Friday, March 31, 2017

Last Day of Sale-A-Bration!!

I can hardly believe this day has arrived...I think this three month period flew by for me. Keeping so busy with creating new cards and layouts for all the new product and starting to build up my "Live" following on Facebook. It has really been a whirlwind of activity!

Though I am sad to see the promotion end, I am super excited for all the new stuff coming in the next month or two. Stamping' Up never takes things away without replacing it with something just as good or usually better! How they do this is beyond me, but I quit wondering "how" and just started to enjoy "when" it happens!

So if you have not yet taken advantage, or if you WANT to get in on the very LAST DAY of free stuff. Click on this link and it will take you right to my shopping page where you can order to your heart's desire. Remember you can get MORE than one free stamp set of paper set. For every $50 in product that  you purchase you can get an additional item which is fantastic!! For instance, let's say your order comes to $92 before tax. If you simply add $8 more to your order you can now get TWO free stamp sets or designer papers or whatever is available on the SAB brochure! Amazing...and sadly, almost over.

Speaking of Live Events, last night I hosted my very first Live Event on Facebook. Now don't get me wrong, I've done live videos before and live demonstrations on FB. But this one was different. It was actually a virtual party and we had such a blast. There were Prize Patrols, other guessing games (with free gifts!) and door prizes, booby prizes, all sorts of prizes. It was so much fun I couldn't believe it. The atmosphere was really jolly because I had just signed on a brand new demonstrator and had a new customer join us for the first time so it was extra special. Let's just say that the Virtual Party/Live event will become a fixture in my new schedule of stuff to do on Facebook.

In other news, you HAVE to take a look at the sample set of eggs I dyed using that silk scrap method I told you guys about a few weeks ago. Check this out!
So, while the final effects were not as vivid as I thought they would be they are nice to look at. I did some white eggs from the store (oh, how it hurt my heart to purchase eggs!!) and then I used some of the light tan ones from my hens and a green one too. A bit time-consuming overall but cute. I will do it one more time before Easter (to use up my white store-bought eggs) and probably won't do it again.

On that note, I want to wish you all a happy Friday and hope you are having as great a day as I am. Check out my shopping page even if you don't want any free stuff (though who would be that crazy??)
Take care!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday, The Most Peaceful Day of the Week....or IS IT?

Good Morning, Everyone!

I'm joking, of course Sunday is the most peaceful day of the week. Unless you are trying to get a bunch of under 10 year olds ready for church. Or trying to juggle final prep for your car wash fund raiser. Or trying to write out your grocery list for the week or even your menu prep for the week.

In short, we are all super busy people.

Whether you still have little ones at home or just bigger kids that now have kids of their own, you know what I mean. Each day is filled with stuff that you need to do, should be doing, and WILL do all in good time.

The thing that is missing from this very busy equation is "Me Time."  I know a lot of us do not fully grasp that concept but believe me, it is one our kids and their kids have down pat. We could take a page from their book, or maybe even a few paragraphs!

You have all probably heard or read many bible verses about being 'filled with the spirit.' One of my favorites is Galatians 5:16 which says, "this I say then, walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh." I like this scripture because it reminds us to get out of our own heads and not think about ourselves so much in terms of what is wrong in our lives.

On the other hand, it is hard to "walk in the Spirit" if we are continually draining our resources. So it is important for us to refresh ourselves so we are able to, in turn, help others.

A simple example of this is to take some "me time" once in a while. Some people call it their daily "power hour" some people call it "date night" but whatever you call it,  you need to DO it. Just start marking it in your very busy know you already have a planner or something similar like a "to-do" list. Put YOURSELF in there because YOU are important. Without the Captain of the ship, the ship will soon be in chaos. YOU are the Captain and unless you are at top form things will go awry. Be nice to yourself and get that "me time" in there.

For me, something I love to do is read. I can even read and re-read favorite books. I seem to lose myself in reading. Maybe my imagination is so odd that I have vivid re-creations of the stories I read, but either way it is a good thing. Another great and healthy outlet is creating new cards and hand crafted goodies. Even on the days when I don't have  a lot of extra energy I can sit down and make some gift tags or designs a new card. The designing part is a whole lot of fun for me so I make sure I give myself the time and space to do that at least once a week. Sure I make a mess but that is also fun!

