!
 This is from our "Seasonal Bells" stamp set, great for Christmas tags and wedding stuff. I just used some unconventional Christmas colors again for diversity. The rhinestone trim was from some extra craft stuff I had here.
 More tags from the Flower Show collection. Great for spring or summer.
Last of the tags (that I'm showing you lol) using the super cute set "Flurry of Wishes" that has it's own paper punch as well. I have another cute design using vellum paper over the top, these that I've shown are actually embossed with white embossing powder for the bottom snowflake but I have others that use plain ink and some with the white ink. So elegant, right??

Ok on that note I need to head out the door. Appointments galore today and there's some driving involved...but I will be back later. Remember, if you want to get that "Dare to Dream" set for free and have your very own workshop let me know. It is easy to do and relatively painless!!! See you all later!


Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Wow, what a weekend!! Was yours as busy as mine?  Figures! Summertime and there is no end to the things we can get done in a mere weekend.

Some cool things coming up: This coming Saturday, July 15, will be my very first craft fair in a zillion years! I know, such a long time!  Truth is, when I was in my 20's I frequently went to craft fairs to get ideas and then sold in a few. Culminating with a weekend craft event/sale at my own home at the time. My bestie and myself put it together and had local crafters pay us an entry fee to market their wares for the 2 day event. We made a TON of money (back then it was about $2000!) and everyone who participated was so happy. I know things have changed a lot but I'm going to give it a go this Saturday and I've been scarce around here because I've been crafting my little heart out trying to prepare adequately.

So far I have some really cute items done and will be posting pics soon of them. In the meantime I would like to invite any of you to come SEE ME at the craft fair this Saturday. If you are anywhere in the Southern California area of Gardena, let me know and I'll get you directions from your location. I will post the address at the end of this post.

As many of you know, I'm still working HARD to earn my Silver Elite promotion. I have all the sales in place and I just need to gather a few more team members to make it happen! Now is your chance to join my team of stampers and while we are a small team, we are GROWING and I'm an extremely "hands-on" type of up line. I take a personal interest in all my demonstrator's development and even if they just wish to remain a "hobby" demonstrator, I am able to help guide them towards all the best deals and deepest discounts so they can keep on crafting while saving as much money as possible. Not to mention all the wonderful perks that Stampin' Up routinely showers on its demonstrators. We are so lucky to have them cater to us, they are a fantastic parent company and being under their umbrella means that we benefit from all their expertise and generosity.

This leads me to the special deal going on RIGHT NOW! That's right, if you join my team this month you will get some super awesome promotion gifts from Stampin' Up! For just $99 you order your starter kit which consists of $125 worth of Stampin' Up product chosen by YOU. You also get some additional business supplies that amount to about $50 in stuff such as new catalogs, order forms, folders, envelopes, advertising postcards, etc, AND a free Paper Pumpkin kit!! Here's the "free gift" part available ONLY this month: An accessory gift pack worth over $70! This gift pack has 2 acrylic blocks for stamping, grid paper, snail adhesive, paper snips, a new bone folder, and an EXCLUSIVE new stamp set called "Carols of Christmas!"  All together it is almost $250 worth of stuff for just your $99 start up fee and you will enjoy 20% in income OR discount as a demonstrator, just to start. The discount increases as you promote.

I can help you if you need assistance getting signed up. I have my own promotions, too that I offer all my recruits so I can help you get started and guide you in many helpful ways. You will never be pressured to sell more product of reach sales goals on my team, I just want all my demonstrators to be happy at their own level and enjoy what they are doing. Crafting and creating is about having fun, not feeling pressure. I do what I do because I love it and I love the interaction with people. If I didn't then I wouldn't do it at this level, I'd simply remain a hobby demonstrator and be satisfied. But a lot of my satisfaction comes from helping others get started and also in teaching new techniques and mentoring my recruits.

Now, who wants to join!?? Click here now and it will take you to my page where you can join my team. I am so excited to meet all my new demonstrators! We will have a welcome party!! <3 <3 <3

On that note, it is back to the crafting table for me. I need to get a few more super cute little goodies ready!!


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Stampin' Up Demonstrators....Look at THIS!

Remember how I was mentioning a week ago that I am planning a huge "Christmas in July" celebration here at The Fancy Stamper? Well, it seems that great minds think alike, because I just got our demonstrator's newsletter direct from Stampin' Up this morning and it looks like THEY are also planning a super fun Christmas in July promotion as well. Mine is more of a whole month long festival of Christmas type things, but theirs is super fun, too!

What Stampin' Up will do for all newly signed up demonstrators (must sign up in July) is give them an exclusive Christmas stamp set along with an exclusive video tutorial on different projects to make with that stamp set. I just saw a sneak peek of the set and it is ADORABLE!!! In fact, I'm going to find a way to get my hands on one myself!!

