Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Stampin' Up Demonstrators....Look at THIS!

Remember how I was mentioning a week ago that I am planning a huge "Christmas in July" celebration here at The Fancy Stamper? Well, it seems that great minds think alike, because I just got our demonstrator's newsletter direct from Stampin' Up this morning and it looks like THEY are also planning a super fun Christmas in July promotion as well. Mine is more of a whole month long festival of Christmas type things, but theirs is super fun, too!

What Stampin' Up will do for all newly signed up demonstrators (must sign up in July) is give them an exclusive Christmas stamp set along with an exclusive video tutorial on different projects to make with that stamp set. I just saw a sneak peek of the set and it is ADORABLE!!! In fact, I'm going to find a way to get my hands on one myself!!

This is actually GREAT news, besides MY Christmas in July celebration, we can also take advantage of the perks that Stampin' Up! is offering. This is quite common with Stampin' Up as you will see once you join my team and become a demonstrator yourself. They are always surprising us with perks, freebies, and other cool promotions that make being a Stampin' Up independent demonstrator such a fun occupation. For me, I am running my demonstrator-ship more like a business and attempting to turn it into a money making operation on some level. This is possible but takes a lot of time, attention, and detail. It is also SO MUCH FUN. To be honest, most of the demonstrators on my team are "Hobby Demonstrators" which just means they are in it for the hobby aspect. They use their 20% discount on their own supplies and sometimes for their mom or sisters. But I've also had "Hobby Demonstrators" find out how very popular our products are and they suddenly turned into Business Demonstrators!

We are having a really special event to kick off our Christmas in July celebration here at The Fancy Stamper and it coincides with a great event my stamping manager is holding as well. She is a high-ranking Stampin' Up demonstrator with YEARS of experience and holds a high position in Stampin' Up. Because she has so much experience, she has agreed to hold some fun events for her team in July that will include Opportunity Nights starting July first.

I would like to invite you to attend our Opportunity Nights starting July 1 to gather more information about becoming a Stampin Up demonstrator. Whether it is to just earn your own discount or whether you'd like to go further, please join us and see what we have to offer you!! While you are learning about Stampin' Up, you may even win one of our fantastic giveaway prizes!!! I will post more information as we get closer to the event, but make sure you keep it in mind for July 1-15. Those are our target dates!!

On that note, I am going to get crafty. I have a craft show coming up and I am definitely NOT ready!!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday, Last week in June!!

Half the year gone already, it is freaking me out. In a good way!

To commemorate this wonderful racing by of the months, there are a couple of fantastic promotions to discuss with you. The first promotion is ending in just 5 days, it will stop on June 29. In this promotion (offered by ME) you can get any Stampin' Up ink pad for free when you order from my shopping page and have an order of $40 or more. You must order by June 29 and you must order from my shopping page (click here for direct link) and use this host code JZA6NN2U. The host code is entered by you before you complete your order when you are looking at the shopping bag at the bottom of the page there is a box for codes. When you enter the code my name will come up and that's how you know you did it correctly!! After you place your order, I am notified and then I will contact you to find out what color ink pad you want me to send you for FREE!! So simple and so nice to get something for free. If you choose to pass on the ink pad, you can opt for a $10 coupon good for $10 off one of my online card classes! Your choice.

The second promotion is being offered by Stampin' Up, but it also ends on June 29. In this offer, you hold your very own workshop and gather orders from family and friends. I provide you all the assistance you need in the form of online links to my shopping page, your very own Host Code, and tips on who to invite to your online workshop. You could have an in-person workshop at your home and I would run it for you if you live anywhere near me in California. Some of you are far away and we can still do a workshop but it will be held online and by you obtaining orders from your friends, family, and co-workers with the catalogs I send you. This workshop needs to be finalized by June 29 and be at least $350 total sales (before taxes, shipping). You will earn an additional $35 in Stampin' Rewards which means you will be choosing about $77 worth of free product at the end of your workshop. That is stuff from our current catalog that you will get absolutely free!! So if you were wanting a bunch of stuff and didn't really want to stretch your budget right now, this is perfect for you. Of course, it is a promo for the month of June only so we are getting low on days in June. You have to act fast for this one!! Don't comment here if you want this one, just call me direct and if I don't answer (I may be driving!) just leave me a voice mail and I'll get back to you asap. 951-973-3270.