So don't forget to regularly "re-fill" your own spirit so you can continue to fill and nourish your own flock at home!

I am in the final stages of putting together my Dragonfly Dreams online card class if there are any more who are interested. Let me know and I can send you a PayPal invoice, that is how you would sign up. The price is basically just the retail cost of the stamp set and any stamp pads or watercolor pencils that are included and embellishments along with shipping and tax. I do not charge for the paper products I give you to make the six cards or their envelopes, that is my gift to you! The class includes all materials needed to make six super cute cards featuring this wonderful stamp set. You will need your own scissors, adhesive, and that's about it! I include the paper supplies to make six cards and their envelopes but you can re-create the card with your own supplies later to make an unlimited amount of cards. The class includes access to my video tutorial that is only available to my team members and the people who joined the class.

Here is a picture in case you missed it on the group page:
The pictures just shows the basic colors and card stock you will get, the finished product is not shown. I like to keep some things as a surprise!! Please comment below if you have any questions or do not hesitate to text me at 951-973-3270 and I will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. I will be closing out this class in the next few days or sooner if it gets to maximum capacity before that.

Ok you guys, I hope you have a fantastic Sunday because I plan to. Talk to you all later!!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday AGAIN!

How does the week fly by so quickly??

It really is remarkable how that happens. Especially when you are busy.

Today is 3-24, in exactly one week Sale-A-Bration (SAB) will be history for another year. I have to say that it has been an exciting three months and a ton of product has gone to new homes. Also, you could not beat the promotion of earning ONE free item with every $50 purchase. Who does that??  I know towards the end a couple of things like the card tin ran out but still. It is just amazing they can do that for us and I am happy to take full advantage of all the perks they so generously offer.

A couple things are coming up on the near horizon.

April 8 is OnStage Local for me, meeting in San Diego and in essence a large convention for Stampin' Up! current demonstrators. Sign ups were last month so if you didn't sign up then it is too late. They sold out the very first day I think, it was so amazing to see the level of interest.  I hear good things about OnStage. They say they do frequent prize patrols and pretty much everyone goes home with free product. The other super fantastic thing about OnStage is that (besides showing us new techniques) they show us the upcoming new colors and product for the catalog coming out in June. Of course we are not allowed to divulge any of the information we see at OnStage, but we get to see the product and even pre-order it. That part is going to be amazing!! We are only allowed to order one of each item and that is a good thing otherwise people would just stockpile it and give it to their demonstrator friends and allowing only one per demo is going to take away that temptation. I'd be a bit tempted, I won't lie.

The other thing is that becoming a hobby demonstrator at this time will be a breeze. For only an initial investment of $99 you can have a start up kit made up of YOUR choice of product. What I do in my in-person classes and workshops is to show a basket with a sample of what the start up kit might look like. Remember for $99 you get a whopping $125 worth of stuff! Besides that, you get free catalogs, a Paper Pumpkin kit, and lots of free business supplies to help you on your way. Stampin' Up! also graciously gives you their DBWS (demonstrator business web site) absolutely free for the first three months of your demonstratorship. The benefits of this website are tremendous. It is an individual place where anyone online can find you through Stampin' Up's online demonstrator locator and place an order with you without even speaking to you! They pay securely online and the product gets shipped directly to them. You are notified via email when you get an order in this fashion. It couldn't be easier and it is well worth the $12.95 that you will be charged after the first 3 months.

The website is fully customizable and you can even have a blog and put up your own pictures. I truly appreciate having my DBWS and love how it puts me in such close contact with my customers at their convenience. I've met people from all over the US just by they using my DBWS!  If you want to see what one looks like just CLICK HERE and it will take you directly to my unique website. You will see my name and photo in the upper right hand corner.