This is actually GREAT news, besides MY Christmas in July celebration, we can also take advantage of the perks that Stampin' Up! is offering. This is quite common with Stampin' Up as you will see once you join my team and become a demonstrator yourself. They are always surprising us with perks, freebies, and other cool promotions that make being a Stampin' Up independent demonstrator such a fun occupation. For me, I am running my demonstrator-ship more like a business and attempting to turn it into a money making operation on some level. This is possible but takes a lot of time, attention, and detail. It is also SO MUCH FUN. To be honest, most of the demonstrators on my team are "Hobby Demonstrators" which just means they are in it for the hobby aspect. They use their 20% discount on their own supplies and sometimes for their mom or sisters. But I've also had "Hobby Demonstrators" find out how very popular our products are and they suddenly turned into Business Demonstrators!

We are having a really special event to kick off our Christmas in July celebration here at The Fancy Stamper and it coincides with a great event my stamping manager is holding as well. She is a high-ranking Stampin' Up demonstrator with YEARS of experience and holds a high position in Stampin' Up. Because she has so much experience, she has agreed to hold some fun events for her team in July that will include Opportunity Nights starting July first.

I would like to invite you to attend our Opportunity Nights starting July 1 to gather more information about becoming a Stampin Up demonstrator. Whether it is to just earn your own discount or whether you'd like to go further, please join us and see what we have to offer you!! While you are learning about Stampin' Up, you may even win one of our fantastic giveaway prizes!!! I will post more information as we get closer to the event, but make sure you keep it in mind for July 1-15. Those are our target dates!!

On that note, I am going to get crafty. I have a craft show coming up and I am definitely NOT ready!!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday, Last week in June!!

Half the year gone already, it is freaking me out. In a good way!

To commemorate this wonderful racing by of the months, there are a couple of fantastic promotions to discuss with you. The first promotion is ending in just 5 days, it will stop on June 29. In this promotion (offered by ME) you can get any Stampin' Up ink pad for free when you order from my shopping page and have an order of $40 or more. You must order by June 29 and you must order from my shopping page (click here for direct link) and use this host code JZA6NN2U. The host code is entered by you before you complete your order when you are looking at the shopping bag at the bottom of the page there is a box for codes. When you enter the code my name will come up and that's how you know you did it correctly!! After you place your order, I am notified and then I will contact you to find out what color ink pad you want me to send you for FREE!! So simple and so nice to get something for free. If you choose to pass on the ink pad, you can opt for a $10 coupon good for $10 off one of my online card classes! Your choice.

The second promotion is being offered by Stampin' Up, but it also ends on June 29. In this offer, you hold your very own workshop and gather orders from family and friends. I provide you all the assistance you need in the form of online links to my shopping page, your very own Host Code, and tips on who to invite to your online workshop. You could have an in-person workshop at your home and I would run it for you if you live anywhere near me in California. Some of you are far away and we can still do a workshop but it will be held online and by you obtaining orders from your friends, family, and co-workers with the catalogs I send you. This workshop needs to be finalized by June 29 and be at least $350 total sales (before taxes, shipping). You will earn an additional $35 in Stampin' Rewards which means you will be choosing about $77 worth of free product at the end of your workshop. That is stuff from our current catalog that you will get absolutely free!! So if you were wanting a bunch of stuff and didn't really want to stretch your budget right now, this is perfect for you. Of course, it is a promo for the month of June only so we are getting low on days in June. You have to act fast for this one!! Don't comment here if you want this one, just call me direct and if I don't answer (I may be driving!) just leave me a voice mail and I'll get back to you asap. 951-973-3270.

The last promotion isn't really a promotion at all, but it IS free!! I am holding a "Weekend Giveaway" on my Facebook group page and would LOVE for you to join the fun. Just go to my Facebook group page "The Fancy Stamper" and comment on the post that says, "Weekend Giveaway!" I will be choosing winners or one winner (depends on how many entries I get) tomorrow night. Don't get left out of this one, it is totally free to enter and I'll tell you a little secret, there are not that many entries right now!! Get over there and enter now!! :)

I am working on earning my Silver Elite promotion and need a couple more team members to get there. If you have ever been interested in getting free crafting products and wanted to get all the other perks offered to Stampin' Up demonstrators, comment below (or call me!) and I will answer any questions you may have. We have a lot of ladies that are "Hobby Demonstrators" and just use their status to get supplies for themselves and their friends and families. The 20% discount is awesome and you use it on EVERYTHING. Not to mention the free stuff Stampin' Up is always giving us and the many other perks they shower their demonstrators with. If you are interesting in joining my team now, just CLICK THIS LINK and it will take you to my "Join The Fun" section on my website where you can join for just $99. Stampin' Up will send you $125 worth of your choice of supplies when you join plus about $50 in other supplies and I will help you get started, too!! I am here to answer questions, share video tutorials with you, not to mention all the giveaways I have just for my team members alone! I love to help them get started and it makes me feel extra special when I can give them supplies or other things that help them get going in the right direction. If you join my team you will have a ready-made support group who can help answer questions and get you where you want to be.

On that note I will wish you all a very happy Saturday night and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Remember to contact me if you need any help or have any questions at all, I love to share what I do!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We're Having A Heat Wave....a Tropical Heat Wave!!!

Extra points if you recognize where that line/song came from...

