Saturday, July 29, 2017

The last days of July are upon us!

Who knew that this month would fly by so quickly? I always think of summer as going by so slowly but here it is, July 29 already! In no time at all the kids will be back in school, all semblance of summer vacations will be over, and the Fall season will be imminent!

Who loves Fall as much as I do? The colors, the sentiments, the holidays, the family get togethers? So much going on. Harvest festivals, craft fairs, pumpkin patches!

It must be my favorite time of year. Except for Christmas time, of course!

Last night I was having some trouble with my uploading process for my videos. I have learned all the online tutorials that I can find on iMovie but I'm still missing something. My videos are taking FOR-EVER to upload. Like hours. That can't be right. They aren't that long....well, sure...some are about 24 minutes and granted, that is a long video. But it shouldn't take 2 hours to upload. If you have any insight on this, please let me is driving me crazy! lol

The two videos finally got uploaded properly, and then when I woke up this morning I found out it had been trying to upload one of them twice (which it did) so maybe this time it was extra slow because I had hit the "upload" button too many times and it was doing too many things at once? Not sure...still it is frustrating.

Speaking of internets, we are changing over from Spectrum to FIOS in a couple of weeks. Well, we already switched but couldn't get the FIOS installed till 8-16 due to their busy schedule. I'm hoping by using FIOS our internet speed will be much more constant than it currently is with our Spectrum where we rarely get our ordered speed of 100 mms. According to my computer it is closer to 35-50 mms and it feels bad to pay for a certain speed and get something far inferior most of the time. I found out it is because Spectrum allows neighbors to 'share' the speed factor and it will depend on how much others in my area are using the internet at the time. FIOS said they don't do that, plus they are fiber optic so it should make my speed constant. I sure hope so.

What are you up to today?

I have Kiera here (she called about 7 pm last night and wanted to spend the night!!) so she and I will do some crafty things today when she gets up. Maybe I can make a video with her, she wanted to make a Mermaid card like I did yesterday. She saw my video about Magical Mermaid and now she wants to do it so bad...she is dying to try the sponge technique!

Only six years old and wants to sponge on a background! What a cutie pie.

Ok I will go get my coffee for now, I obviously need it. Be back later with some new pictures of projects for you guys!


Monday, July 24, 2017

The Weekend Flew By!!! How about Yours?

It's amazing how quickly the days fly by when you are keeping super busy, right??

Actually, if I'm being completely honest, the whole month of July has been a blur of activity. Here it is, super late Sunday night (more like Monday early morning!) and I can hardly believe that it is now July 24!! Only one more week left to this month, and if feels like we just had the Fourth of July!

Tomorrow my cute July "leader" swap cards get put in the mail (priority) so that they will arrive by July 31. I know I have plenty of time; priority stuff usually takes only 3 days so I'm good. Take a peek to see what I made:

Since we were doing a "Christmas In July" promo this month, I felt it was appropriate to do a Christmas card for the swap. This is actually the brand new "Carols of Christmas" that will be available to all my customers EARLY!! That's right, Stampin' Up is allowing us to let our customers buy this set starting August 1 when the new Holiday catalog won't even come out till September. That is wonderful news for my VIP customers! I made this one just as a simple Christmas card but I bought the whole bundle that comes with framelets called "Card Front Builder" and it is super versatile and easy to use. I didn't quite have enough time to put something together for the swap using the bundle but the stamp set by itself is super nice so there you go. A little red glimmer paper and some of our new "Be Merry" designer series paper and I think it is pretty cute.

Tomorrow I will have two giveaways, one for my Temecula Talk community page and one for my Fancy Stamper group page. Check in on those pages on Facebook to enter....I am giving away something super cute!

Now I have to say goodnight because it really is awfully late (early?) and I need a little sleep before I start my busy week.

I will post more pictures tomorrow of the things I've been making, till then, sleep well and don't forget to comment below!


Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Weekend is Coming!

What will you do with your weekend? Is it your typical two days off work? Or do you have a different type of work schedule. Enquiring minds want to know!

For me, I form my own work schedule now except for when I work, it doesn't feel a bit like work. Anyone who loves creative paper crafting or stamping or making handmade cards knows what I'm talking about. In fact, anyone who ever loved what they do for a living understands all too well.

In a way, this is much better for you health-wise. You put in as many hours as you want. If you get carried away with a project, no one cares. You are doing what you love and all the time you put into it is going to be repaid at some point.

Most other jobs aren't really that way. You have a boss, someone who is meant to watch you and keep you in  line.  Someone who is judging you on performance, attendance, and so many other things that going to work may invoke some type of anxiety. That is the number one complaint among people who have to punch a time card...anxiety. The second complaint is not being paid what they think they are worth.  Crazy, right??