Should you decide you would like to join my growing team, just click on the link that says "Join The Fun" and it will take you to the right page to do so. If you need any help doing this, please call or text me and I will be happy to help walk you through it or even help you choose your start up kit!! (951) 973-3270 and I'm on Pacific Time. :D  I have team members all over so it doesn't matter what state you are in, as long as you are in the United States.

This is Kiera my five year old granddaughter posing with me. She loves to pose and knows all the "cool" poses. As you see here she is combining the two poses, "duck face" with "universal peace sign" and who knows what she will come up with tomorrow. All I know is, she keeps me smiling every day. My grandson Sawyer does his best but for whatever reason, she has him beat. I say it's because she's older and knows how to do more stuff. We shall see, that's for sure!

On that note I am going to sign off for tonight. Please have a great weekend and if you like, check my Facebook page. I have an online class posted that you might be interested in on The Fancy Stamper.

Goodnight everyone!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wow!! Sale-A-Bration is Almost Over!!!!

I can hardly believe that Sale-A-Bration has flown by so quickly. It seems like it was just January 4 and we were all chomping at the bit to get at all those lovely FREE items. How many did you earn during this time??

Did you know that Stampin' Up! has added MORE items to their freebie lineup in the last 10 days of SAB??

Yes, they did. I couldn't believe it either but there it is, in black and white (ok, green and off green!)  In fact, they didn't even add NEW SAB items, instead, they added stuff from the regular catalog so that we could get THAT stuff in lieu of the SAB items we've all come to know and love. However, they probably know that many of us (we shall remain nameless for our own safety!) may or may not already have one or more of the free items already offered. Therefore, for them to offer us stuff from the regular catalog is supremely rare and quite generous in my eyes.

They really didn't have to do it but they did.

So, what items are they offering?? Here they are, and as a quick reminder, you have to use the SPECIAL ITEM NUMBERS SHOWN IN THE PHOTO or it won't work. Those are their words. I know when I tried it just came up on the order form and I clicked it. So I didn't worry. But here you go in case you are a natural born worrier like me.
As you can see, these are items that we already know and love...a LOT! So have a great time ordering 
these last days of the month and of the SAB period and know that you can get ONE of these neat new (not so new) seven items - one for each $50 purchase. Have fun with this!!

In other news, and this is the LAST time I will mention fact, I was only mentioning it because several of the newer people on our Facebook page had asked....if you are considering joining our team of stampers NOW is definitely the time. After March 31 you will no longer get the cool perks associated with Sale-A-Bration (SAB) and that would be a very sad thing indeed.

Just to go over the details...for only $99 you would get $125 worth of Stampin' Up! supplies, and that is ANYTHING you want. Want a Big Shot?? Perfect. Want 15 packs of gold foil paper?? No problem. How about 10 "Lucky Elephant" stamp sets? Awesome!! The point is, it is YOUR choice. I know some girls who were wanting to make special birthday invitations for an upcoming special event and this would just about cover their expenses, plus they get the added benefit of getting 20% off any future purchases as well. Of course those are not the only benefits, there are tons. If you do the math, you get 25% off initially because you pay $99 for $125 worth of supplies. Math isn't my strong suit but I can do that much math! 
The other thing is that during SAB you get an additional TWO stamp sets (worth up to $52 EACH) for free. After March 31 that goes away. So you see how that alone would be a good reason to become a hobby demonstrator. I have very good friends who have been hobby demonstrators for years. There is never any pressure to sell and they can get their discount whenever they want. If they ever decide to step it up and earn a few bucks, they have the potential.

Besides getting all that product, if you join you will get a free Paper Pumpkin kit to try out and also about $50 worth of business supplies including current catalogs and other helpful tools should you need them. 

Drop me an email at if you have more questions or just text me at 951-973-3270. You can also just go to my page and click on the link that says "Join The Fun." Remember as a smaller team I can devote a whole lot of time to you and help you get started and I have a lot of excitement and passion for the product!! It would be my pleasure to help you, too!!