Yes, folks, we are definitely at the beginning of a terrible heat wave here in Southern California. As I glance around the weather map, I see that much of the western states are also really really warm. Salt Lake City is 100 today, that is hot for them. Of course Arizona and New Mexico (as well as Nevada) are normally hot during the summer but today in Phoenix it will top out at 121 degrees. That is so hot that they have to cancel flights due to "air density" problems. So if you are in a warm/hot climate, please take care of yourself and stay out of the heat, preferable indoors if you can, in the shade if you can't. Keep yourself and your pets hydrated and as cool as possible, wear a hat and sunglasses if you go outside and do not overexert yourself at all today. Inside your home keep the blinds/drapes down so you block as much of the heat as possible.

Which brings me to our current Flex Alert. Yes, the local authorities called one for today. That basically has to do with our electricity consumption and they want us to forego doing laundry and other chores that require a lot of electric use during the daylight hours. They are also asking that we keep our thermostats set at 78 degrees (before AC kicks on.) Otherwise they say there might be wide spread blackouts, and no one wants that.

Today I plan to stay indoors with my granddaughter staying cool, we will keep the AC at a comfortable level and do some crafting and stamping and probably a LOT of coloring. We have some fantastic new DSP (designer series paper) that is printed off in black and white and allows us to color it in any way we like. A lot of fun and turns out super pretty!

Before I go I will leave you with this super cute stamp set that I recently discovered in our new catalog called, "You've Got Style." It depicts an older lady just having a lot of fun! It is also a great stamp set for using your watercolor pencils on, the end results are spectacular!! Remember I have an exclusive promotion going on right now (ends June 29) where if you shop on my shopping page and spend at least $40 I will gift you with either YOUR CHOICE of any color Classic Stampin Ink pad OR $10 off any of my online card classes. You get to choose. The only conditions are that you must use this host code: JZA6NN2U on my shopping page before 6-29. That is a great deal!!! The way it works is after you place your order I get notified by Stampin' Up, then I will contact you to find out which of my special gifts you would like and if you choose the ink pad you will tell me the color you want at that time. Your special gifts are not shipped by Stampin' Up, they come directly from me so I definitely need your shipping address if I don't already have it. Chances are you will get your Stampin' Up goodies first because I will have to order your ink pad (I don't normally keep too many colors here!) but if you decide to get the $10 gift certificate towards your online card class I will send that right to you, probably even by email! Either way, you cannot beat getting perks like that, right?
This cute card was made with the stamp set "You've Got Style!" (Item # 143898) and sells for only $18.00. Click here to see it in my online shopping store. You can color in the cute images with our awesome watercolor pencils (Item # 141709) Click here to go to watercolor pencils - and they can be sharpened over and over and there are YEARS of usage in these pencils. The colors are really vivid, too, and by using the blending pens you get all sorts of interesting variates, just like you see in my card example. That is the great thing about these products, you only purchase them once and then you are able to use them over and over. In the card above I made a simple Thank You card but there are sentiments in the set so you can use the card as a birthday card and much more!!

Remember to get these generous gifts you need to order no later than June 29, so have a blast shopping and I will talk to you next time!! Short cut to my shopping page click here!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Early Father's Day, Everyone!!

Well, I'm about a minute early, technically. It's 11:59 pm here currently but will soon change over to Father's Day.

Once a year we honor our Fathers even though if we were good children we'd do it daily. Though I think I'm a "good child" there's room for improvement in all of us, right?

Tomorrow our plans are somewhat subdued. My husband has to work his normal 12 hour shift (day shift this week, thankfully!) and my dad is still somewhat under the weather so we are sticking close to home. My dad has been struggling with some ongoing health issues (he is in his early 80's) and while we are getting a handle on it, he's been tired. So whenever possible he has been laying low and sort of staying out of the limelight. He is usually a social butterfly and still drives himself around everywhere...and I DO mean everywhere. Though this past month or so while we are figuring out proper medication dosages and other helpful adjuncts to his medical/health regimen he has been opting to rest more and more.

This is a positive thing for my Dad who never wants to rest. I finally tried to break it down to him and let him know that he needed to give his body a chance to rebuild it's cells, etc. He has always been a 'go, go, go' type and people who rested were seen as weak to him. Though part of that could have been the age in which he was born. I know I shouldn't but I frequently re-assess him with my 'nurse eye' and I am relatively happy with what I see. He has become more thoughtful regarding his health and isn't so quick to turn down every treatment or medication offered by his doctors. He used to just refuse everything! At least now he lets them explain why and what it will do etc.


When Richard is on days off, we will drive down to my Dad's (70 miles away) and spend the day with him, but for tomorrow we are going to stay home. I will cook our family's famous "sweet and sour pork" dinner and serve it to my kids who will be here to honor their dad. This is such a simple meal to prepare, you set it up in the crock pot after only browning the cut up pork shoulder with some onion and garlic. Then you add a few ingredients and VOILA! 6 hour later a yummy dinner that you serve over steamed rice. Since I have a super handy rice pot, that part is simple also!! Add a green salad to the mix and you have a no-fuss, delicious dinner that will feed a LOT of hungry people. I haven't had this recipe for YEARS but my parents used to cook it for us at least every 10 days or so. It must have also been a cheap meal way back then, they had six of us kids to feed and I remember we were always ravenous. We didn't do a lot of web surfing back then, it was more bike riding and building forts and playing "Ding, Dong, Ditch!" No wonder we were hungry!