The last promotion isn't really a promotion at all, but it IS free!! I am holding a "Weekend Giveaway" on my Facebook group page and would LOVE for you to join the fun. Just go to my Facebook group page "The Fancy Stamper" and comment on the post that says, "Weekend Giveaway!" I will be choosing winners or one winner (depends on how many entries I get) tomorrow night. Don't get left out of this one, it is totally free to enter and I'll tell you a little secret, there are not that many entries right now!! Get over there and enter now!! :)

I am working on earning my Silver Elite promotion and need a couple more team members to get there. If you have ever been interested in getting free crafting products and wanted to get all the other perks offered to Stampin' Up demonstrators, comment below (or call me!) and I will answer any questions you may have. We have a lot of ladies that are "Hobby Demonstrators" and just use their status to get supplies for themselves and their friends and families. The 20% discount is awesome and you use it on EVERYTHING. Not to mention the free stuff Stampin' Up is always giving us and the many other perks they shower their demonstrators with. If you are interesting in joining my team now, just CLICK THIS LINK and it will take you to my "Join The Fun" section on my website where you can join for just $99. Stampin' Up will send you $125 worth of your choice of supplies when you join plus about $50 in other supplies and I will help you get started, too!! I am here to answer questions, share video tutorials with you, not to mention all the giveaways I have just for my team members alone! I love to help them get started and it makes me feel extra special when I can give them supplies or other things that help them get going in the right direction. If you join my team you will have a ready-made support group who can help answer questions and get you where you want to be.

On that note I will wish you all a very happy Saturday night and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Remember to contact me if you need any help or have any questions at all, I love to share what I do!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We're Having A Heat Wave....a Tropical Heat Wave!!!

Extra points if you recognize where that line/song came from...

Yes, folks, we are definitely at the beginning of a terrible heat wave here in Southern California. As I glance around the weather map, I see that much of the western states are also really really warm. Salt Lake City is 100 today, that is hot for them. Of course Arizona and New Mexico (as well as Nevada) are normally hot during the summer but today in Phoenix it will top out at 121 degrees. That is so hot that they have to cancel flights due to "air density" problems. So if you are in a warm/hot climate, please take care of yourself and stay out of the heat, preferable indoors if you can, in the shade if you can't. Keep yourself and your pets hydrated and as cool as possible, wear a hat and sunglasses if you go outside and do not overexert yourself at all today. Inside your home keep the blinds/drapes down so you block as much of the heat as possible.

Which brings me to our current Flex Alert. Yes, the local authorities called one for today. That basically has to do with our electricity consumption and they want us to forego doing laundry and other chores that require a lot of electric use during the daylight hours. They are also asking that we keep our thermostats set at 78 degrees (before AC kicks on.) Otherwise they say there might be wide spread blackouts, and no one wants that.

Today I plan to stay indoors with my granddaughter staying cool, we will keep the AC at a comfortable level and do some crafting and stamping and probably a LOT of coloring. We have some fantastic new DSP (designer series paper) that is printed off in black and white and allows us to color it in any way we like. A lot of fun and turns out super pretty!

Before I go I will leave you with this super cute stamp set that I recently discovered in our new catalog called, "You've Got Style." It depicts an older lady just having a lot of fun! It is also a great stamp set for using your watercolor pencils on, the end results are spectacular!! Remember I have an exclusive promotion going on right now (ends June 29) where if you shop on my shopping page and spend at least $40 I will gift you with either YOUR CHOICE of any color Classic Stampin Ink pad OR $10 off any of my online card classes. You get to choose. The only conditions are that you must use this host code: JZA6NN2U on my shopping page before 6-29. That is a great deal!!! The way it works is after you place your order I get notified by Stampin' Up, then I will contact you to find out which of my special gifts you would like and if you choose the ink pad you will tell me the color you want at that time. Your special gifts are not shipped by Stampin' Up, they come directly from me so I definitely need your shipping address if I don't already have it. Chances are you will get your Stampin' Up goodies first because I will have to order your ink pad (I don't normally keep too many colors here!) but if you decide to get the $10 gift certificate towards your online card class I will send that right to you, probably even by email! Either way, you cannot beat getting perks like that, right?
This cute card was made with the stamp set "You've Got Style!" (Item # 143898) and sells for only $18.00. Click here to see it in my online shopping store. You can color in the cute images with our awesome watercolor pencils (Item # 141709) Click here to go to watercolor pencils - and they can be sharpened over and over and there are YEARS of usage in these pencils. The colors are really vivid, too, and by using the blending pens you get all sorts of interesting variates, just like you see in my card example. That is the great thing about these products, you only purchase them once and then you are able to use them over and over. In the card above I made a simple Thank You card but there are sentiments in the set so you can use the card as a birthday card and much more!!