It has been an exciting first three months of the year but things are only going to get better from here. April 8 we have our local OnStage event which is a sort of convention for all the Stampin' Up! demonstrators who want to go. At this event we will learn about new products, get free samples of the new stuff and also learn new techniques. There is a session where we can all trade swap cards that we have created with other demonstrators from other regions and also where we can pre-order the newest catalog items that are not even available to anyone else, even other demonstrators!! The only way to get these newest items is to GO to the OnStage event. This will be my first one but can you tell I'm a little excited about it??

Our Stampin' Up! manager - we call them an "up line" - has also gifted her whole team with special tote bags with our team name printed on it. Besides that, we have team logo shirts that we could purchase if we wanted to, and when we all convene at the OnStage there should be a sea of pink demonstrators to show off our huge team presence. 

My little baby team, The Fancy Stampers, is quite small by any standards and especially when compared to my up-line's team but she has been doing it for a long time and has built her team over time and with considerable effort. I will get there someday, and in the meantime I have a lot of energy to spend on all my team members!! I also believe in gifting my team members with gifts and love to recognize them when they hit a milestone. It is an important way to offer support and give positive feedback because they are doing so well! I love my team and someday we will have our very own shirts and tote bags and we may cause a ruckus at a future can only hope!!

Until next time, please be safe out there and remember as always if you have any crafting concerns, questions, or needs...please let me know and I will help you with them. 


Monday, March 6, 2017

Woo Hoo It's Monday!! Another Opportunity For Growth!

Or, maybe its just a Monday. Either way, it is the start of a brand new week and that's always exciting.

Also, Spring is coming!

Easter, Spring colors, gorgeous blooming is all good. Do you guys have any Easter traditions? Outside of church services and stuff like that? I know some families always have a giant ham dinner at Easter, some have Easter egg hunts. Some people go to sunrise services every year. What do you do??

What will you do this year?

For us, we usually go to a sunrise service at about 5:45 in the morning, followed by coffee and bagels at home and maybe a nap! Then when we get up again we do the Easter basket dispersal with our grandkids and sometimes even our kids!! Yes, I know they are grown but we still like to surprise them with little things from time to time, and they LOVE solid chocolate! Who doesn't??  By late morning we usually have our first of many Easter egg hunts. The grandkids cannot get enough of this and insist on us hiding the eggs over and over. The past couple of years we started using the colorful plastic eggs instead of our traditional dyed Easter eggs. One year we had a bad experience with an egg that went undetected for months until we thought there was a dead thing in our yard. Turned out we were right!! It was the stinky rotten egg and ever since then we sort of lost our taste for real hard boiled eggs at the Easter egg hunt activity!

Ham dinner usually happens in the mid-afternoon time and we just hang around and enjoy each other's company till early evening when we say good bye.

Oh! This year we are trying out a new egg dying technique. It involved old pieces of printed silk material and unbleached muslin fabric. You place a white egg in the center of a piece of colorful printed silk (about 4 x 4 inches) and then bring the corners together and tie with twine. Then you use a slightly bigger piece of muslin to cover the whole thing and use a thick rubber band to keep it tightly closed. If you don't do this part you run the risk of the colors leaking out and dying the other eggs in the pot. Add as many eggs as will fit into a large pot and cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Let sit for 12 minutes and then drain the eggs and take off the muslin and silk. They should be gorgeous!

Here is a picture of what I'm talking about:

I guess they say that old silk ties work well. I am going to check out my local thrift stores for old silk ties. If you do this make sure you check the tie back to make sure it says "100% Silk" or another option would be to check on Ebay for printed silk scraps. The image is a good indication of how they should look when you have tightly enrobed them.
These people filled their pot too high with eggs, I think.  I would leave more room than this myself. You have to have about 2 inches of water over the top of the eggs so that it can boil safely without slopping over the sides.

The last three pictures are samples of what we will expect to produce! I hope they come out that vibrant, I am really excited about doing these with my grandkids this year. We can always do it the other, old fashioned way...but I like to try new things so this will be great!! Hopefully!

So that is a preview of what we are going to do to dye the eggs this year. I will have pictures of how ours come out and show you guys all what REALLY happened!!

I just went to to draw the winner for tonight's giveaway, I hope they are as excited as I am for them to win! It is a lot of fun to have these giveaways, I have met the most interesting people this way.