Before I go I want to make sure I mention a great promotion I have going on this month for my customers. Whoever orders anything from my shopping page FOUND HERE with an order of $40 or more will get either a FREE Classic Stampin' pad  (ink pad) in the color of their choice OR $10 off one of my online card classes!! You get to choose your gift!! You need to use this Host Code on my page: JZA6NN2U to qualify, that is the only condition. Ends on June 29. Please comment with any questions or just ask on our Facebook group page The Fancy Stamper. By the way if you aren't already joining us there, please do!! We post a lot of pictures and that is where I initially post my online card classes.

I hope you all enjoy that promotion I am offering exclusively to my customers! I love to shower my customers with gifts because I am so happy you are choosing to shop with ME! You have a lot of choices out there and I am truly grateful that you have joined our little team of stampers. We really try to have a lot of fun and enjoy all the input you share with us. Don't forget to post pictures of your current creations on our group page, those are fantastic!!

Ok, have a great evening (what is left of it!!) and a really blessed Father's Day tomorrow!

Take care,

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Happy Sunday!

Good morning, Everyone. How is your day so far...? I know, it's early still!

Today is going to be a fun day here, our long-awaited photo session with our grandkids is happening at 2:00 pm today. I know it sounds mundane, but we discovered a wonderful photographer about 2 years ago and she is truly magical with her work. Ever since we found her, we have periodically gone to her for adorable "kid pictures" on Kiera and Sawyer. She usually has specials where you can purchase a CD with ALL the poses included so the cost stays relatively low. Compared to what you would get at Target or Sears, the cost is about the same but the quality of the posing and the many detailed and one of a kind props is really head and shoulders above what is currently out there!

This sessions was titled "Summer Vacation" and we were encouraged to bring the kids dressed in casual beach wear like linen dresses, khaki shorts, and maybe a thick cable knit beige sweater (for Sawyer.) I have seen her set dressings in the past and I envision some rustic, vintage looking backdrops with maybe some nautical or July 4th themes going on. We got the kids some adorable outfits and they will both be dressed in neutral colors so they do not clash with the back grounds. I am SO excited (does it show?) lol.

This is one weekend EVERYONE is available so that means we are all going, Richard and I, the two grandkids, AND their parents (my son and daughter in law.) It is about an hour from our house, she is located in a beautiful neighborhood in San Clemente, so we will just get there a little bit early and maybe grab the kids a bit to eat. Nothing messy!!

In the crafty world things have been humming along. I just finished editing my video for my online card class "Sheltering Tree." If you purchased the class from me or if you were on my team of demonstrators and purchased a class packet, the finished and edited video will be up by tonight. For whatever reason my system is working super slow today and it is taking forever to upload. I love my iMovie software but should be quicker to upload. Just sayin.

Yesterday was the last day to get that great Paper Pumpkin promotion of 25% off (for new subscribers only) but the other Host promotion is still going on. Please be sure to contact me if you are interested, if you get your workshop in within the next 2 weeks you can get an additional $35 in FREE product, your choice of product from the catalog. This is a great deal and it is in ADDITION to the free stuff you will already get from having a workshop. An example I usually give people is for a $400 workshop (super easy to achieve) where you would get 14% in free product (approximately $56) and then add the additional $35 and  you would get a whopping $91 in free stuff! Isn't that crazy? The caveat is that you must complete and have the workshop turned in (and closed out by me) within the calendar month of June and the minimum workshop must be $350. Such a great deal and I've had a few customers already take advantage of this wonderful chance to get free product. From time to time Stampin' Up does this for its customers and I always make sure the customers KNOW about it so they can take advantage. If you are interested, leave me a comment or even text or call me at 951-973-3270.

Let's close with a couple of cards I made recently using the new designer series paper (DSP) in the newly released catalog, "Just Add Color."

These are so cute and I love this kind of designer series paper because you can color in the pattern any way you want. Then I just used my snips to fussy cut the little pieces out, they aren't too little either so they cut out quickly and without a lot of fuss. Which is funny, to me, anyway! My granddaughter had just seen Beauty and the Beast and she said the cards reminded her of that movie. How cute, right?? If you would like to join my team or even purchase the "Just Add Color" designer paper, just go check out my shopping page, it is open 24/7 and you can order securely anytime from there. The current host code is K6MP2AFD and if you use that code on my shopping page I will send you a gift in your thank you packet!! Woo Hoo!! Just click here to get shopping!

On that note, have a great rest of the weekend and I'll talk to you soon!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

It has been such a productive week so far and it's only Tuesday. This is awesome since the past month or so has been slow due to me being ill and other family stuff going on. Yay for productivity!!