Remember to get these generous gifts you need to order no later than June 29, so have a blast shopping and I will talk to you next time!! Short cut to my shopping page click here!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Early Father's Day, Everyone!!

Well, I'm about a minute early, technically. It's 11:59 pm here currently but will soon change over to Father's Day.

Once a year we honor our Fathers even though if we were good children we'd do it daily. Though I think I'm a "good child" there's room for improvement in all of us, right?

Tomorrow our plans are somewhat subdued. My husband has to work his normal 12 hour shift (day shift this week, thankfully!) and my dad is still somewhat under the weather so we are sticking close to home. My dad has been struggling with some ongoing health issues (he is in his early 80's) and while we are getting a handle on it, he's been tired. So whenever possible he has been laying low and sort of staying out of the limelight. He is usually a social butterfly and still drives himself around everywhere...and I DO mean everywhere. Though this past month or so while we are figuring out proper medication dosages and other helpful adjuncts to his medical/health regimen he has been opting to rest more and more.

This is a positive thing for my Dad who never wants to rest. I finally tried to break it down to him and let him know that he needed to give his body a chance to rebuild it's cells, etc. He has always been a 'go, go, go' type and people who rested were seen as weak to him. Though part of that could have been the age in which he was born. I know I shouldn't but I frequently re-assess him with my 'nurse eye' and I am relatively happy with what I see. He has become more thoughtful regarding his health and isn't so quick to turn down every treatment or medication offered by his doctors. He used to just refuse everything! At least now he lets them explain why and what it will do etc.


When Richard is on days off, we will drive down to my Dad's (70 miles away) and spend the day with him, but for tomorrow we are going to stay home. I will cook our family's famous "sweet and sour pork" dinner and serve it to my kids who will be here to honor their dad. This is such a simple meal to prepare, you set it up in the crock pot after only browning the cut up pork shoulder with some onion and garlic. Then you add a few ingredients and VOILA! 6 hour later a yummy dinner that you serve over steamed rice. Since I have a super handy rice pot, that part is simple also!! Add a green salad to the mix and you have a no-fuss, delicious dinner that will feed a LOT of hungry people. I haven't had this recipe for YEARS but my parents used to cook it for us at least every 10 days or so. It must have also been a cheap meal way back then, they had six of us kids to feed and I remember we were always ravenous. We didn't do a lot of web surfing back then, it was more bike riding and building forts and playing "Ding, Dong, Ditch!" No wonder we were hungry!

Before I go I want to make sure I mention a great promotion I have going on this month for my customers. Whoever orders anything from my shopping page FOUND HERE with an order of $40 or more will get either a FREE Classic Stampin' pad  (ink pad) in the color of their choice OR $10 off one of my online card classes!! You get to choose your gift!! You need to use this Host Code on my page: JZA6NN2U to qualify, that is the only condition. Ends on June 29. Please comment with any questions or just ask on our Facebook group page The Fancy Stamper. By the way if you aren't already joining us there, please do!! We post a lot of pictures and that is where I initially post my online card classes.

I hope you all enjoy that promotion I am offering exclusively to my customers! I love to shower my customers with gifts because I am so happy you are choosing to shop with ME! You have a lot of choices out there and I am truly grateful that you have joined our little team of stampers. We really try to have a lot of fun and enjoy all the input you share with us. Don't forget to post pictures of your current creations on our group page, those are fantastic!!

Ok, have a great evening (what is left of it!!) and a really blessed Father's Day tomorrow!

Take care,

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Happy Sunday!

Good morning, Everyone. How is your day so far...? I know, it's early still!

Today is going to be a fun day here, our long-awaited photo session with our grandkids is happening at 2:00 pm today. I know it sounds mundane, but we discovered a wonderful photographer about 2 years ago and she is truly magical with her work. Ever since we found her, we have periodically gone to her for adorable "kid pictures" on Kiera and Sawyer. She usually has specials where you can purchase a CD with ALL the poses included so the cost stays relatively low. Compared to what you would get at Target or Sears, the cost is about the same but the quality of the posing and the many detailed and one of a kind props is really head and shoulders above what is currently out there!