On that note, I am going to spend an hour or two finishing up some cards I started earlier. Please have a fantastic rest of the night!!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Hi Everyone!

It was predicted to rain today and it is now raining!! Wow. Love it when it is an accurate forecast. It is also cold and windy, the perfect day to stay in and make cute Spring time cards.  At the same time I am cooking up some delicious cold weather food, homemade chicken and dumplings. My kids and grandkids are coming over later so they will have something warm and comforting to eat along with nice chewy brownies. No nuts!! (because I don't like them in my brownies!)

Meanwhile, there are funny movies playing all day today on tv. Gotta love kick back Sundays like today.

Tomorrow is our weekly GIVEAWAY and I have not yet picked the stamp set I will be giving you. Any suggestions for me?? Last week I gave away "So Very Much" which is a super cute and simple stamp set. The thing I did differently was 1) gave away TWO sets (one to the Temecula Talk page folks because they outnumber our page at this time) and 2) I gave away a card making package with all the supplies needed to make six cards complete with their envelopes. I also made a simple video tutorial for the winners (and anyone else) to watch so they could duplicate these really cute cards at home. I always encourage people to make the card their own creation and not just do exactly what I do. Feel free to add your own spin on it, you will be surprised with how well you do!

This week I could give away another stamp set or I could give away one entry to one of my upcoming stamp classes. My classes are very limited in their size so they fill quickly. This would be a nice way to get in on one easily. Still undecided but I will decide sometime and let you guys know by tomorrow morning what I'm giving away so I can post it and get you all excited about winning it!!

If you have any suggestion feel free to leave me a comment here or on our Facebook group page.

Now to get back to my delicious dinner. If I don't watch it, it will try to burn!!

Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday, everyone!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday in Carlsbad!

Good Morning, Everyone!

Well today is our final day here at the Carlsbad Condo. The weather has been really nice, I think it got up to 78 degrees yesterday! Unheard of for this time of year especially for San Diego county. We have heard that the weekend weather will get super chilly so we were happy to enjoy the warmth for a day or so.

This is from last night:

Both were taken from our balcony overlooking the gorgeous Pacific ocean (Carlsbad State Beach) and were at various stages of the sunset. That is one of my favorite things to do while we visit Carlsbad, take pictures!!  The small, sleepy town of Carlsbad is also known for its seafood, pizza, antique stores, and seasonal flower fields. My brother Rick and his wife Rachel came to visit us last night and we went to dinner at a really good local "farm to table" restaurant. They told us that the seasonal flower fields have just opened and we are planning to check them out after we leave the condo tomorrow.

These timeshare condos are sort of a tradition in our family. My parents first bought here when they were brand new (about 32 years ago!!) and got the whole family hooked on coming here. To be fair we used to come to Carlsbad anyway but it was to the local beach campgrounds. When they got their timeshare we started coming here too!! My kids basically grew up coming here and love it so much. It is so much fun to have our own condo now and know that my kids grew up with this memory as part of their childhood and now part of their adult life. Super fun to see my grandkids enjoying it as well.

I am going to be posting some helpful "suggested items" if people need help choosing stuff to take advantage of the final few weeks of Sale-a-Bration. Sometimes it is tough with there being so many products out there to choose just a few and I will help you through that. The suggested items I will post will get you started or add to your supplies you already have on hand. They will also allow you to earn the free SAB items if you would like to get free items before our promotion is over. Time is definitely running out and I want all my friends and followers to be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity before it is over!!

Keep your eye on this page for future lists but here is one to get you started. Everyone needs birthday cards so here is a tried and true set that will allow you to make some super cute cards and is still versatile enough to use for other events as well.

1.  Balloon Celebration Item # 140675  $26.00
2.  Balloon Bouquet Paper Punch Item # 140609  $18.00
3.  Basic Black Archival Ink Stampin' Pad Item #140931 $7.00
**Free Sale-a-Bration Item** Glimmer Paper Pack Item # 143831  FREE!!
Total is $51.00

Here is a sample of a card I made using the above items:
I love how the glimmer paper really sparks up the whole card, don't you?? The stamp set comes with several different sentiments so you are not limited to birthday cards. This is one of the sets I also recommend to new demonstrators because it is so versatile.