Yesterday I got my super cute Sheltering Tree online card class mailed out. If you signed up before we closed it your packet is on the way, priority, even. I think everyone will be getting their packets by Wednesday - or at least that is what they said! I have already gone ahead and messaged you the tracking numbers so you can keep track of exactly where your packet is. The exclusive video tutorial will be posted late tonight and I will be emailing the class participants the link to that video.

The online class idea is really such a good thing for busy working moms. Heck, busy working ANYONE's. The great thing is that you get everything you need to create some beautiful, handmade cards along with a step by step video tutorial. These videos are different from my live demonstrations because I go over EVERYTHING step by step, from folding the basic card layer to inking techniques and even cleaning your stamps. The reason I do this is because sometimes the people who take the classes might be new stampers and I want to be sure that they have all of their questions answered and that they have a good experience. For the more seasoned stampers, they can always disregard the portions of the video that do not pertain to them. The other thing is that you can watch and re-watch the tutorial as much as you want, anytime you want. This is great because you might want to re-do the card later in the year, but with different colors or patterned paper. No problem, just look up the link again and substitute it with your own paper!

I also received ALL of the paper for our paper share yesterday. Literally ALL of it came at once, that was fairly exciting (both for me and MR. UPS!) He had never delivered that many boxes at once to me and I had to explain to him that it was NOT all for me but that it was a paper share. He is starting to ask questions, I really want to give him a catalog for his wife! I know, maybe I will make her a card and send it along with a catalog. Everyone likes to get a card!

It is still super early here but I am going to be busy today dividing up the paper share paper and cutting it all into 6" x 6" portions so I can package and label it all for you guys. It is nice to be able to see the name and item number of each DSP (designer series paper) so that if you really love some of them you can go back and order it easily without having to hunt it down. I had been thinking about doing a ribbon share as well but the only thing with a ribbon share is that you only get one yard of each color and pattern. Before I commit to doing that I will ask you: Do YOU want a ribbon share? It ends up just costing you the retail because I basically take the cost of the item and divide it by units like with the ribbon if it was six yards I would divide the cost of the ribbon by six. Then I charge accordingly. The only thing you might pay extra for is shipping to you. It is okay to get just a yard of the ribbon if you aren't sure you will like it but honestly the ribbon they have this catalog is so awesome, you will LOVE it. One yard doesn't go too far when you are making cards as you might use anywhere from 10 inches to 16 on one card so that means you won't get much out of your one yard of each color/pattern. Anyway, let me know and I will certainly do a ribbon share as well if there is enough interest. I think if 10 people want a ribbon share I'll do it. <3

One last thing: there is a special promotion offered by Stampin' Up just for the month of June. For anyone hosting a workshop, you will earn an additional $35 in FREE PRODUCT for any workshop of at least $350 that is closed before June 30. Please contact me if you would like to participate in a workshop - you could do an IN PERSON where I come to your place and do a demonstration for your friends and family OR we could simply do a "virtual" workshop where we set it all up, I send you the material you need, and you show your catalog to your friends and family and take orders that way. The other benefit with a "virtual" workshop is that your customers can go to my shopping page by themselves and place their own orders 24/7 using their own credit card. As long as they input the specific Host code to your workshop (that I will provide you with) you will get full credit for their orders, and of course it has to be on my shopping page. Let me know if you are interesting in earning FREE Stampin' Up product and we can get you started on this awesome promotion soon!
 The above flier explains the "We Love Hosts" promotion a bit better but please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information or if you want to set up your own unique Host Code!! Text me at 951-973-3270 and we can get you started. By the way, this is for demonstrators as well. You would set up your own host code but like I always tell my recruits it is a great way to earn your minimum while getting some free product for yourself!

On that note I will close for now. Please have a fantastic Tuesday and remember, I am here to help you with ALL of your crafting needs!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Today is the BIG DAY!!

It is time, Everyone! Time to order from our new catalog!!

Remember IF you place an order TODAY using my June Host code (R7SVD2WK) I will gift you with a FREE Stamp Set of my choosing!! Woohoo....start shopping!! Just click here and it will take you directly to my shopping page, once you get there be sure to click on the link that says, "Shop Now."

I've already ordered all my goodies for today unless something comes up that I forgot! How could I do that?? Easy. There are so many things I wanted that of course I could not possibly get them all the first day. Some might have to wait till tomorrow.

Ladies, this is when that Stampin' Up Demonstrator discount really makes me so extra happy. No matter what I order I get a huge chunk off in my discount on EVERYTHING. Even when I used to shop at Michael's or Hobby Lobby I usually only had ONE coupon for 40% off one item. Not everything. And then it had to be something that wasn't already 'marked down' which is their way of not marking it down but saying it is so you cannot use a coupon on it! lol

Those days are over. Now I get discounts on stuff that is actually much higher quality. I am so happy I did that, if you want to JOIN MY TEAM just click here and it will take you directly to my page where you can do that. You will pay only $99 for approximately $175 worth of products and business supplies along with a free Paper Pumpkin! If you need help just text me and I can help walk you through it. 951-973-3270.