What I love about working for myself and being an independent demonstrator with Stampin' Up is that I work when I want. If I am up late, no worries. I can work. Need to be somewhere else early in the morning or just want to sleep in? Fine. I can make up the hours later. I can work as much or as little as I want and the only thing I'll run in to is less sales or less recruits. I am completely in control of how much time I put in and how much I get out of this business, which is how work should be, in my opinion.

This month, Stampin' Up is offering their Christmas in July special for any new demonstrator signing up. The special promotion ends on July 31 so time is running out. You will get an extra pack of special tools when you sign up on my page to join my team and start selling Stampin' Up. Or you don't have to sell, you can just be a "Hobby Demonstrator" which means you are joining just to earn the discount for your own use. Either way you will get the gift worth $72 plus the $125 worth of current product (you get to choose it!) for one small initial start up fee of $99. Stampin' Up also gives you about $50 worth of business supplies that are so helpful to you when you first start up. Other perks include a free demonstrator website (for three months) and full access to all the video tutorials (Stampin' Up University) that they offer to help new demonstrators get up and running.

As your direct "up line" I will be there by your side to help you get acclimated to selling Stampin' Up. I have tons of helpful videos and print outs I can send you to help you get going in whatever direction you want. I am a "hands on" up line and offer frequent tutorials to my team members along with an exclusive Facebook Team page and a group page for sharing ideas and information. This is a positive place where no bullying is allowed and we all help each other! Our teammates and friends alike love to hang out on the page where frequent giveaways are the norm.

Please let me know if you have questions or would like to join my team. I would be happy to help you get started today!!


Happy Thursday, everyone!!!

Well, I've finally somewhat recovered from my very first craft show in about 30 years and it was fantastic!!
The church people who put on the fair were awesome people and they worked hard to make the event a success. This was only their third year doing it and their attendance was up. They had so much for the community it was amazing that more people didn't show up. First of all, they had TWO separate food vendors offering free food to everyone. Admission was free, and the two food trucks were free. Amazing in itself, then the balloon animal guy was free, the face painter was free, the raffle was free. Snow cones and cotton candy....FREE.

More about this raffle. Free raffles often mean that the stuff you are getting isn't that great; not so in this case. Two of the items were 32" Smart TVs and one was a 55" Smart TV!! Stampin' Up had also sent a basket with $250 worth of current product to be given to ONE recipient. There were gifts from Adventure City (a local water park) and so many other vendors. Jewelry gifts and gift bags from the local Body Shop (a lotion store) were other top prizes. What really surprised me was they had a separate raffle for the kids. Filled with kid-friendly, toys, bubbles, tickets to LegoLand and Princess Parties. Simply amazing. All free.

There were about 12 vendors there so they still need to get the word out so next year more will come. The local fire department came and brought their big engine to show the kids and the local CHP officers came out to show their support. There was a jumpy house for the kids and a few other game set ups for them to enjoy.

Everyone who came to our booth bought something except for the people who did not have cash. They all mentioned wanting to buy a lot but only having credit cards...there were enough of them that I went ahead and ordered one of the "Square" point of sale devices for my iPad so next time I will be prepared.

I also got a few really good leads on people who were interested in becoming demonstrators. As you all know, I'm working really hard on earning my Silver Elite promotion and need more recruits. This month is a fantastic month to become a demonstrator simply because besides the regular start up kit (only $99 for $125 worth of product!) Stampin' Up is  giving away FREE $72 worth of an 'essential accessory kit.' Lots of stuff you will need as a new demonstrator anyway but don't have to use up your allotment to get...such a great offer from Stampin' Up!! Plus they will give you for free, the brand new, exclusive stamp set, "Carols of Christmas." I just ordered the Carols of Christmas bundle and I am looking forward to sharing my creations with you all.

Now for today I'm off and running. Going to Chelsea's to see her new place in Long Beach and little Kiera spent the night last night. Finishing up the rest of my new recipes "Lemon Sugar Scrub" and labeling all the little mini mason jars. So cute!!! Then finishing up the two swaps I'm part of that need to be at their destination by July 31. Oh and tomorrow is my Auntie's 90'th birthday....busy week!!!

Take care and leave me a comment...I want to know what you guys are up to as well!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Most Fantastic Deal ALL YEAR LONG!!

Have  you been toying with the idea of joining my Stampin' Up! team but were waiting for a promotion to get the most for your money?

Have you been looking for a way to make some extra income (a little or a lot, depending upon how much time you put into it) but don't want to work 'outside the home?'

Were you wondering if you could buy your top quality, color coordinating, fully guaranteed crafting products at a guaranteed 20% discount (with options/opportunity to increase to up to 34% discount?)

ACT NOW, and join my team of Fancy Stampers in July!!