This sessions was titled "Summer Vacation" and we were encouraged to bring the kids dressed in casual beach wear like linen dresses, khaki shorts, and maybe a thick cable knit beige sweater (for Sawyer.) I have seen her set dressings in the past and I envision some rustic, vintage looking backdrops with maybe some nautical or July 4th themes going on. We got the kids some adorable outfits and they will both be dressed in neutral colors so they do not clash with the back grounds. I am SO excited (does it show?) lol.

This is one weekend EVERYONE is available so that means we are all going, Richard and I, the two grandkids, AND their parents (my son and daughter in law.) It is about an hour from our house, she is located in a beautiful neighborhood in San Clemente, so we will just get there a little bit early and maybe grab the kids a bit to eat. Nothing messy!!

In the crafty world things have been humming along. I just finished editing my video for my online card class "Sheltering Tree." If you purchased the class from me or if you were on my team of demonstrators and purchased a class packet, the finished and edited video will be up by tonight. For whatever reason my system is working super slow today and it is taking forever to upload. I love my iMovie software but really....it should be quicker to upload. Just sayin.

Yesterday was the last day to get that great Paper Pumpkin promotion of 25% off (for new subscribers only) but the other Host promotion is still going on. Please be sure to contact me if you are interested, if you get your workshop in within the next 2 weeks you can get an additional $35 in FREE product, your choice of product from the catalog. This is a great deal and it is in ADDITION to the free stuff you will already get from having a workshop. An example I usually give people is for a $400 workshop (super easy to achieve) where you would get 14% in free product (approximately $56) and then add the additional $35 and  you would get a whopping $91 in free stuff! Isn't that crazy? The caveat is that you must complete and have the workshop turned in (and closed out by me) within the calendar month of June and the minimum workshop must be $350. Such a great deal and I've had a few customers already take advantage of this wonderful chance to get free product. From time to time Stampin' Up does this for its customers and I always make sure the customers KNOW about it so they can take advantage. If you are interested, leave me a comment or even text or call me at 951-973-3270.

Let's close with a couple of cards I made recently using the new designer series paper (DSP) in the newly released catalog, "Just Add Color."

These are so cute and I love this kind of designer series paper because you can color in the pattern any way you want. Then I just used my snips to fussy cut the little pieces out, they aren't too little either so they cut out quickly and without a lot of fuss. Which is funny, to me, anyway! My granddaughter had just seen Beauty and the Beast and she said the cards reminded her of that movie. How cute, right?? If you would like to join my team or even purchase the "Just Add Color" designer paper, just go check out my shopping page, it is open 24/7 and you can order securely anytime from there. The current host code is K6MP2AFD and if you use that code on my shopping page I will send you a gift in your thank you packet!! Woo Hoo!! Just click here to get shopping!

On that note, have a great rest of the weekend and I'll talk to you soon!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

It has been such a productive week so far and it's only Tuesday. This is awesome since the past month or so has been slow due to me being ill and other family stuff going on. Yay for productivity!!

Yesterday I got my super cute Sheltering Tree online card class mailed out. If you signed up before we closed it your packet is on the way, priority, even. I think everyone will be getting their packets by Wednesday - or at least that is what they said! I have already gone ahead and messaged you the tracking numbers so you can keep track of exactly where your packet is. The exclusive video tutorial will be posted late tonight and I will be emailing the class participants the link to that video.

The online class idea is really such a good thing for busy working moms. Heck, busy working ANYONE's. The great thing is that you get everything you need to create some beautiful, handmade cards along with a step by step video tutorial. These videos are different from my live demonstrations because I go over EVERYTHING step by step, from folding the basic card layer to inking techniques and even cleaning your stamps. The reason I do this is because sometimes the people who take the classes might be new stampers and I want to be sure that they have all of their questions answered and that they have a good experience. For the more seasoned stampers, they can always disregard the portions of the video that do not pertain to them. The other thing is that you can watch and re-watch the tutorial as much as you want, anytime you want. This is great because you might want to re-do the card later in the year, but with different colors or patterned paper. No problem, just look up the link again and substitute it with your own paper!