If you ordered my paper share I just finished ordering all the paper for that share so it should be here within a week then I'll divide it up and send it out to you guys. They are currently back ordered on the Eastern Palace designer series paper so that will take a bit to get - not able to order till 6-5-17. I can either hold up the whole paper share or just send that one later, it is your choice so let me know which you would prefer!

On that note I am going to get ready for my LIVE presentation ....please join me on the Fancy Stamper's group page for the live broadcast in about an hour and a half or so. 12:30 pacific time!

Take care!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

In this country, today is the day that we honor and remember those who have bravely served in any of our military branches. Some gave all, all gave some. We are so happy for those who returned safely to home soil after their service and we pray for those who did not. Because of ALL of their many sacrifices, we have so many freedoms that some do not seem to appreciate.

But WE appreciate them.

Today I am at my Dad's house in Oceanside helping out. He has had some recent health problems and is not feeling well, though for a man in his early 80's he is remarkably fit. He still drives, lives alone without any assistance, cooks and cleans for himself, and generally keeps really busy. At least four or five times a year he accompanies my brother on one of his many business trips to either Cabo or Mammoth. My dad lives really well for a guy his age. If I can say anything that seems a bit detrimental, I can only mention briefly that he is EXTRA stubborn. But then we all are stubborn when it comes to our health care and I am his strongest supporter regarding him keeping his autonomy and being able to choose his own path in the medical decision process.

What are you guys doing today?  We had our kids and grandkids over last night for a home cooked macaroni and meatball and sausage meal. It was super yummy especially since I've not cooked much in the past few weeks being sick and all. Now I am all the way better and things are GOOD! It makes you appreciate home cooking that much more when you aren't so used to it, right??

On the crafting horizon many things are happening! Very exciting times in the Stampin' Up world. We are about to debut our BRAND new catalog this Thursday, June 1. I've mailed out some to those who asked but if you would like a new catalog free of charge, please just leave me a comment and we will get one out to you asap.

On Wednesday, the Eastern Palace special bundles will end their sales period. You can still purchase all the separate components but you won't get a discount and you won't get any of the free perk products they include in each bundle. Please CLICK HERE if you would like to see the bundles and place your order before Wednesday to take advantage of the lower prices. I will show you some cute cards we made during my live broadcast (and we gave them away too!) that turned out SO cute!
 These first four are the ones we made during the actual live broadcast. I had a drawing to see who would win them out of the people who attended the live broadcast. Natalie won!! Aren't these cute??
 Here are a few more cards I made after my broadcast. I was on a roll!  The last photo is a few more cards shown with the Eastern Beauty stamp set.
On another, related note, I will be closing out my online card class tomorrow night so I can order all the product for it. With my online classes I take orders first before ordering and then put together the packets to send out to you. You will get all the supplies you need including the stamp set, ink pads, card stock (three colors!) embellishments, ribbon, dimensionals, and envelopes. This will allow you to make six gorgeous cards (2 of each design) while you follow along with my exclusive video tutorial. If you are interested and want to be part of this awesome class, you can either leave me a comment here or just pay via PayPal ( to be sure you don't miss out. The entire cost is $50 and that includes shipping to your door. Of course you will get to keep the stamp set and the ink pads after the class. On the online classes it usually works out to you paying retail for the stamp set and the ink pads and then you get the rest free from me!! Awesome deal!

Ok, I want everyone to have a peaceful holiday and I will be seeing you all soon!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday and my Internet is going Nuts!!

Hi Everyone!

We have to have excitement and when it is too calm here the internet gets in on the fun and goes haywire, which is what we have today. According to our provider, it is not their fault. (of course!)  Maybe the sun is too powerful today?

Either way we will work with it!

How has your week been so far? Mine's been typically busy and I've been working hard to get my new postage system and labeler all set up. I am working with an online postage provider and it will really help me out in terms of saving money and time. Both are great things to save!  It even helps on letter postage though I have not yet looked fully into that yet.

June first is rapidly approaching and we are getting all geared up to present our new catalog. This is one of the BEST new catalogs I've ever seen and it is chock-full of beautiful new stamp sets and tons of new ideas for things to create. As a demonstrator, we are allowed to order items (selected) early so that we can begin to design our classes and I have several classes already figured out! I know I've been showing you some of my new designs but I don't want to show you everything. There has to be some surprises later, right? Right!

Some of my customers were asking me about discounts and coupons and other seasonal or other types of cost saving measures that they might take advantage of. These are avid crafters and paper craft lovers so they definitely buy a good amount of supplies. The best advice I can give is what I ALWAYS say: it is best to join my team and become a hobby demonstrator yourself! In this way you will be getting a 20% discount on ALL future purchases and that doesn't even begin to cover all the other perks or the free giveaways on my team and group pages.