By joining NOW, not only will you lock in your demonstrator discount of 20% but you get so many other perks that only get better and better. Here are the details:

$99 initial investment by you gets you UP TO $125 in current Stampin' Up product. This product is chosen by YOU and includes anything you want. If you want $125 worth of gold glitter paper, that's what you can order!  So right off the bat you are getting a whopping 25% off your order. In your starter kit, Stampin' Up graciously includes several items you will  need to start up your demonstrator-ship quickly and easily. These items include order forms, hostess large envelopes, new demonstrator folders, post cards for mailing invites out, a stack of current catalogs, a past Paper Pumpkin kit, and a few other paper products related to ordering. Here is a photo of some items YOU might choose for your starter kit!

FOR JULY ONLY Stampin' Up! is including an exclusive accessory gift pack for all new demonstrators. In this gift pack (worth over $70) you will receive a brand new pair of paper snips, snail adhesive, (2) 'D' acrylic blocks, a bone folder, a stack of grid paper, and an exclusive Christmas stamp set called "Carols of Christmas." Here is a photo of the items in that exclusive "essentials" accessory gift pack:

For new demonstrators starting out this is an unbelievable stroke of good luck. Basically, it means you can use your starter kit allotment on stuff you really want instead of stuff you need like paper snips and adhesive and grid paper!! Stampin' Up is always generous but this goes above and beyond their normal generous nature. Seriously, if you were on the fence before, just jump on in and join us for loads of crafting fun! The new Christmas stamp set "Carols of Christmas" is so awesome, here is a card you could easily make with this set:
That is just one of the many examples of projects you could make with this exclusive stamp set that you would get for FREE!

I know I am heading up a relatively small team, but we are all active crafters and we are just like YOU, busy people with family, friends, and lots of commitments so we can be busy. As your up line I promise to help you along the way with whatever you need in terms of creative energy. If you are interested in just hanging on to your discount that is perfect, no one here will EVER push you into selling or buying more product.
Check out this face, would this face lie to you??
NEVER!!! lol. It's just me acting goofy. I do that a lot. But believe me, when I need to be serious I can do it. :)

Which leads me to an important point: May people ask the question, "What do I have to do to remain an active demonstrator?" The minimum selling requirement is $300 per quarter which is 3 calendar months. As a brand new demonstrator the first quarter is waived and they extend it to 6 full months to get your first minimum requirement in. As avid crafters, many of us here have been easily able to satisfy the sales requirements all by ourselves, but you can also do it by having just ONE workshop a month! Friends, family, and co-workers are always interested in what we have to offer in our new catalog. Not to mention the many promotions that come up frequently.

Another thing I offer for my demonstrators is a place to gather online, we have our very own Facebook "Team Fancy Stamper" page open only to members of my team where we talk about upcoming promotions, have video tutorials, and share crafting techniques. I do online classes that as a Fancy Stamper you will have FREE access to at all times and I do very frequent giveaways for my customers and team members alike! If you join my team I can promise you I will be an active and engaging leader and will help you in any way possible to reach whatever potential you are hoping for.

Ready to sign up? Just CLICK HERE and it will take you to my 24/7 Demonstrator page. Along the top tab you will see, "Join The Fun" and if you click that it will take you to the right area. Should you need ANY assistance please call me or text me and I will get back to you asap and walk you through. Even if you just have questions and want to chat, do not hesitate to call me. I may not answer if I'm driving but be sure to leave me a message along with how late I can call you and I promise to call asap!!

On that note, I will go back to my preparation for this Saturday's craft fair!! I'm almost exciting!

Talk soon,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Craft Fair Goodies!!

I love crafting anyway and paper crafting seems to be my "go to" crafting adventure. When I discovered all the super cool stuff you can make using Stampin' Up designer series paper and other embellishments from Stampin' Up I was so thrilled. Here are a few things I've been working hard on to get ready for the upcoming show.