I also received ALL of the paper for our paper share yesterday. Literally ALL of it came at once, that was fairly exciting (both for me and MR. UPS!) He had never delivered that many boxes at once to me and I had to explain to him that it was NOT all for me but that it was a paper share. He is starting to ask questions, I really want to give him a catalog for his wife! I know, maybe I will make her a card and send it along with a catalog. Everyone likes to get a card!

It is still super early here but I am going to be busy today dividing up the paper share paper and cutting it all into 6" x 6" portions so I can package and label it all for you guys. It is nice to be able to see the name and item number of each DSP (designer series paper) so that if you really love some of them you can go back and order it easily without having to hunt it down. I had been thinking about doing a ribbon share as well but the only thing with a ribbon share is that you only get one yard of each color and pattern. Before I commit to doing that I will ask you: Do YOU want a ribbon share? It ends up just costing you the retail because I basically take the cost of the item and divide it by units like with the ribbon if it was six yards I would divide the cost of the ribbon by six. Then I charge accordingly. The only thing you might pay extra for is shipping to you. It is okay to get just a yard of the ribbon if you aren't sure you will like it but honestly the ribbon they have this catalog is so awesome, you will LOVE it. One yard doesn't go too far when you are making cards as you might use anywhere from 10 inches to 16 on one card so that means you won't get much out of your one yard of each color/pattern. Anyway, let me know and I will certainly do a ribbon share as well if there is enough interest. I think if 10 people want a ribbon share I'll do it. <3

One last thing: there is a special promotion offered by Stampin' Up just for the month of June. For anyone hosting a workshop, you will earn an additional $35 in FREE PRODUCT for any workshop of at least $350 that is closed before June 30. Please contact me if you would like to participate in a workshop - you could do an IN PERSON where I come to your place and do a demonstration for your friends and family OR we could simply do a "virtual" workshop where we set it all up, I send you the material you need, and you show your catalog to your friends and family and take orders that way. The other benefit with a "virtual" workshop is that your customers can go to my shopping page by themselves and place their own orders 24/7 using their own credit card. As long as they input the specific Host code to your workshop (that I will provide you with) you will get full credit for their orders, and of course it has to be on my shopping page. Let me know if you are interesting in earning FREE Stampin' Up product and we can get you started on this awesome promotion soon!
 The above flier explains the "We Love Hosts" promotion a bit better but please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information or if you want to set up your own unique Host Code!! Text me at 951-973-3270 and we can get you started. By the way, this is for demonstrators as well. You would set up your own host code but like I always tell my recruits it is a great way to earn your minimum while getting some free product for yourself!

On that note I will close for now. Please have a fantastic Tuesday and remember, I am here to help you with ALL of your crafting needs!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Today is the BIG DAY!!

It is time, Everyone! Time to order from our new catalog!!

Remember IF you place an order TODAY using my June Host code (R7SVD2WK) I will gift you with a FREE Stamp Set of my choosing!! Woohoo....start shopping!! Just click here and it will take you directly to my shopping page, once you get there be sure to click on the link that says, "Shop Now."

I've already ordered all my goodies for today unless something comes up that I forgot! How could I do that?? Easy. There are so many things I wanted that of course I could not possibly get them all the first day. Some might have to wait till tomorrow.

Ladies, this is when that Stampin' Up Demonstrator discount really makes me so extra happy. No matter what I order I get a huge chunk off in my discount on EVERYTHING. Even when I used to shop at Michael's or Hobby Lobby I usually only had ONE coupon for 40% off one item. Not everything. And then it had to be something that wasn't already 'marked down' which is their way of not marking it down but saying it is so you cannot use a coupon on it! lol

Those days are over. Now I get discounts on stuff that is actually much higher quality. I am so happy I did that, if you want to JOIN MY TEAM just click here and it will take you directly to my page where you can do that. You will pay only $99 for approximately $175 worth of products and business supplies along with a free Paper Pumpkin! If you need help just text me and I can help walk you through it. 951-973-3270.

If you ordered my paper share I just finished ordering all the paper for that share so it should be here within a week then I'll divide it up and send it out to you guys. They are currently back ordered on the Eastern Palace designer series paper so that will take a bit to get - not able to order till 6-5-17. I can either hold up the whole paper share or just send that one later, it is your choice so let me know which you would prefer!

On that note I am going to get ready for my LIVE presentation ....please join me on the Fancy Stamper's group page for the live broadcast in about an hour and a half or so. 12:30 pacific time!

Take care!