It is important to choose the right team to join and while you could choose a huge team that is already firmly established, there are HUGE advantages to joining a smaller, growing team like mine. First, I have more time to devote to my recruits and I'm able to help you through your questions, more of a personal touch. Second, you will get free unlimited access to my team class videos and tutorials! Thirdly, team giveaways are wonderful but imagine how much better your odds are with a team of 5 as opposed to a team of automatically increase your odds of winning! My team giveaways and challenges are all free to you, and my team members are very happy to be on the receiving end of these rewards! As a new member of our team you get a great welcome package and I am here to support you in all your endeavors, whether you want to strictly be your own best customer or if you are wanting to make it into a business.

It does not matter where you live as all our communication are online or on the phone. In fact, our team meeting are don't via LIVE Facebook video chats and are tons of fun. The minimum to stay qualified as a demonstrator is only $300 per quarter (three months) and that is only $240 after your discount! Not only that but when you first sign up you have till the end of your second full quarter to meet your first deadline. If you meet it early Stampin' Up will reward you with goodies!! They are awesome about giving perks to their demonstrators!

Please do not hesitate to call me or message me to get more information about joining my team of Fancy Stampers. My cell number is 951-973-3270 and unless I'm driving I'll answer my phone, if I don't answer, just leave me a voicemail message so I can call you back! Texting is usually easier especially if I'm driving, I can verbally ask my phone to read my message to me. :)

If you are ready to join my team just click on THIS LINK which will take you to my shopping page, click the tab at the top that says, "Join The Fun" and it will take you through the sign in. Remember if you join before June 1, you can actually order off the new catalog before anyone else!! What a great perk!!

On that note I will go and make sure I'm not burning dinner!

Take care and I will talk to you soon!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

It is Saturday before Mother's Day....what are YOU up to??

I always love to hear what other people are doing for holidays such as Mother's Day, etc, and not just because I might steal their ideas. It just brings me joy to see others having fun on these holiday. Even if (as my daughter tells me) they are "made up" holidays. I don't care, the way I see it, any holiday where family has an excuse to get together is a pretty good holiday. But then again, I'm the type of person who loves Sunday dinner with the family, Family night on a specified week night (yes, even when the kids are older!) and other family-oriented things like Family Vacations, Family Disneyland day, and Family go to the park day.

Growing up in a big family probably helped me feel like things were better with family around. Besides me and my five siblings we had tons of first cousins that we saw ALL the time. I even went to the same schools as several of my cousins so it was always like having a safety net around me, especially since I was the youngest at the time in those schools. If I had any trouble, I would tell a student, "Do you know Sandy? That's my cousin!" and since Sandy was a senior they left me alone. Or maybe it was because Sandy beat people up, I don't know. lol...either way, it was awesome.

I've been fighting off a bad sore throat for a few days and even got put on antibiotics for it. The stabbing pain is receding somewhat but I still feel drained the way you do when they make you take medicine. Still, the ibuprofen is helping the pain and I'm grateful for that.

I know what will take my mind off it, STAMPING!!

I actually did make some cute cards lately. I had finished up my cards for the two swaps I was participating in. There was a general swap due on May 25 and also a "leader" swap. The leader swap is for level Silver and above, and it is due on May 31. That's the one I mailed out today. Not so many in that swap this time, only 17 joined up. Still, I used some of our newest stamp sets to make a really cute card that I'll post here to show you.

June 1 is the big day where everyone will be able to order from our new catalog. Let me tell you, THIS catalog is fantastic. I know you've heard me say that before but the more I look through it, the more stuff I want. I have a wish list a mile long and I'm a demonstrator and got to order early already!!

If you are interested in joining my team of Fancy Stampers, you can get your entire start up kit made up of stuff out of our new catalog!! Yes, now...isn't that nice?? Just let me know and I'll help you do that. In fact, the last two recruits I stayed with on the phone while they signed up so they could get the most for their money. It is only $99 and for that you get up to $125 worth of anything you want out of the current catalog or mix it up and choose some items from our new catalog! Besides that, Stampin' Up gives you a generous amount of business supplies such as new catalogs, order forms, folders, postcards, and other goodies. Lastly, they gift you with a sample of Paper Pumpkin which is our fantastic monthly subscription that so many busy people love! Paper Pumpkin allows even the busiest people to get that 'creative break' they need and just unwind with a box of crafting goodies that comes complete to their door once a month. Paper Pumpkin is just $19.95 per month and that includes shipping! What a great deal, but for the next three months Stampin' Up is promoting Paper Pumpkin and you can get it for 25% off the regular price if you order 3 months subscriptions. Click on this link: Paper Pumpkin and it will take you to my page with the information and you can order!

So here are the cute cards. I am actually going to have two online classes and if you are interested please let me know, I will send you out an invoice if you'd like to join my classes. In the class you will get all the supplies you need to make six cards plus an exclusive video tutorial that will walk you through step by step. You can watch the video as often as you like once you pay for the class so you can even use your own supplies later or change up the colors, etc, if you like. The sky's the limit!!