There are some other important holidays coming up that you may want to create something special for. Mother's Day, Easter, Father's Day, even St. Paddy's day!! In the next week or so I will continue to post small groupings of suggested items that will help you build your inventory so you can create anything you want any time!! One thing is for sure, the quality that you get with Stampin' Up! product far exceeds that what is available at your local craft store. Not that they are bad or anything but once you start working with the Stampin' Up! stuff not only will YOU notice a difference but your friends and family will also!

On that note we are going to finish enjoying the beautiful ocean and then head out to make our way up the coast towards home. Have a fantastic Friday and remember to follow your passion, every day!!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday, Already??

Hi Everyone!

Gosh, the week is flying by here. How about in your neck of the woods??

This past Monday's giveaway went very well. I went ahead with my plan to give TWO stamp sets away along with the supplies (and a short video tutorial) to make the cards that went with it. The two winners were so happy and will be happier when they get their cute packages!!  Just finished the tutorial video this afternoon and got it uploaded to YouTube.

Just in time, too. We are headed out for a couple days of R and R at our timeshare condo. It is actually now my son's (we signed it over to him this year) but he is letting us use a couple of the days this week. He and his family went on the weekend and there are still a couple days left. Check out is Friday morning so we will enjoy a couple of nice days at Carlsbad Beach.

They say it will be up to 78 tomorrow so that will be awesome.

In other news, Sale-A-Bration is entering its final month. Now is the time to get those last minute items ordered so you can get all the FREE stuff possible. I can't believe how much free stuff some of you have earned. One of my customers has gotten 8 free items over the past two months. She was so happy Stampin' Up! added some new freebies because she wanted more choices!! What a great choice to have, right??

For those of you who were on the fence about joining my team, do it this month!! Even if you only intend on using it to fund your own crafting 'habit' it is an excellent idea to always get 20% off all the things you would be purchasing anyway. Not to mention all the perks that Stampin' Up! gives its demonstrators.

For only $99 you can JOIN MY TEAM and be part of The Fancy Stampers!! You will never be pressured to sell to anyone and you can be your own best customer! By becoming a "hobby demonstrator" you are able to sell to others but you don't have to. All you have to do is enjoy getting a healthy 20% discount on ALL your purchases, sometimes even more depending upon the specials Stampin' Up! is offering at the time. You never know! Our team does frequent giveaways, paper shares, instructional videos, and I am always happy to help you learn the newest techniques if you are interested. No pressure, just positive interaction and a nice, friendly, community setting. Just click on the link and go to my page where it says "join the fun" and follow the directions to get signed up today!! If you do so during Sale-A-Bration you will get $125 worth of ANYTHING you want in the Stampin' Up! catalog plus two additional stamp sets of your choice worth up to $52 each..that is wonderful!! If I can help you or if you have any questions before you take this step, please feel free to message, text, or email me. I would love to help you figure out all the pros and cons.

Now, some pictures of stuff I've been creating lately. And don't forget to check out my YouTube channel to see the latest video on how to make these little beauties!!

So Very Much

 Here are a few of my latest simple yet beautiful creations using "So Very Much" which was the focus of last week's giveaway. TWO lucky winners got these sets and not only that but they got the supplies to make SIX complete cards including decorated envelopes!
 The gold foil card stock really makes this "Bitty Butterfly" shine. I love how this gold toned ribbon (also from the free Sale-A-Bration brochure!) looks with the Falling In Love DSP. Really pretty and subtle.

 Here are the new items just added on February 28 to the free section for Sale-A-Bration. Make a Medallion, Reverse Words, and the gorgeous new glimmer paper!!

Lastly, here are the cards I made for my tutorial demonstration. I think that when the recipients get their packages they will be super happy at the color choices and they will have a lot of fun putting these super cute cards together. What do you guys think??

On that note I will say goodnight to you all. Hubby just came home so it is time to take off for Carlsbad!! Woohoo....beach, here we come!