 I made these using my cute stamp set "Cookie Cutter Christmas" and some designer paper and washi tape I had. I see that it looks as if I am only making gift tags, not true at all. Just the photos I had handy!!
 Also using Cookie Cutter Christmas, only this time I used the adorable eskimo as the focal point and some very un-conventional Christmas colors including some of our new IN-Colors.
 I've always loved making my own magnets and I thought this would be a great "fish extender" gift for an upcoming Disney cruise we are schedule for (not till September of NEXT year, but still, gotta be prepared, matey!! lol) I used stamps from a retired stamp set "Mr. Funny Bones" for the little Day of the Dead skull and the sentiment is from current stamp set "Glamper Greetings."
 This is another magnet but the ship is cute and from our NEW stamp set "Message in a Bottle" from the brand new catalog. If you haven't placed an order and got any of our brand new stuff, go check it out. There's some really neat new stuff in there!
 This is a mini composition notebook complete with matching mini pen for jotting down notes on the go. I covered the notebook with some retired DSP and added a ribbon to keep it closed. The "Dare to Dream" sentiment is from one of our exclusive Hostess gift stamp sets. You can get it yourself just by having a workshop. Comment below and I'll tell you how you can get the stamp set for FREE!!
More tags, I know. What can I say, I got hooked on tags at some point! These are just everyday tags for any type of gift giving. Using our "Flower Shop" stamp set and the paper punch that goes with it. My VERY first stamp purchase from Stampin' Up, even before I was a demonstrator!!
 This is from our "Seasonal Bells" stamp set, great for Christmas tags and wedding stuff. I just used some unconventional Christmas colors again for diversity. The rhinestone trim was from some extra craft stuff I had here.
 More tags from the Flower Show collection. Great for spring or summer.
Last of the tags (that I'm showing you lol) using the super cute set "Flurry of Wishes" that has it's own paper punch as well. I have another cute design using vellum paper over the top, these that I've shown are actually embossed with white embossing powder for the bottom snowflake but I have others that use plain ink and some with the white ink. So elegant, right??

Ok on that note I need to head out the door. Appointments galore today and there's some driving involved...but I will be back later. Remember, if you want to get that "Dare to Dream" set for free and have your very own workshop let me know. It is easy to do and relatively painless!!! See you all later!


Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Wow, what a weekend!! Was yours as busy as mine?  Figures! Summertime and there is no end to the things we can get done in a mere weekend.

Some cool things coming up: This coming Saturday, July 15, will be my very first craft fair in a zillion years! I know, such a long time!  Truth is, when I was in my 20's I frequently went to craft fairs to get ideas and then sold in a few. Culminating with a weekend craft event/sale at my own home at the time. My bestie and myself put it together and had local crafters pay us an entry fee to market their wares for the 2 day event. We made a TON of money (back then it was about $2000!) and everyone who participated was so happy. I know things have changed a lot but I'm going to give it a go this Saturday and I've been scarce around here because I've been crafting my little heart out trying to prepare adequately.

So far I have some really cute items done and will be posting pics soon of them. In the meantime I would like to invite any of you to come SEE ME at the craft fair this Saturday. If you are anywhere in the Southern California area of Gardena, let me know and I'll get you directions from your location. I will post the address at the end of this post.

As many of you know, I'm still working HARD to earn my Silver Elite promotion. I have all the sales in place and I just need to gather a few more team members to make it happen! Now is your chance to join my team of stampers and while we are a small team, we are GROWING and I'm an extremely "hands-on" type of up line. I take a personal interest in all my demonstrator's development and even if they just wish to remain a "hobby" demonstrator, I am able to help guide them towards all the best deals and deepest discounts so they can keep on crafting while saving as much money as possible. Not to mention all the wonderful perks that Stampin' Up routinely showers on its demonstrators. We are so lucky to have them cater to us, they are a fantastic parent company and being under their umbrella means that we benefit from all their expertise and generosity.

This leads me to the special deal going on RIGHT NOW! That's right, if you join my team this month you will get some super awesome promotion gifts from Stampin' Up! For just $99 you order your starter kit which consists of $125 worth of Stampin' Up product chosen by YOU. You also get some additional business supplies that amount to about $50 in stuff such as new catalogs, order forms, folders, envelopes, advertising postcards, etc, AND a free Paper Pumpkin kit!! Here's the "free gift" part available ONLY this month: An accessory gift pack worth over $70! This gift pack has 2 acrylic blocks for stamping, grid paper, snail adhesive, paper snips, a new bone folder, and an EXCLUSIVE new stamp set called "Carols of Christmas!"  All together it is almost $250 worth of stuff for just your $99 start up fee and you will enjoy 20% in income OR discount as a demonstrator, just to start. The discount increases as you promote.

I can help you if you need assistance getting signed up. I have my own promotions, too that I offer all my recruits so I can help you get started and guide you in many helpful ways. You will never be pressured to sell more product of reach sales goals on my team, I just want all my demonstrators to be happy at their own level and enjoy what they are doing. Crafting and creating is about having fun, not feeling pressure. I do what I do because I love it and I love the interaction with people. If I didn't then I wouldn't do it at this level, I'd simply remain a hobby demonstrator and be satisfied. But a lot of my satisfaction comes from helping others get started and also in teaching new techniques and mentoring my recruits.

Now, who wants to join!?? Click here now and it will take you to my page where you can join my team. I am so excited to meet all my new demonstrators! We will have a welcome party!! <3 <3 <3

On that note, it is back to the crafting table for me. I need to get a few more super cute little goodies ready!!