 I made this card for a challenge on our team page. We have color challenges every week and this week I had the time to whip up a card for it. I used one of our newest stamp sets that will be available to you on June 1, unless you want to join my team, then you can get it NOW!!!
 This is a really pretty set that is also from our new catalog. I pictured it with the decorated envelope I made, it was for a friend and I mailed it off already. Everything shown here (except for a bit of retired DSP) is from our new catalog. The daisy is punched out with one of our brand new paper punches!! So convenient!! Join my team and order the bundle now!!
 This was a super cute bundle that I used to make one of my swap cards. The adirondack chair is too cute and uses the Big Shot to cut it out. I also used the new In Colors from our new catalog, they are so pretty together, don't you think?
Lastly, another swap card but I used different colors from the card above. See how versatile this bundle is?? I think so, too!!

On that note I will close for now. Just wanted to pop in to say Happy Mother's Day (almost!!) Please comment with what you have planned or if you need help getting signed up on my team of Fancy Stampers. We'd love to stamp with you!! <3

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Well, this is awkward!!

Good morning, Everyone!

It is Sunday, and actually the Sunday before Mother's Day; which is next Sunday.

No, I have not been on vacation...instead, I've been EVER so busy getting ready for new classes, designing and creating new cards to share with YOU, and prepping for two  new leader swaps I am taking part in.

Not to mention a super secret surprise I'm planning for my youngest.

Yes, things have been super busy, I'll admit it. But I'm never too busy to poke my head back in here and see how you guys are.

What is new in your world? I love it when I see comments from you and it actually inspires me to write even more. So don't hold back, please share what you are doing and what your plans are as well. I'd LOVE to hear them!

I got a new and very helpful tool all set up for my newsletter. Using a mailing helper "MailChimp" I have actually sent out my first newsletter. These are jam-packed full of useful information for you and also some pretty cute pictures. If you did not receive one and would like to, just leave me your current email address and I would be HAPPY to add you to my mailing list. Remember, you can unsubscribe anytime, that is what I love most about the new mailing system. It allows anyone to easily unsubscribe; this is something I've personally had issues with in the past and I totally appreciate it when the option is not only VISIBLE but easily accomplished!

My class for this month got changed to Monday, May15. Start time is still 6 pm and spots are filling fast so if you are interested, let me know and I'll send you an invoice so you can sign up and pay. Spots are not considered 'taken' until they've been paid for which can easily be done with a few mouse clicks and the help of PayPal! Current prices for my classes are $20 but that is refunded if you place an order with me that evening of $20 or more.

New catalogs have arrived!!  Our new product will be available for you to purchase starting on June 1, so if you would like me to mail you a brand new GORGEOUS catalog please let me know and I'll get it right out to you so you can start making your wish list. Believe me when I say that this catalog is AWESOME!

Thinking about joining my team? For brand new demonstrators, you are allowed to order from our NEW catalog (certain selections) NOW to make up your starter kit! Isn't that fantastic?? For only $99 you can get up to $125 worth of product and Stampin' Up also sends you $50 worth of business supplies and catalogs absolutely free. You will also receive a sample box of Paper Pumpkin so you can see how fantastic it is and help your customers see it as well! Just click here and it will take you to my Stampin' Up personal shopping page. Just click on the words "join the fun" on my page and it will take you to the right spot. If you have any questions or want to chat, text or message me first and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. It really matters whose team you choose to join and my team is small but growing. I have the time and energy to devote to new demonstrators and I love what I do! Whether you want to join as a hobby demonstrator and just enjoy the 20% discount on your personal supplies or want to crank it up a notch and make it into a business venture, I can help you! Let's grow together!! <3

On that note I'm off to plan the free gifts that I will be sharing this Thursday. We are having our very first Opportunity Night this Thursday at 6 pm (pacific time) and would LOVE to see you there! Besides being filled with information on how to become a demonstrator, we will answer questions, play games, and give stuff away!! It is sure to be a lot of fun, so mark your calendar for THiS Thursday May 11 and check us out on The Fancy Stamper's Facebook group page.

Hope to see you then!


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Half the Week Over Already!

Hi Everyone!
Hope your week is going well, here it is Wednesday already (ok, just by 37 minutes but still!!) My week has been a productive one so far, how about yours??

Some Happy News!!

Giveaways!!  Woohoo, everyone loves a giveaway!! I'm going to make it super simple to win, too. Just leave a comment here OR on my Facebook group page "The Fancy Stamper." Easy to find on Facebook.

What are you hoping to win?? Check it out!

Here is just one of the prizes you could win, the Jars of Love bundle. Brand new, never been used, the whole bundle...WOW! This is a stamp set that is carrying over to the next catalog and is not being retired so that is awesome, too!! There are a couple of cards that were made using the bundle, one was made by me and one I received in a swap I participated in. Just a sample of what YOU could create if you win this.

There are a couple of smaller prizes as well, they consist of what I like to call "grab bags" and may have any number of interesting and super cute items in them. From hand made card sets (with envelopes) to embellishments, mini paper shares, designer series paper, stamp sets, adhesives. You just never know. When I organize my craft room you never know what I find and that is what goes into the grab bags. Some items may be recently retired and some aren't...again, it is a mystery!! I will announce the winner by Friday afternoon at the latest so get busy and comment either here or on the Facebook group page.

Ok, I need to get some rest so I'm going to stop for now but take care and good luck in the giveaway!!